For busy in a hurry

What can I say — 10-20 years ago were preserved for the winter a lot, but now engaged in the work is not all: prefer to buy. But their vegetables far more useful. What to do if there is no time preserving? We offer you a few simple and quick to prepare recipes.


At the 3-liter jar: about 1 kg of peaches • 1 cup sugar «1h. teaspoon citric acid.

These peaches are not difficult to prepare. The result is not only fragrant fruit, and a delicious compote.

Peaches wash, cut in half. Pour over boiling water

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Art attack

Abstraction is easier than you may think.

Vincent Soyez wasn’t thinking about getting arty when he pulled his rental car into an automated car wash at the end of a vacation last year. Seated behind the steering wheel, as a chain-drive slowly pulled his car through the wash, the French-born, Brooklyn-based music, fashion, and advertising photographer looked up at the windshield and saw a picture.

With its intense colors, the repeated S-curves of the waving n sponges, and the lines and 8 shapes formed by descending g soap bubbles, the scene had all I of the visual energy and tension

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Night Siege September 20

On forums portal Tut.bykommentiruyut expressing political analyst Yury Shevtsov that in the case of Ukraine joining NATO Belarusians will consider Ukraine as an enemy that any spiritual prepyadstviya and finish that Belarusians go on holiday in the Crimea. Comments:"Despite NATO membership Italy, France, Turkey, Bulgaria, Lithuania and other Belarusian citizens rest in these countries";"Hobby" Eastern Slavs "- to criticize other people who have gained the best thanks to its own bezduhovnastsi"; "Note that Ukraine will not consider us enemies, that" we "will assume its enemy."A_sad_one blogger commented information about now Alexander Lukashenko made the "unscheduled walk" on the terrain of

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Chile washed ashore thousands of dead shrimp

March 20, 2013. March 19 at the coast of Chile, 540 km south-west of the city of Santiago, were discovered thousands of dead shrimp. According to local residents, the animals were killed from-for contamination of local water plants.

Source: News Gismeteo


Thousands of dead lobsters washed up on the shore of Chile

March 21, 2013. The banks of the Chilean province of Concepcion on Wednesday turned red. Washed up on shore dead, thousands of Norwegian lobster. The prosecutor's office has launched an investigation. It is suspected that this was from-for the illegal discharge

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Hydrogen sulfide instead of water in the village Kashirin. Video


24.11.11.Zhiteli village Kashirinyh Kungur region for 400 years living without water. Carry drinking out of the city, and the process water from the well is only good for business nuzhd.V connection with the commissioning of a new well, the water ran out of it black with the smell of hydrogen sulfide. Now it does not wash, nor cattle it does not drink. The authorities do not try to change things, and people, and now the city Cows bring water!

The village Kashirinyh water never was. For water supply, which are connected to the well, running is not

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Unwashed Russia and sneer. Continued Part 2

The first mention of the Slavs, which is given by Western historians have noted as the main feature is the Slavic tribes that they are "grist" that is washed in running water, while all the other nations of Europe were washed in tubs, basins, baths. Amazingly, the Russian-born even now, after fifteen hundred years can be found on this habit. Recently had to watch the Russian emigrant family, which appeared a Canadian. Their son, who does not even speak in Russian, washes his hands under the open faucet as a mom, while dad plug the sink stopper and splashing

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Secret properties of water

December 13, 2012 3:27

Eugène Scribe, the famous French playwright XVIII-XIX centuries., Whose plays are successfully today, showed the famous "glass of water", the water is likely to have an extraordinary effect on people's lives and world history. I want to show you that a glass of water can have a miraculous effect on your health.

What was not treated people. But before taking the "armor" pills and stuff, try the most simple and true — what nature gives us. What is this? Plain water. This method is based on the belief in the ancient mystical properties of water. Believe

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A marvel of engineering Issue 14 (17.03.2013) Watch online

Wash or not wash? The amazing transformation in the dish mashine.Vo dream or reality? Non-hazardous anesthesia is already a reality.

The magic of technology — a series of programs

A marvel of engineering Release (18.08.2013) Watch online

— Wash or not wash? The amazing transformation in the dishwasher. — In a dream or reality? Non-hazardous anesthesia — is already a reality. — Fitness for the brain: how the power of thought to move mountains?

The magic of technology — a series of programs

On the Russian bath! The origins of traditions

Lev Gumilev in his book "Ancient Rus and the Great Steppe" writes that Christianity is difficult to get accustomed to the Kievan Rus', but the harder the Slavic tribes conquered Kiev princes. Military victory over the pagan Slavs — vyatichi was won by Vladimir Monomakh, but spiritual, or rather, an ideological victory long in coming to the XIV century. On most of Russia in the narrow sense (Kiev, Chernigov, Pereyaslav) dualism existed long. The most ancient cult — veneration of the spirits of the dead — stood up to the XX century. These spirits — navii — demanded little from

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