Observers require recount

In all eleven sites were no elections — said the coordinator of democratic observers in the region, chairman of the regional branch of the UCP Vasily Polyakov. — Meanwhile, Precinct Commission acknowledged that the elections did not take place only at the 2-sections — № № 29 and 30.A total of eleven sites had vote more than 24 thousand voters. Commission wrote that land came 12957 voters, or 52.6 percent. Unchanging observers recorded only 9328, which is 37.8 per cent. " According to observers, a similar discrepancy is typical for a number of sites in the Gomel-industrial district number 35

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The parliamentary election failed to meet OSCE standards

Such a conclusion was made by international observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in its own preparatory report.Elections held in aggressively controlled criteria and the election campaign was virtually inconspicuous, said in a statement. The voting process itself was organized perfectly, but significantly deteriorated during the vote count. The statement noted that the promises of the Belarusian authorities to ensure transparency of the counting of votes were not fulfilled. 48 percent of stations visited by the OSCE observers, they assessed the vote count as "bad" or "very bad." There where he was likely access to the

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CIS observers regret that the opposition was not included in Parliament

Managing this observer mission, CIS Executive Secretary Sergei Lebedev stated that parliamentary elections consistent with the Belarusian legislation and held without violations. Member of mission Pavel Borodin added that the elections meet international standards and.On the question of the relation to the fact that no representative Belarusian opposition not passed in parliament, Lebedev said: "We were disappointed by this fact. Though the opposition candidates, especially weighed election race, summed those people, who share their eyes. "

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Kalyakin not expect a positive assessment of the OSCE election

"In almost all the places for the authorities for fraud is not enough even early voting."Prince Kalyakin gave the example of their own district, where observers at each site considered people who voted and almost everywhere the difference with official turnout fruits was 200 people."I do not think that the OSCE will give a positive assessment of these elections. Believe that the sovereign Ahrens cherishes his own reputation. Though some observers have arrived here with the installation of a positive finding. But the disappointment of many European politicians will be even stronger than we. Indeed we are accustomed to: Lukashenko

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The European Commission is waiting for the final report of observers

The relevant statement after the announcement of preliminary results of voting in parliamentary elections now made in Brussels, European Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner.She urged the Belarusian management to initiate a dialogue with the OSCE observer mission to translate their advice for the future.In his comments regarding parliamentary elections in Belarus, the Ferrero-Waldner noted that in the past observers findings contained both positive and bad comments."It is necessary that election observers had full access to the terminating steps elections, then we will closely examine the final report of the observers," — said Ferrero-Waldner.The statement specifically noted that as a result of voting

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West will have to find the wording …

Drakakhrust: "Authorities constantly stated that they will do everything to make these elections were about democratic and transparent. Still premature to vote voluntary-coercive way to gatherand 26% of voters. By the way, according to the survey NISEPI, voluntarily want to go for a premature vote 14% of voters. But even on such supplies of gold for some reason early voting now on areas where ran favorites opposition observers were not allowed. Why? Well, it would seem, premature to vote all excellent, hunting same international recognition, well, let the observers, let see. Why even come in handy here and kill the

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U.Nistsyuk Observers as political tourists

Independent MP candidate, who is running for Masyukovschinskomu constituency in Minsk Vladimir Nistuk said:"Now open a discussion late voting process. Indeed, international observers, no matter how much they may be, do now function of political tourists. They show that it is necessary and possible to show. They have not apprehend any of the issues that we raised a year earlier. They do not make a profound study of what actually happens during the elections. They are not worked that needed work for 5 days early voting. "According Nistiuk democratic forces have not developed a unified concept of election observation."And to

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Elections in regions: Chronicle violations

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Sealing of ballot boxes hidden from observers

First calls were from Brest and Minsk region. Human rights defenders Vladimir Vyalichkin, Sergei Housha, Leonid Markhotko testified that before sealing the ballot boxes in areas left without control. Says watching the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Viktor Dashkevich of Kopylov"All the boxes were sealed until 7:30, when neither the 1st observer was not there. It is also surprising that the other day, before closing the site was one digit of those who voted, and now know that these were 30 people. Therefore sealed ballot box without anybody. " Normal 0

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CIS observers refused to fix the violation

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As saidand the press service of the European Coalition,  on request candidate fix the violationsand not withsreturn it to the attention of the precinct management Election Commission, Observers said virtually subsequent: "Achieve themselves" and

left the area. They were accompanied by a representative BRYU.

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Premature vote undermined the authorities’ efforts

Will international observers see the real picture of the entire electoral process? These and other questions are answered by a human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich. Tsigankov"What types of violations recorded in these elections more often, which means violations beheld observers?" Stefanovic"The government, I think, again returned to this type of fraud as opening the boxes and early voting ballots substitution. I think this is due to the fact that maybe they want to arrange a demonstration later count in areas where running for such known opposition figures as Liabedzka. Indeed specifically there, surrounded by Liabedzka there was a scandal with

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