Melt water lens EARTH

SOLAR ENERGY inexpensively and complexity can be used to accelerate the thawing of frozen soils in construction, SAYS NOVOSIBIRSK inventor.

90 percent of our territory covered soil frozen for six months. Almost all of the autumn — winter-spring season builders «fight» with the frozen ground, loosening its spending huge amounts of money (see. TS 3 79 «Insulated or explosion»). What’s more profitable: to somehow insulate the building site and prevent soil promerznut, already hollow and became frozen solid as a rock, earth, or to warm it before digging, as does the sun? Loosen the frozen ground

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India. Chand Baori (Chand Baori). The inverted pyramid

Is a strange construction Abaneri in a small town in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Locals call it the Chand Baori (Chand Baori). This is one of the deepest step wells in India. Today, researchers have not determined why it was built as a complex stone structure, because to get water from a depth possible and easier, and Chand Baori is more like not well, and the palace.

It has a square shape and is surrounded by terraced compound, with the entrance on the north side. On the southern, eastern

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