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Water Treatments

"Mother, the color of your face causes me anxiety! Is it time to go to the water, to improve health? "- Respectable gentleman with pince-nez stares at his magnificent wife. A typical scene of the XIX century, when water and mud treatments were all the rage in high society.

What's going on?

What is the therapeutic effect of water? The fact is that the body in the water environment brings entirely different temperature fluctuations. First, large thermal conductivity of the water. Secondly, sweat gland our skin in an aqueous medium does not evaporate moisture, whereby all parts of

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We — one people, only different plows treated us …

A topic that is often heard in the letters and call for "Freedom" — state history, its teaching in schools and universities, a controversial interpretation of certain historical events in the media. From the 1st of letters on the subject and start the current conversation. Maryla Volin of Maladziechna refers to the address of "Freedom" with the comments and accusations about certain reports and broadcasts. Listener wrote:"Why do you divide by Belarusians" vskhodnikav "and" Westerners "? And with all this, saying that" Westerners "- people familiar with the property. A" vskhodniki "and say hello as human beings can not. And

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Minsk heating hot water is poured in Svislach

Chief dispatcher service Minsk heating, who would not give his own name, he explained it Radio Liberty, a couple could only see the day when the temperature was low. Days when the index column temperature reached almost 20 degrees, not couples must seen. Chief dispatcher service confirmed that at the center of the town is the planned repair of heating, hot water is carried off:"The thing is that we have a site networks which is currently to repair, and he drained. And the water by stormwater enters a river Svisloch. We pump water to go: we can not pour it

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Svislach boil …

At a distance of 10-15 meters downstream from "Brokeback bridge" which leads to the Island of tears over the water swirling steam. Places the water here is very burning — you can get burned, but the center peryferii "sources" its temperature is fully applicable to bathing — about 30 degrees, Likely, Minskers gift to top off the season in the homes hot water prepared Minsk heating. In this case it seems that the "thermal power" does not work the first day — powerful concrete blocks near the waterfront exude warmth, reports BelaPAN.

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In pictures: Ship Rescue Karev returned from sea trials

Head multifunction rescue vessel "Rescue Karev" (building number 701) with a capacity of 4 MW project MPSV07, built by JSC «Nevsky Shipyard» (LLC «Nevsky Shipyard"), has returned to the sea trials. The press service of the Marine Engineering Bureau, which is the designer of the series.


During the period from September 15, the vessel has been more than 1,400 miles on the Lake Ladoga and conducted numerous tests of systems and specific equipment (diving, fire fighting, oil spill, boats, etc.).

Overall length of the vessel — about 73 m, width — about

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Alive the hope that the world treatise tear us from Russia …

"Free Belarus"At 1918 he reported: "Zemlyavlasniki in Belarus sent to the German government memoryyal in which, incidentally, they say:" If the German army nor okupovalo our region, all-we waited for death, loss of skills and life. Alive the hope that the world treatise tear us from the Russian Federation and Lithuania join the historical protected Germany. Turn to the preparatory was-would be the greatest nishchastsem, whatever we could meet. ""Byelorussian Front"At 1938 , under the heading "From Russian Belarus" writes: "A couple of years back the com. Belarusian authorities have reformed grammar and spelling in that direction, that is white.

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Ural fire

Commissioned by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation to the Ural-63701 (6×6) developed a unique portable pump-bag set "PANRK 4/130."

New product designed for putting out fires at facilities required to submit the maximum amount of water over long distances (up to 3 km). Feature of the complex is its versatility. After all, "PANRK 4/130" is both a fire tank and pump station with powerful submersible pumps and bag the car for mechanical installation and assembly of the main hose lines. Mobile complex afford to take water from any water source: a depth of 30 to

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Urals scientists have learned to double the performance characteristics of missiles

Innovative Energy, created by scientists of the Ural Scientific Research Institute of Chemical with Pilot plant "unih with OZ," is able to double the performance characteristics of solid-fuel rockets. With

This is the general director of "RT-Himkompozit" Sergei Sokol.

"Our Ural experts managed to develop a new power engineer for solid rocket propellants in a variety of weapon systems. As a result, the tactical and technical data products increased by 1.5-2 times, "- said the scientist on the occasion of the Day of the Chemist, celebrated in Russia on May 27.

In addition, in the Urals, a new disinfectant

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The unique textbook for students of Buryatia

The unique training package with maps of the living world, protected areas and the mysteries of Lake Baikal, including the online version is presented in Ulan-Ude, teachers and the public, according to RIA Novosti, the representative of the Government of the Republic.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Buryatia recommended set as a training course for primary and secondary school age, this is the first tutorial of this kind, which has received a recommendation.

"Kit called" Baikal Box ", it is designed as a guide for junior and middle classes, teachers and parents.

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Fascist confused public Trotsky’s house …

Under the heading of "Our advice" "Belarusian village" in 1928 recommended as it is easier to wash the floor: "To facilitate the work, it is necessary to do so: smoking floor with water, and then sprinkle sawdust from wood, and then grind the floor with a broom excellent, with wetted sawdust excellent take gryazyuka. Later still pour the floor with water, sprinkle sawdust and wait zmestsi it. Gender is already dry and unblemished. Sawdust can use one-time on-time podsypaya him freshest. ""Vitebsk proletarians" in 1938 print resolution citywide rally doctors: "It is they — the bandits of medicine, public houses

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