Flooding in Serbia and Macedonia

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Flood in Macedonia

February 27, 2013. In Macedonia three days in a row poured heavy rains, which ultimately has created favorable conditions for the occurrence of floods. After rising water were flooded hundreds of homes in the Macedonian villages, thousands of people were forced to evacuate. It is known that during the flood killed one person.

Two remote villages are completely cut off from civilization, all access roads are buried under a layer of water. Gushing stream destroyed two bridges. In some places, the Macedonians are suffering from a lack

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Flooding in Iran


Photos from the archive site: gfx.nrk.no

19.07.11.Kak APA reports quoting the Commission on Emergency Situations Iran flood occurred in West Azerbaijan Province.

Due to the flood, which occurred on July 18, 270 villages were under water province, 2600 head of cattle were killed, 3,000 hectares of cultivated land became unusable. Dozens of bridges were destroyed, there are casualties.

In the city of Maku suspended supply of drinking water, broken lines of communication. Due to the current situation, in taking the necessary measures.


Source: APA

India: The largest gathering of people in the world flooded

February 20, 2013. In the Indian city of Allahabad, the site of the mass gathering of people in the world and the floods. This prompted local authorities to seek help from the army.

From January 27 to February 25, this city is a "Feast of the pitcher," or the Kumbh Mela. In the night from Sunday to Monday because of heavy rains, the water level in the river began to rise sharply. Several tents of pilgrims were flooded by sewage manholes.

Lalmanilal Srivatsav affected by the floods, "Flood came suddenly. As a result, several Tent plunged into the

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Two meter fireball in Mogilev


File photo from the website: piccy.info

15.07.11.Vtornik day turned out to be manifestations of different natural disasters that fell on the heads of residents of Mogilev region.

Flooding occurred more than half a hundred private holdings, the wind swept with hundreds of sheets of slate roofs, generous rain stopped the movement of trolleys and there was a huge fireball …

As we told the chief inspector of the Center awareness and learning at UMCHS Mogilev Olga is not good, in Asipovichy near squally wind lifted into the air with 210 sheets of slate roofs of three objects, which

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The water in the Poconos smelled rotten fish


People were rescued from the heat in the water sniffy Photo from the archives of "KP"

11.07.11.Subbota and Sunday in the city stood out hot. Many moved to the area to sunbathe and swim. On Ladoga nowhere to apple to fall.

— In the south, where not lie down, anywhere in the neighborhood heel nose upreshsya — sadly joked vacationers.

But most of all St. Petersburg frustrated not crowded on the beach, and the smell of water. On the street, plus thirty, and the lake zalezesh just holding his breath.

— "Flavors" such as if a thousand fishes

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The Volga River silt and overgrown with reeds. Video


25.06.11.Odna of the largest rivers in the world, the largest river in Europe may lose this status. It is shallow, silt and overgrown with reeds. Endangered species of fish were valuable. The banks and channel to be cleaned, but officials can not decide who should be responsible.

Even for local fishermen banks of the Volga every summer as new. River receding before our eyes. Ducts shallow or even dry up, and the long form entire algae floating islands, between which even on a boat does not always get through. In this landscape Volga does not look the largest

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North Dakota pour rain. Video


American cities are covered with water

26.06.11.Segodnya more than ten thousand people of North Dakota hastily leave their homes. All because of severe flooding, flooding several towns and became the worst in the history of the American state. Due to heavy rains the river burst its banks Suris. The turbulent flows destroyed two dams and several road bridges. In Minot water rose to three meters, on the surface leaving only the roof of houses, according to NTV.

No better situation in the state of Missouri. There's a flood of variable strength continued for several weeks. Hundreds of people

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The victims of the floods in Mozambique

January 17, 2013. The floods killed 2 people, even hundreds of others were left without their homes after heavy rains have passed, flooding homes and roads. Under the water was also part of the capital.

Due to heavy rains in the country out of its banks five rivers, including the river Zambezi 4 which is largest river in Africa. Respectively, were flooded not only the home, but farmland.

According to the spokesman of the National Agency for Disaster Management, at the moment of greatest concern remains regarding the town Inhambane, located in the southern part of Mozambique. The authorities have

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In China, farmers and fishermen affected by a severe drought. Video


1.06.11.Kitay suffers from a severe drought that is threatening the well-being of many fishermen and farmers in Hubei Province. Fishing boats lie on the banks of rivers and shoaled lake Hunhu.

To get to the lake, the fisherman Xiao Gunga and his wife now have to manually push your boat through the narrow water channel.

[Xiao Gunga, fisherman] "Gradually, a few years the rains have come to naught." [Van Guchzhen, the fisherman's wife]: "This year there was no rain at all."

[Xiao Gunga, fisherman] "Not a drop."

The drought is affecting the lives of about 35 million people

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Nikolaev in mid-May, blossom water in the estuary


Nikolaev in mid-May, "blossom" water in the estuary

21.05.11.Teplye May days are finally pleased Nikolaev sunshine and good weather. Moreover, without any transition period came the heat. Naturally, in those days you want to go near the water — if you do not swim in the river, then at least help your feet in the cool and refreshing water. But everyone who came in the second half of May to the beach "Arrow" expected a nasty surprise — the water was covered with a green film of dull green. Even the sand at the water's edge acquired a

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