Indonesia is filled with water


27.05.11.Regionalnoe Agency for Disaster Management (BPBD) reports — a record number of floods recorded in three rural areas of Indonesia.

According to their reports several villages were flooded, fortunately they were no casualties, but the homes of local residents were under water for a long time. Now water is gradually receding.

Samarinda city, located in the province of East Kalimantan and a half hour after the shower was under water. Because of the inability of the vehicles formed multiple plugs. The water comes up, adults, to their knees. According to people flooding occurred due to siltation of the

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Chelyabinsk threatens water deficit


Chelyabinsk threatens water deficit. The water will have to save.

11.05.11.V Chelyabinsk region may be restrictions on the flow of water this summer because of lack of resources, according to the governor of the region, Mikhail Yurevich reporters on Monday following the staff meeting.

According to the governor, the restrictions on the consumption of water can be introduced if this summer will be as dry as in 2010. This is because after the flood drinking sources received the required amount of water. So Argazinskoe reservoir supplies water to drinking source Chelyabinsk — Shershni reservoir — filled only 45%

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The water level in the Mississippi River close to record



10.05.11.V U.S. water level in the Mississippi River approaches rekordnomu.Tysyachi local residents already evacuated due to severe flooding, many others face a similar fate.

Particularly difficult situation in Memphis, some areas of the city are already under water. Closed local casino.

Now the width of the Mississippi near Memphis to nearly 5 km, which is six times the normal size. On the river, built numerous dams that prevent flooding of coastal lands. Ready thousands of sandbags. Mississippi speed almost doubled — up to 20 kilometers per hour.

Suffer from flooding just eight U.S. states.

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Water production Akvanika (photo-excursion)

Author of the report — Andrey Egorov (LJ rovego)

I think that soon I'll be at all the spices in matters of production of different products that thousands of people see every day on store shelves. I've already seen how do yogurt, formula, baby food, juice, and now got around to understand the issues of drinking water production.

Previously, as a layman, I thought that the production of water — it's all some kind of fiction. And for that money takes, is unclear. Here open the tap, pour with water to filter and drink for

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In the city of Nanjing Xuanwu Lake there was a strange sight


12.05.11.Nedavno in the east of China, in the city of Nanjing, on Lake Xuan saw a very strange sight. Living in the lake white carp (also known as carp) large schools "fly" very high above the water, some even reaches the shore. This "idea" has attracted people's attention.

On Lake Xuan living in it packs carp jumping out of the water. Photo:

According to the newspaper "Yangtze Evening News", May 8, at around 9 pm, on Lake Xuan living in it packs carp jumping out of the water. It was like a competition in diving.

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In Kyrgyzstan, the river burst its banks Chu


21.01.11. Bishkek. Tolgonai OSMONGAZIEVA Kyrgyzstan left the shores of the river Chu. The press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

According to her, on January 20 the water formed ice. "This was the reason that the water rose from the left bank of the river and flooded about 500 meters Bishkek — Torugart (77-km) near the bypass road. Currently, there are works on the return water artery to normal ", — the press-service.

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In tepleyuschem world will land




Most researchers believe that tepleyuschy world will be more humid. But a new study of the effects of pollution claims that in fact there may come a drought. The general theory states that as the temperature increases, the surface of the sea will evaporate more water —

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Region of China, is not fit for


Production areas of rare earth metals in China are heavily polluted. Photo: Getty Images

4.01.11.Gorod Baotou is a Chinese "capital of rare earth minerals", there is 80% of the world's rare earth metals. However, the price of this, as the rest of the production in China — a strong pollution. Areas around the development are no longer suitable for human life.


Village near the city of Baotou surrounded by a dense ring of plants. In addition to tailings deposits, the area is also suffering from a large steel waste corporation.

As the local people, many villages have

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Mexico City sinks into the ground

Karst holes

10.01.11.Dolina Mexico City, which houses the Mexican capital, the "sinking" into the ground. As a result, the streets of one of the largest cities in the world with a population of over 20 million people have been failures to appear.

In some parts of Mexico shrinkage of soil from the late 19th century had reached 13 meters. So not only disrupted vehicular traffic on the highways of the city center, but there was a threat of architectural structures, located in the "critical" areas.

As explained to the researchers at the National Autonomous University of Mexico,

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The loss of wild boars in Brittany. Video


26.07.11.Vosemnadtsat boar carcasses were found on Tuesday in one of the beaches of the French Brittany.

Employees of the local prefecture added to this number are 10 wild boar found dead earlier this month — and almost convinced that all the fault of the green algae, releasing toxic vapors.

This is a problem faced by many coastal regions. But Breton environmentalists are sounding the alarm: every year the situation is getting worse, the bill is already in the hundreds of tons of green biomass. Especially dangerous decaying algae in the water.

"In such water often, we often find

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