Famine and drought in Somalia. Video

Drought million people could soon die of starvation. In the north-east Africa — the most powerful half-century drought.

In Rome, an emergency meeting of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Officials are urgently looking for the money, but so far only collected half of the required amount.

There is another problem: the delivery of humanitarian supplies hamper many anti-government groups and the sea there are pirates.

80 kilometers to the Kenyan border is now called the road of hope and expensive death. Fleeing drought and famine, people leave Somalia with their families, but to rescue the

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Limitations of water users are waiting in the Volga regions


Shallowing Volga increases the concentration of harmful substances in the water Photo: Vladimir Yanchenko

24.05.11.Vpervye this year, representatives of the Volga regions themselves coordinated operation of reservoirs of the Volga-Kama kaskada.Chinovnikov governments federation, through which flows the Volga, is included in the interagency working group of the Federal Water Resources Agency.

Experts believe that it has helped to develop optimum schedules reservoirs, taking into account the interests of the population and the economy of the Volga region, which is particularly important at a time when the Volga experiencing water shortage, which began in 2006.

Preliminary calculations Hydromet for

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19.04.12.Gibel fish on the river Terek


19.04.12.Bolshoe number of dead fish were found at the site of the Terek River in an area. Znamenskoye Nadterechny district, bordering the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania.

As was reported by fishing control of the Chechen Republic on 1 square meter of water surface surfaced about 18 dead fish. The passage of a wave with dead fish lasted for three hours.

At the scene, immediately left and the mobility of the laboratory of the Committee on Environment of the Government of the Czech Republic.

According to the committee chairman Ahmed Dzhayrhanova, water samples were taken for its analysis

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Russian scientists have discovered that Mars has water, 2 years ago




Russian instrument Hand, mounted on the American station "Mars Odyssey", found water ice on Mars in March 2002. This RIA "Novosti" reported manager and developer of the experiment Hand, Head of the Laboratory of Space Research Institute (IKI), Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Igor Mitrofanov.


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In the river near Belgorod Razumenko killed fish


* 8/19/11 * 18 August, around 16:00 pm in the river near the fault-collector Razumenko municipal treatment plants found about 100 pounds of dead fish.

This was stated by the head of the Department of Municipal Economy Belgorod Yuri Nikulin.Po to head the department, danger to residents there. Now experts are trying to find out the reason why there was a sea of fish.

"Today, early to make conclusions about who was responsible for the death of fish. But there are a number of circumstances which indicate that it is not to blame for the death of fish

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19.04.12.Gibel Shadriha fish in the river. Video


20.04.12.Rybolovy sounding the alarm. On one of the ponds on the river Shadriha found a large number of dead fish. Pond, which was found dead fish, is known as one of berdchan Khimzavodskaya of lakes.

The first step in such situations, discusses the option freeze when the fish die because the pond is completely chilled winter. This year the winter was quite warm. None of the 40 lakes in the territory Tulinskogo farms, fish do not pomerzla. In this regard, the representatives of Berd Hunting and Fishing was other scenario happened.

For production, posted the greenhouses near Khimzavodskaya

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24.04.12.Mertvaya fish — Dredge in mourning


24.04.12. That was a long and cold winter in the vast Russian land.

For fishermen, this means it was time to do what he likes, and fish — the sigh of fresh water saturated with oxygen.

In rivers that have assured passage, wintering place without problems: the flow of water and then saturated with oxygen and the fish quietly pernosit severe frosts and ice meter. Lake is not always so hospitable, from year to year, somewhere there is mass death of fish. Dead fish — fee for severe winter In 2011, at Lake Sheklyaevo, after the disappearance

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27.03.12.Gibel fish in the Kuban. Video


27.03.12.V Scherbinovskiy area experienced massive fish kills. As we reported earlier, in the lower reaches of the river Her, one of the lagoons, almost all of the fish died. The exact causes of the incident are not yet known.

Here the fish is gone. Across the surface of the water nightmare any fisherman and environmentalist — hundreds of thousands of birds dead fish.

— Carp and individuals a kilogram, and a half! — Says Vladimir Goncharenko, Inspector of Fisheries.

The first saw the tragedy unfolded fishing by local residents. Horrified even the old-timers: this in their memory was

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Sinkhole depth of 22 meters in Ecuador

Karst holes

3.11.11.Pozavchera at 23:19 Emergency Service Central Office Quito Fire Department received a call about the failure, formed in connection with damage to the main water pipe in the street Eloy Alfaro in Carolina Park, north of the capital of Ecuador.

The accident was caused, most likely, the construction of a 12-storey building in the street Francisco Andrade Marin. Collapsed wall containment and pipeline damage as a result of a failure in the soil formed deep 22 meters under the ground was nearly all roadway. Three people — a woman, a man and three children — were hospitalized with

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Greenland is melting


March 24, 2013. Scientists from the U.S. administration Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the last years record the active melting of ice in Greenland. Every spring and summer due to warm air glacial shield the island loses its entirety. As a result of melt water forms ponds and lakes are strikingly beautiful — sapphire blue. The size of some of them are so great that the bodies of water can be easily seen from space.

Due to continual product, aerospace shooting specialists NASA managed to track the process of the formation of "seasonal" lakes, the

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