Flooding in Belarus ceases to be unsafe

In operational weather report says that "Spring flood in This year will not have an unsafe level. "What are the pros and cons malasnezhnyh winters for Belarus?The water level in the rivers of Belarus look 137 gauges. One of them — a distance of over 350 km from Minsk — on the Pripyat River in Stolin. Times a day on duty here inhabitant village Small Krygovichy watching Peter Lysyuk. Here’s what he just said, "Freedom":"River’s own shores. On usvoyu failed. Floods and will not, as I see it, is not expected. Polissya have long not seen such floods as before.

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If you drink water, you will certainly miss it through a filter

Grodno sanepidemielyagi convinced that tap water in the town of a hundred percent meet sanitary standards. But consumers prior to use it was passed through the filter.Department Head of Grodno sanepidemstantsii Kaspiarovich Ira says that with 2004 Grodno is one hundred percent use water from wells. Solved the problem of water stations abezzhalezvannya: "At the moment, the city enjoys a hundred percent water, which certainly cleared from overpricing amount of iron, and the water is quite meet sanitary standards."Ira Kaspiarovich convinced that the water that flows from the tap, no doubts can be used for domestic purposes. However, drinking Mrs.

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Around water — Pripyat, and there is no water for the people!

The inhabitants of the village of Wolka Gorodishchenskaya that in Pinsk require voice their complaints specifically on "Freedom." That resident Galina Korczak:"Therefore, that there failure! Abroad no such miracle. Exclusively in Belarus is magic! Well, water everywhere — and the Pripyat River Yaselda and water for the people! Suffer without water. "From the words of my grandmother, Galina, rotted in the village water pipes. In wells — dregs."From my own well we have three times the water was pumped out — says Korczak — cleaned, chose the land. A all the same the water is dirty, dark, fetid. A former

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Water for Life: unblemished, but overhead

In the field — 16 deep wells. And if the bacteriological characteristics of water are normal, then a high content of iron in the water experts at fixed every fourth water supply system.Now Vitebsk work of 67 stations water purification from impurities of iron. Construction of such plants requires large money. Employees because health services are very high hopes lozhut adopted by the municipal program from "Clean Water", which until 2010 should contribute, so that the tap water is cleaner.According views spetsa Regional Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology Dmitry Romanov, public funding — 5 and a half billion — should

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Ukrainian scientists have developed a technology for desalination of water without chemicals


In an interview with radio station"Voice of Russia"said the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Yuriy Sergeyev.

"The theme of water in the Ukrainian presidential speech (at the UN General Assembly — Ed.) Stressed too much. This is due to the fact that the day before presented new technologies for purification and desalination of water without chemical additives developed by Ukrainian scientists," — he said.

Thereby, according to Sergeyev, Ukraine makes a practical contribution to solving the problem of drinking water. "This is one of the specific practical steps of

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Tragedy on the oil pollutes usvoyu Dnieper

As a result of the tragedy in the Dnieper usvoyu already leaked more than 70 cubic meters of fuel. Environmentalists they say that there is a danger of contamination of the Dnieper river bed, which provides water to the capital of Ukraine — Kiev.Now the scene rescuers expect to cut a piece of pipe. On this "Radio Liberty" said chief inspector of nature protection area Rechitskoye Gennady Kalinowski:"From the scene of the tragedy just 500 meters from the Dnieper. Thaw in the water on the floodplain of the river rose and closed the pipe. And now here comes the cut

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Night Siege February 8

In the community "Living magazine" blogger fox_lj wondered whether it makes sense to put water meters in apartments? Post it caused such comments:pit0n: "Profitable. Payment for water decreased from 3 to eight times. When was the privilege to pay for your own installation of the meter, these funds recouped in about 8-9 months. Currently will pay off for a year";ldok: "If you have been prescribed one person, but actually live and grist five may be more expensive. Another aspect. If most of the tenants put counters, others can seriously grow your water bill, as it account for the scheme: the

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Travelers’ diarrhea

Gastrointestinal tract of a human populated whole hordes of germs. They may have a different effect on his condition — harm, be neutral or, on the contrary, useful: to assist in digestion. The composition of the intestinal microflora may change under the influence of internal and external factors, such as diet.

That is why the difference in the composition and the ratio of these microbes is as far away as, for example, Tula and Kazan. To say nothing of distant lands. "House" germs "our," we are used to them. In the new situation abrupt change of the intestinal

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Fishermen wrote Lukashenko

Under appeal over 2,600 signatures. Fishermen claim that tenants pay in the organization of fishing on the rivers take huge fee just for the right to be on the water bodies. Tenants with all this make only one condition — ustanavlyayuts signs that this stretch of river fishing is only a means. "A penny invested and have already begun to raise funds — says Vladimir fisherman from Minsk. — I need to know what I paid for. With me trying to get money for what they have done nothing. And I’m in Minsk food for 300 km . "For example,

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Diet for psoriasis by Pagano

Diet for psoriasis should be supported by proper acid-alkaline balance in the body. The body should be alkaline reaction to a greater extent than the acid. It depends on the food consumed and emotional state. Psoriatic patients should keep in mind that the daily diet should consist of 70-80% of schelocheobrazuyuschih products and 20-30% of the acid-forming, ie eat them 2-4 times.

So what foods are alkaline and which are acidic?

Schelocheobrazuyuschie Products:

1. Fruits (except cranberries, currants, prunes, plums, blueberries) —

· Apples, melons and bananas can not be eaten with other foods, just as a single

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