In the east, the Czech Republic began flooding



PRAGUE, July 29. / Correspondent. Itar-Tass Shamshin /. In Moravia, the eastern region of the Czech Republic, began flooding.

As a result, struck the area in the last few days of showers sharply raise the water level in rivers and reservoirs. The most difficult situation is in the town of Zlin, Vsetín and Kroměříž, told Trend. Itar-Tass by telephone administration Zlín region.

Thus, in the village of Branca-y-Zlin flooded several homes. The water washes away the mound here laid railroad tracks, on which, in particular, the following international express trains. Is working hard to strengthen it.

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The death of marine life in the South China Sea


Massive fish kills occurred in the South China Sea. August 2011. Photo from

* 08/28/11 * The maritime zone Inshatan near Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province of southern August 26 was an unusual phenomenon — on the shore littered with thousands of dead sea creatures, including a deep-water fish, shrimp and crabs.

According to the Chinese edition of "Southern City", in the early morning fishermen discovered that the entire coastal zone literally covered with dead fish.

However, they did not panic and started to collect the nets of dead sea creatures in their cages.

Maine fisherman named said

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September 13. News about the flood situation in Thailand. Video


13.09.11.V Thailand victims of floods and landslides were 82 people.

All of the elements in this year affected more than a million Thais. Inundated 35 provinces at risk of flooding of about 600 thousand people, including tourists on the resort island of Phuket, in the cities of Chiang Mai and Krabi.

Source: Belarus TV

13.09.11.Departament Thailand's Disaster Prevention and Mitigation reported that the death toll from floods and landslides has reached 82 people and injured more than 570 of 000.

And the situation in the coming days will only get worse. Tourists and local residents in 35 provinces

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Mystery of the five lakes — the path to salvation?




And … someone said above, "You earthlings, in vain do not pay attention to myths, fairy tales and legends. They — the great secret knowledge that can be useful for the present and future life. The main thing — to learn how to decipher the tale …

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Seversk pond fish die. Video


Updated June 1

1.06.12.Vse Polevskaya began with fishermen. They were the first in the open season for fishing discovered an unprecedented number of dead fish.

Naturally, they also asked the question: what and who is responsible for massive fish kills in the Seversky pond. The answer to this question is sought in Polevskoy senior state inspector of state control to protect water resources.

Humble fisherman, undecided to be named, said that comes with a fishing rod in the pond shore Seversky not even for fish, but for pleasure. But for some time relaxing by the water has

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Fish kills in the Vologda region



14.11.11.V Cherepovets, Vologda region conducted initial inquiry into the death of fish in the river Costa.

According to preliminary data left more than 700 copies of various fishes. The first environmental investigation department of the Volga Interregional Environmental Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is checked for pollution of the river Costa, which caused a massive fish kill.

According to one of the locals in the river in the industrial area of Costa JSC "Severstal" in Cherepovets, Vologda region was found a large number of dead fish. At the exit to the

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In Australia, the family was saved from a fire at sea

January 11, 2013. Five children with their grandparents were forced to spend three o'clock in the sea, clinging to a wooden berth, to escape from the deadly hell raged over them.

Grandfather five grandchildren, Tim Holmes saved his wife and children, his daughter, literally snatching them out of the sea of fire, raging and covered their home.

Their mother, Bonnie Walker sent his children to his father in the village, after their own home burned down in the town of Dunloe in Tasmania.

Tim Holmes brought the whole family to berth and when the fire got too close

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About freebies

This article, as so often happens, was born out of the ordinary comment, because thanks to everyone who leaves their world, argues and asks. What is a freebie?

The main main-stream, the basic interpretation of this concept, which we suggest themselves, is the notion of freebies, as the age-old barbaric, animal and low habit and feral uneducated people. In particular, these "failures" and "uncivilized", as the Slavs, Russian.

Neuzh something in this massive parody, joke has some truth? After all, we really tend to freebies. In contrast, those same Europeans who are used to always pay for everything.

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To get food to survive on the go



One of my favorite methods of finding food while honing survival skills — what I call "food on the go." This simple but effective way requires a little extra energy on the part of surviving, in exchange for a generous and nutritious reward.


You are going from point A to point B, perhaps, seek help. Seeking food should be right on your way, and take a minimum of time and effort to collect. You do not deviate from the course for the prosecution if production

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7.05.12.V Lake Ishmael surfaced all the fish. Photo


Photo from:

7.05.12.Segodnya fishermen and residents of Ishmael, whose homes are on the coast Lebiazhie (or dog, as it was called earlier) were shocked lake views of the water: it was entirely covered with dead fish.

Locals categorically assured us that the cause is — sewage discharge from the city reservoir, located on the lake. With the second lake, which does not go sink — no change: the water is clean, no dead fish floating.

Given that many izmailchane complained that on the eve of their homes in the taps was dirty water, really begs version —

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