In the water system Chebarkul detected phenol


10.12.12.V water system Chebarkul found dangerous chemicals. In drinking water detected phenol.

Drink tap water in Chebarkul nobody hesitates — the smell is too specific. Moreover, it may be poisonous. For local authorities to the water problems are not new. Samples for microbiological indicators deteriorated in five times a year ago, but measures to improve the water has been taken. "Because of the state of our filtration plant uses water truncated scheme — said Nadezhda Molyavkina leading specialist-expert Rospotrebnadzor Chebarkul town. — There is no coagulation, so we do not guarantee water quality. "

State highways, which is more

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Brosnensky dragon

His "Nessie" exists in Russia, but only one of them lives in the European part — Brosno in the lake, which is in Andreapol near Tver region.

It is said that from this Batu Khan, who came with his army to Novgorod, in a panic turned back to the Horde. Tatars, as legend has it, we stopped for the night at the lake, and sent the horses to water, and suddenly out of the dark waters of the mouth opened up a huge monster with a roar and began to

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Fish kill in Bashkiria. Video


25.04.12.V newsroom TV BLS asked fishermen Kushnarenkovskogo District. In one of the local lakes experienced massive fish kills. As the locals say, this they have never seen.

The fact is that in this lake are found mainly carp. According to local fishermen, the fish is remarkable for its durability and can even live in polluted water.

The dead fish lay a dense carpet lake. Retired Parvazetdin Abtarimov remembers his entire life never seen anything like it. Two days ago profit carp here could not tackle. Local fear that endangered fish was the most tenacious. The first thought

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Where’s the fish?


21.12.11.Gde the fish? Corresponding to this question "Kamensky news" looking for the answer in Proslauhinskih whirlpools.

A series of articles in this newspaper under the title "Fish place" aroused wide public interest. Materials, mainly devoted to the problems of the relationship between the owner of a dam on the pond Kornilov and amateur fishermen.

In the footsteps of our publications in the Kornilov crew visited Channel correspondents of "Komsomolskaya Pravda", and most importantly, the problem of the pond Kornilov took Kamenskaya Interdistrict Prosecutor's Office and gave a legal assessment of the situation. As a result, the owner

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The reasons for the outbreak of war, or the Hunger, thirst, and Democracy

No matter what war has a true purpose as a true and certain prerequisites. For the near future the world got used to the fact that the preconditions for the outbreak of armed conflict are, or racial, or religious, or political and economic differences. But many experts at tend to create virtually any outbreak of any armed confrontation only economic motives, which can simply be carefully veiled outer heaps like defending democratic freedoms or maxims on 1st advantages over other people. This theory is partially resembles Freudian psychology, according to which, in any manifestation of human nature is a fundamental

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Fish kill in Tatarstan. Video


3.09.12.V Zainsky area environmentalists are searching for those responsible for the mass death of fish. According to preliminary data of the last day of summer in the river Steppenwolf Zai industrial wastes. This is almost a disaster. Dead fish on protyazhenii25 kilometers and cover the bottom surface of the reservoir. Environmental water samples. The analysis results will be available in the near future. All examination materials give the interior authorities on the scene.

Shilnikov Alexander, head of state control and supervision over the protection of water and biological resources of the Republic of Tatarstan

— Preliminary Report on

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Environmental disaster in Chelyabinsk. Video


9.06.11.Ekologicheskaya disaster in Chelyabinsk. Because of the damaged reservoir factory farming "Ravis" chicken waste flooded areas in the garden association "Uralets." Repair work was started only on June 9.

Above the beds hover flies vacationers instead work together to discuss the accident … away from their gardens. By garden community is gravity sewer. It connects the poultry "Ravis" with treatment facilities. According to eyewitnesses, the land suddenly the river poured caustic liquid. Sewage continues to flow to this day. And perfectly clear: besides sewage here and chicken waste — manure, feathers. Faeces flooded for more than a dozen

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An example of the commercialization of research and development

Siberian Federal University in cooperation with the group of companies "Energolab" presented at the X International Specialized Exhibition "Research Expo" equipment and water toxicity bioassay techniques and the establishment of the hazard waste.

Department of Ecology and Environmental SFU for over 6 years of successful experience in the field of commercialization of research and development.

In 2005, between the Department and ZAO "SPETSKOMPLEKTRESURS 2001" within the group of companies "Energolab" was signed a license agreement under which during 2005-2011 in environmental laboratories RTN known environmental organizations and environmental monitoring services Russia was introduced more than a thousand units of

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To wit: Tap water can cause food allergies


MOSCOW, December 3 — RIA Novosti. Chemicals used for the chlorination of tap water can contribute to the spread of food allergies in the United States for American scientists, whose work is published in the journal Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.

According to a press release by the American College of Allergies, Asthma and Immunology, approximately 15 million Americans suffer from food allergies, and that number continues to grow. The researchers believe that this is due, including high doses of dichlorophenol — a chemical used in pesticides and in the chlorination of water in the water.

"This chemical

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Element in eastern Georgia has destroyed crops and damaged roads. Video



7.06.11.Iz due to heavy rains in some parts of Georgia's Kakheti region dorogi.V washed away by the disaster suffered ten sel.Zatopleno dozens domov.V affected area visited Tamar Tshomariya

Channel PIC

TBILISI, June 2 — RIA Novosti, Nazi Zhorzholiani. Heavy rain and hail on Thursday night flooded homes, damaged roads and destroyed crops in part of Kakheti (Eastern Georgia), Kakheti Information Center reports. According to the center, in three villages in the district Ahemstkogo hail destroyed crops on 120 hectares. In addition, the district roads are damaged, there were problems with the provision of drinking water area.

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