Pollution of the river in the Urals


YEKATERINBURG, April 13 — RIA Novosti. Prosecution inquiry into pollution of the Iset River near the town of Kamensk-Ural (Sverdlovsk region), resulting in no hot water left over 61 thousand people, prosecutors said on Wednesday the region.

Energy ceased supply of hot water in the house of 591 and 49 community facilities district Sinarsky Kamensk-because of the appearance of the river Iset oily liquid, similar to oil, which scored cleaning filters enegosnabzhayuschih enterprises. Cold water and heat are not violated. According to the MOE, the zone were off more than 61 thousand people.

"On behalf of the prosecutor's office

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24.08.12.Gibel fish in the river Costa


24.08.12.Iz-for release of industrial waste in water p. Costa (Vologda region), killing more than 317 thousand fish. Material damage caused by water biological resources, estimated at $ 7 million.

Master and senior foreman water management chief power JSC "Severstal" Viktor Zakharov and Evgeny Ants go on trial for the death of fish in the river Costa. Material damage caused by water biological resources, estimated at $ 7 million, according to prosecutors.

According to the investigators, these workers have ignored the requirements of sanitary and environmental regulations and not organized properly operation of hydraulic structures — storage of liquid chemical

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Black Curse Caspian


23.02.11.Ceverny Caspian — This is a unique body of water feeding the highest category, which is unparalleled in the world. The volume of water here is only 0.1% of the total volume of the sea, but the ecological capacity of the zone is not in any way be compared with the central and southern water area together — the total value of renewable bio-resources, according to experts, is estimated at 500 billion U.S. dollars .

It is clear that combine in one place feeding high-value fish, especially sturgeon, and production in the North Caspian is almost impossible,

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Flooding in the Almaty region. Photo


Photo Roman North

12.01.11.Selo Charyn Almaty region continues to be flooded with water. Local river burst its banks on January 10, inundating more than 250 private homes.

Today in the village streets flooded nine out of 26, 12 private houses were flooded up to the state uninhabitable. Today.Kz correspondents witnessed how people from their homes. Armed with rubber boots, hiring a tractor, the villagers were loading things. The last inhabitants of the tractor brought from flooded home on January 11 at 17.30, making them immensely happy (in the photo).

On the morning of January 12 the joint efforts

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The Gulf Stream blows away the winds that blow from the coast of Greenland

January 15, 2013. Southern tip of Greenland is peculiar coastline. Shore here is steep, with many bays, allowing it to influence not only on the local wind rose, but the circulation of water masses across the North Atlantic.

Such a conclusion was a scientist Kent Moore of the University of Toronto. After reviewing thousands of satellite imagery, Dr. Moore found out that cape in the south Feyrvel Greenland is the windiest place in the world. Due to the specifics of the local topography air rushes from the shore to the sea along the longest deep bays, because of what

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Threat of floods in the Czech Republic


15.01.11.Uroven Czech river water has increased dramatically due to strong warming, heavy rains and melting snow, there was the threat of flooding, according to the Czech news agency CTK.

Thermometer in the Czech Republic these days rises to the level of 11.10 plus degrees. In the river Labe (Elbe), the water overflowed its banks in the city of Usti nad Labem and flooded the highway to Prague. Traffic on the route Prague — Decin closed. In Usti nad Labem flooded several streets, adjacent to the river. It is expected that the water in the Elbe in the city will

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15.08.12.V Zheleznogorsk reservoir fish died. Video


15.08.12.V Kursk Region, Michael reservoir near Zheleznogorsk, there was a real environmental disaster. In the pond the fish died. Last week, residents were surprised to find that the entire water surface strewn with dead fish.

Belly surfaced pike, bream, roach … In this case, as people say, first noticed something was wrong, spread around all over a strange smell. — We felt bad, a protein, is very strange. We have drawn attention to the smell, but no more consequences were not, — says Oleg Sotnikov eyewitness who regularly rested on Michael reservoir.

The area of the lake is

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22.08.12.V River Kiebak dying fish. Video


In the river, the fish dies Kiebak

22.08.12.V River Kiebak dying fish. Zifina Khaibullina several times a day down to the river.

She peers into the water for a long time, trying to find any signs of life. Together with other residents of the village Kuyanova Kaltasinsky area woman has witnessed an environmental disaster.

A few days ago during brought dozens of carcasses of dead fish. The villagers immediately launched their version of the causes of the accident. Environmental disaster worsened the already difficult situation of the population. Kiebak river has always been the main source of water

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02.04.12.Massovaya fish kill in Moldova


CHISINAU, April 2 — News-Moldova, Victor Voskobojnik. In the mass death of fish ponds are guilty tenants, said on Monday told news agency Novosti-Moldova Deputy State Environmental Inspectorate of the Ministry of Environment Valentine Tsapish commenting massive fish kills in some lakes of the country.

"At the end of last week in some lakes Falesti, Orhei, Cahul, Leova and Comrat areas experienced massive fish kills, — said the agency ecologist. — Urgently water samples of water were sent for laboratory analysis to identify the possible source of contamination. However, the analysis showed — the water is normal. "


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12.08.12.Mor fish on Lake Sazanka


12.08.12.Vo time of the rowing and canoeing locals and athletes have noticed that the coastal zone of Lake Sazanka littered with dead fish.

Hundreds of perch, roach, carp and unidentified because of the last stage of decomposition fry once dotted the coast of the purest lake in the Engels.

"Yesterday, they have not been — surprised mass death of fish resident Mostootryad Viktor Semyonov — and went fishing today and found that it seemed to gasp. Maybe what leaked into the water stuff. On the banks of Sazanka is the private sector, can people foolishly and poured poison.

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