Night of Heroes


The last peaceful night Dr. Barnes Wallace spent in his own house in Effingham, and in the morning, like all Englishmen, he heard a rather unusual question Chamberlain. What's in a position to do it, the aircraft Vickers offices to reduce the war? Unique ideas one after the other attended his head. Wallace wondered where and how the bombardment can cause critical damage to Germany. Military production dispersed, they can not kill in one fell swoop from the air. But, perhaps, are the main points?

Coal mines! Drifts and tunnels in hundredths meters underground invulnerable. Bombs will be

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Ryazan region foci of natural focal infections


11.05.11.Melkie rodents can not only spoil the savings pretty, edible and inedible, but also infect dangerous infectious diseases, so-called natural foci, the website of Rospotrebnadzor Ryazan region.

This means that the disease spreads in certain areas, and it was there where they live small mammals, which are carriers of pathogens natural focal infections. The region in almost all districts recorded such infectious diseases as tularemia, hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) and leptospirosis.

Hotspots of natural focal infections exist Starozhilovo, Spassky, Klepikovsky, Kasimov, Michael, Rybnovsky, Uholovskom, Zakharovskaya, Novoderevenskaya, Pronsk, Korablinsky, Sasovo, Shatsky, Ryazhsk, Shilovsky Ryazan region and around Ryazan.

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Unscientific diet

Pasta Diet

The most lenient in the gastronomic sense and a very popular option today. Home propagandist technique Sophia Loren says that for many years did not alter the paste to the other meals. In this, in general, can be credited. Not that she looks great in her God knows how many years, only because of the novel with the pasta, and in fact that the pasta one can sit for years, not only in what does denying. Because this diet of Mediterranean origin, it suggests defiantly loose fasting. Allows cheese, meat sauces, lots of fresh herbs, garlic and

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Sinkhole in Poltava

Karst holes

5.07.11.V Komsomolsk, Poltava region for more than 17 thousand people due to the accident at the sewer left without vody.Ob the press service of the regional department MOE Tuesday.

Damage to the main sewer was on Monday night due to the failure of the soil.

"In preparation for the restoration work it was found that the reservoir can not be repaired without shutting off water supply houses to stop the flow of water to the sewer network. For this purpose, water is suspended in 63 multi-storey buildings of the city, "- said in a statement.

To provide people

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Partial fasting

In addition to total fasting, when, apart from water, the body does not receive anything, there is an incomplete medical starvation with the transition to a liquid diet and a reduced-calorie daily diet (juices, tea, serum, milk, etc.).

The program of juice fasting

For 2-3 days before the start of the juice fasting diet to only raw vegetables and fruits. On the eve of fasting during the day to drink castor oil, and in the evening to do an enema. The next day (And each following) should be the program:

before breakfast — a cup of warm

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In Tula factory effluents pour Chulkovskoe cemetery?


22.11.11.Aktivisty "Green Patrol" and representatives of the Prosecutor's Office at the request of residents of the Proletarian District of Tula to understand why the territory of the cemetery at the church Chulkovskogo Demetrios flock industrial effluents.

It turned out chtoOAO "Tula Cartridge Works" clears the bulk of waste sewage bezkakoy-liboochistki Tulitsa directly into the river. A detailed study of the problem was that the plant was allowed to discharge waste water only up to 2006, and it is unknown whether the rights of cleaning at the time.

Now part of the factory manifold is completely destroyed, sewage poured neighborhood,

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In the Okhotsk Sea drilling platform capsized. Video


SOUTH SAKHALINSK, December 18 — RIA Novosti. Drilling Rig "Kola", overturned on Sunday in the Sea of Okhotsk in the storm, completely disappeared under the water, said at a briefing Head EMERCOM in Sakhalin Teimuraz Kasaev.

"According to a report from the district rescue platform" Kola "completely disappeared under the water," — he said.

According to him, currently about 14 known survivors.

"Their condition varies but is satisfactory. Ship physicians icebreaker "Magadan" and the ship "Naftogaz-55" assist all lifted out of the water "- This applies.

He noted that also found the bodies of two people with no

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Drought in China’s Hubei province 05/12/2011


17.05.11.Iz-by prolonged drought in Hubei Province / Central China / 1392 Reservoir became almost useless, because they have only "dead" volume of water. This became known corr. Xinhua News Agency in a provincial water management.

Prov. Hubei, known in the country as a "province of thousand lakes", is suffering from a severe drought since last November.

According to a representative of the executive management as of May 15 of this year the water level in four medium-sized reservoirs, and 1388 in the small province are lower than the "dead" volume allowed in the normal operation of the reservoir.

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In Miass Kyshtym and water to last several months


Drought. Photo:

18.05.11.Cherez several months in water sources and Kyshtym Miassa could end water. This was on the committee of the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region on Ecology and Mineral Resources said the deputy head of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Chelyabinsk region Svetlana Kostina. As the correspondent of "New Region", on the basis of the most serious problems of the flood water is projected at two South Urals cities Miass and Kyshtym.

According to Kostya, the water reserves in the reservoir Iremelskom Miassa last for 3-4 months. In the past year, to

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Severe drought in eastern India has led to water shortages


22.03.11.Mestnye Chatra district residents in the Indian state of Jharkhand have a severe shortage of drinking water and lack of irrigation poley.V result, many have been forced to flee their homes. Says local resident Jamna Kumar:

"The well was dry, and we have no way to get drinking water, because people leave derevnyu.Chto to get water, we have to go through many mili.Zhiteli forced to sell pets because of lack of food."

Experts say that the deep water pumps are installed, but a sharp decrease in the level of underground water pumps does not poleznymi.Nuzhno take immediate

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