In Havana, acute water shortage


Two reservoirs in the east of the capital — La Zarza and La Coca — is "almost dry" and in the third — Bakuranao — water left for 138 days

22.01.11.Prodolzhitelnaya drought and problems with water supply infrastructure has led to the fact that in the Cuban capital has developed "the most critical situation in the last half century" in the water, said in a Friday newspaper Granma.

According to the Institute for Water Resources of Cuba, a daily water shortage in Havana is about 328 thousand kubometrov.V Nearly half of the city's population — more than

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Fish kills in eastern Kazakhstan


2.11.11.Ekologicheskaya trouble Sekisovka covered village of East Kazakhstan region.

From septic tanks through the protective film process water flowed c cyanide dissolved in it, and then fell into the river and pond. Fish died, and people at risk of poisoned water.

On the outskirts Sekisovka some years there are explosions. Extracted from open-pit ore is a local business gets the gold. As Deputy Chief of the Department of Emergency Marat Tyulyuberdinov during manufacturing test process water broke through the protective film.

Approximate amount of hazardous liquid was 200 thousand cubic meters. Every hour of the settler follows is about

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26.04.12.Gibel Pudem fish pond in Udmurtia


26.04.12.Na Pudem mass death of fish pond.

Many dead fishes "hang out" along the coast. Ice does not allow to see what is underneath. Locals suggest that the fish suffocated due to lack of oxygen and was pinned down by ice, when there was a discharge of water.

This year, the water froze first layers. Could this affect the fish kill? We are writing to comment on this art. Veterinary Service Specialists have fish for analysis. His results have been reported separately.

Source:Rural true

20.04.12.Gibel fish in the Altai. Video


20.04.12.V Altai village Pavlovsk fish kills occurred. From what has happened mor? Vversii here highlight the most different. Fishermen with experience suggested that the winter under a thick layer of ice, the fish did not have enough air.

Ilya Gurevich, a resident s.Pavlovsk: "If drilled or cut at least 2-3 places, the fish would have died never."

But the fact of the matter is that the future catch winter trying to save as they could. Drilled wells, but did not help. Maybe the reason is the quality of water? It is now trying to find out fishing control

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2.05.12.Na Kherson inexplicably killed fish and insects


2.05.12.V Hola Prystan near the lakes garden communities "Amber" and "Quartz", resting over the weekend opened beach season.

The water temperature in these shallow lakes on the route Skadovskaya was above 20 degrees. Adults and children of the garden communities "Amber" and "Quartz" happy hours frolicking in the water.

However, before this, had to clear the shoals of thousands of dead carp and perch. The entire surface of the lake for several days covering the dead fish. Basically — it fries, no more than 5 cm impression that landed in the lake lightning and suddenly destroyed all the inhabitants.

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24.04.12.Gibel fish pond in Penza


24.04.12.Prichinoy mass death of fish in the pond in the village, "Solar", most likely, was the lack of oxygen caused by the weather and water pollution.

Such preliminary conclusion experts of natural resource management. Last Friday, the staff MP "plant improvement of forest management" cleared a pond of dead fish.

The water samples were sent for analysis to the regional management № 59 FMBA of Russia. Opinion on their compliance with sanitary standards and requirements will be made soon.


Because of the relief on the Iset River dying bird. Video



27.02.12. The sole survivor of the pigeon had to wash off oil. And, though his life is out of danger, but he can fly no earlier than six months. Contaminated with about five hundred square meters of the river.

Most likely, the waste got into the river through storm drains. And now life threatening not only birds, but fish. Experts took water samples for analysis. Now think about how to prevent further contamination of the channel. Seek out those who muddies the water in the Iset be environmental prosecutor's office. Suspect already got the next auto repair

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Fish kills in the Kaluga region


23.11.11.Na Medynke River in the Kaluga region, somewhere above the dam, led to the release of toxic substances.

That it is reset, and a specialist in sight. And the color of the water, and the characteristic smell … Who and when was it made, it is now not prove. But reset, apparently there was a significant, since the beginning of the fish die.

According to residents Medyn who daily pass through the dam to work or lead the children to school, it was about 10-12 November. First, over the pond swam big dead fish, and then a little …

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Residents of the village of Adygea a week without drinking water


11.01.12.Zhiteli Kamennomostsky village in the mountainous part of Adygea week already are without drinking water. Of taps homes Social town — it is the largest district of the village, flowing dark liquid is not suitable for drinking.

In the neighborhood are 54 multi-storey buildings, 600 private houses, hostel and most of the social sites. In total, no drinking water left over 1500 people …

In the village has twice visited Rospotrebnadzor specialists to take water samples. Visual inspection and laboratory tests confirmed contamination. Drinking water is not met the health standards in all respects. Rospotrebnadzor decree in the district

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Sinkhole in the UK. Photo

Karst holes

10.07.11. In the county of Surrey in England on October 5 highway A320 car fell into a pit of boiling water.

As the portal UsedCars.RU citing, she drove the car to work, and when he heard a strange noise, slowed to determine the source of sound. Asphalt suddenly failed, and the car ended up in a huge hole, fill up fast boiling water.

Fortunately, the driver managed to get out of the car before the car plunged into the mud "bath" on the roof. It turned out that in this place a major water main burst, and

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