02.04.12.Gibel fish in the Krasnoyarsk region. Video


2.04.12.Bolee 300 kilometers from Krasnoyarsk. Lake White. Unique nature. Its area is more than 7000 hectares. The water is so pure that summer streaked with silver. A popular place for fishermen. But now no tears will not look at the body of water. Everywhere dead sorozhka, carp, pike.

A pond was once fishery value. In the 80's there was KATEK and the lake was shallow. Instead of five meters is the depth at most two. But even so there were always plenty of fish.

Frozen lake thoroughly. As well as in the neighboring village Kosogol. And things nobody,

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17.04.12.Gibel fish in the Samara region. Video


17.04.12.Nepriyatnaya picture presented itself resting on the lakes near the bridge over the South Samarka. On one of the bodies of water, they found a dead fish — hundreds of carp, pike dozen.

The specialists of the Middle Territorial Department of the Federal Fisheries Agency sent the inspectors to find out what caused the death of aquatic creatures. One option — the lack of oxygen, it happens every year in places where there is no running water. Will be carried out the necessary tests.

Source: STRC "Samara"

In the Carpathian massive fish die. Video


27.09.11.V a river Carpathian people found hundreds of pounds of dead fish. According to witnesses, it was covered with surface water for 10 kilometers.

Some enterprising villagers did not panic, and collected carcasses bags. Experts suggest that the cause of death of fish were poisoned by sewage. They were thrown into the water, most likely, treatment plants or Ivano-Frankivsk local chemical plant. The extent of damage to determine the promise to the end of the week.

Source: TV details

In Nicholas waters again blossom water. Photo


Photo: novosti-n.mk.ua

23.09.11.Ustanovivshayasya in the last two weeks of warm weather has meant that Nicholas waters again blossom water.

Thus, near the beach, Nicholas "Arrow" correspondents "News-N» documented that the water in the estuary was covered with a film of bright green algae. Recall: algal blooms due to the rapid multiplication of microscopic algae that stain and water. In addition, the massive increase in the algae associated with the absorption of oxygen, which eventually loses the fish and other water inhabitants. Usually blooms ends at the end of the summer, but this year because of the warm and

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In the coastal waters of Hong Kong appeared red tide


Photolum from the site: wikimedia.org

23.08.11.Morskie waters off the coast of Hong Kong once again at the mercy of the so-called "red tide."

From the invasion of brown algae is mainly affected sea area near the southern districts.

According to the local department of culture and entertainment for the evening of the 21st of 22 beaches posted warning red flags in connection with the "red tide."

The representative of the Department of Fisheries, said that experts have analyzed samples of contaminated seawater and reached a preliminary conclusion about the safety of algae that caused "red tide." Information on

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Transcarpathian geyser


Transcarpathian geyser — the only Ukrainian. About Vuchkovoe geyser in the village in the Carpathian region there is no mention in the internet search engine Google.

Anyway, the word "geyser" in Ukraine found almost exclusively in the kit with a variety of "of" or "PE". On the one hand, it is not surprising — the natural fountains are usually characteristic of areas with active volcanoes, which in Ukraine, thankfully, is nowhere.

However, at least one geyser, no matter how seemingly strange country just is. Moreover, it is located in the Carpathians — the village in Vuchkovoe Mizhgirya area.

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In Georgia, in the Kura River killed fish


* 08/16/2011 * Tbilisi 8:38:49 in the Kura River in Tbilisi today, killing a large number of fish.

The water surface was covered completely pops the fish that fishermen and special services throughout the day before from the water. According to experts and fishermen, they can not remember such a case of mass death of fish in Kure.

Cause of death of fish has not been determined — it will be known after the appropriate laboratory testing. The Agency of Natural Resources of Georgia highlight two preliminary version — this poisoning of water or oxygen deficiency in the

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At Kuban gas field formed Gryphon


MOSCOW, March 1. In the territory of a gas well in the Crimean region of Kuban formed the so-called "Griffin" — is a periodic release of sand, gas, water and dirt.

According to the press service of the Southern regional center of Ministry of Emergency Situations, the accident became known yesterday around noon. Gryphon was formed in the Trinity area because of the integrity of the production casing wells Anastasievsko Trinity field. Height of the eruption is about 5 meters.

No threat to the population, the nearest town Guards is 10 km from the place of exit griffin.


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Secrets of the World. Living Water.

December 4, 2011 19:53

Water — the basis of life on Earth. Which allows water to accumulate information and healing properties? How bacteria could survive for millions of years, and whether the person is able to go the same way? Can the water of life to replace the blood, and whether it really is? Discovered the secret of immortality. Secret of longevity. Race of immortals. In search of the living and dead water. NKVD against the SS. Secrets of young 90-year old men and the secrets of the moon drink bestows immortality …

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In Kachkanar tap water stink, and died in the pond crawfish


* 8/28/11 * public utilities have begun to doubt that the reason this — algae.

Residents and officials fix unpleasant musty odor coming from the tap water, and the laboratory of the Center for Hygiene, guided by their own sense of smell, they say that all the indicators — normal.

In parallel, in the pond, according to the divers died massively crayfish. In the field say it is possible because of draining the pond of heavy metals. In Rospotrebnadzor categorically deny this version.

Bad smell of tap water for the first time felt the residents Kachkanar about two

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