Ishtiryakovsky into a fish-pond cemetery. Photo


Photo: STR TRK

26.09.11.Ne dead it — just went to sleep. "… Dead fish — being dependent. Depends entirely on the will of the waves. Dive to a depth of it can not. Yes, even here on the hook to catch the fisherman can not. Completely helpless! She seemed to be shouting — look at me … everything. " These lines Graytser Alexander wrote about the relationship between the individual and the crowd, but they are also suitable for disaster, which occurred last week in the village Ishtiryakovo.

On the bank of the pond Ishtiryakovskogo no fisherman. But

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7.05.12.Azovsky goby washed ashore in Mariupol


7.05.12.Voda in the Azov Sea has not yet reached their record highs, and all the coast near Mariupol already strewn dead calves.

Even environmentalists do not know the reason for such an early plague fish. Usually, this phenomenon is observed in July and August, when the water warms up to 26-28 degrees, and the fish can not stand this heat — killed. Now the temperature of the water off the coast of Mariupol warmed up to 18 degrees.

Source: — site of the city of Donetsk

Weather and climate are forcing residents in full force to leave the country

Hardly notice the increase in sea level in millimeters when you live on the mainland. Another thing — the smallest state, located on the tiny island in the middle of shallow ocean.

The leader of the island nation of Kiribati, located in the south-east of the Pacific Ocean, has expressed extreme concern about water levels. According to the President Anote Tong, global warming makes the island of Kiribati uninhabitable. Knowing disappointing forecasts of climate scientists, people do not associate their future with a country that is gradually disappearing from the map. In addition, advancing, the salt water makes

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Yunnan province is suffering from severe drought

Chinese villagers walk along the dried fields in Iliani. The drought in the province left without drinking water 3.19 million people and 1.58 million head of livestock. Photo: STR / AFP / Getty ImagesYunnan — a province in southwest China, known for its beautiful mountains and clean rivers. Today, as a result of the "great drought" as the Chinese call it, more streams and ponds disappear.

Third consecutive year, the drought of more than 3 million people and 1.6 million heads of livestock in varying degrees are short of water. Because from last winter to this day in some towns

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Up to a third of species will disappear in the rivers, glaciers will melt if

The complete disappearance of glaciers due to global climate change could lead to a loss of 11 to 38% of the freshwater river organisms will suffer the greatest losses ecosystem of mountain streams, according to a study published in the journal Nature Climate Change.

"Ice water, feed the rivers, cold and low in nutrients, so in rivers with glaciers, species composition is not as rich. However, in such conditions have formed the unique ecosystems that are highly susceptible to change and instability," — said one of the authors of the study, of the University of Copenhagen Jacobsen Dean

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Reservoir in the Urals poisoned chemical reagents


9.04.11.Nedaleko from Yekaterinburg to Volchihinskom reservoir there was a big accident.

As the "Echo of Moscow", citing a source in the regional Emergencies Ministry, the release of chemicals observed at water on the river Chusovaya. Now experts establish the incident. To do this, return to the place of emergency Emergency Situations Ministry, prosecutors and environmentalists.

Since Volchihinskoe reservoir supplies water to all of Ekaterinburg and the surrounding area, because of the accident under the threat of poisoning was one of the largest Russian cities. Other details of this serious state of emergency is not reported.



Americans are afraid of flooding

Americans are seriously concerned about the possibility of flooding as a result of their cities raising the water level in seas and oceans due to global warming on our planet. Today, more than 4 million people in the United States from Los Angeles to the East Coast live in homes that can be flooded due to the onset of the ocean, according to Associated Press.

According to experts, the highest risk flood prone residents of American cities like Florida, Louisiana and New York. New York, which were previously considered not susceptible to flooding, according to the calculations

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11.07.12.Gibel fish in the Kaliningrad region



11.07.12.Na reservoirs Kaliningrad region began the tradition, alas, Zamora ichthyofauna.

Days are now are such that at times could not breathe. And not only on land. The water temperature in the Curonian that in Kaliningrad Bay — above twenty degrees. This means that the oxygen in the water is less and less.

Also in hot weather begins abundant flowering notorious blue-green algae, which, in fact, finish the fish completely, "eating" the last vestiges of oxygen. And no wonder that the shores of the bays is now full of dead fish. Then, consider the whole "range" — from

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Flood in the center of Pskov. Picture story


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Photo by Alexey Kobzarev.

On the night of April 8 to 9 in the Great and Pskov began drifting ice, rivers burst their banks, podtopiv all buildings on their shores.

Predictions come true. Such a flood in Pskov was for many years: the city center was flooded — Mirozh monastery Golden Embankment, Finnish park.

Photo by Alexey Kobzarev.

Pskov News Release


Mirozh monastery under water

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China is again suffering from drought. Video


7.05.12.Nekotorye southern Chinese regions suffering from drought. Bad weather caught people off guard Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and the neighboring province of Guizhou. Nearly 700,000 people are affected by an acute shortage of drinking water. Details — in the next chapter.

"May 10, precipitation is expected." Weather forecasters for residents in the south and west of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, sounds like a death sentence. They are sad to look to the north and east of the region — a few days there were heavy rains and hail. If I could drop fell on this parched land! The

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