Authorities conceal the cause of poisoning lakes in Belarus


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15.11.11.Vlasti say that the fish in the lakes area in Glubokoye poisoned by oxygen. They deny the problem, and they say that the water quality — fit, says "Belsat". Local activists disagree with the official response officials, alleging that water chistaya.Za decades enterprises and collective farms so polluted lake Aloizberg that it is impossible to swim and fish, the people said.

In the summer there was a citizens' initiative to protect the lake. Podsvile about 200 residents signed a petition to the deputy of the "chamber of representatives" Vladimir Andreichenko. Residents are asked to

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At SCC in Tomsk, the cases of sewage


24.10.11.Na SCC cases of wastewater. This is what we told the businessman, the owner of Victor Kinev rybozavodnogo economy.

According to him, last week, almost every day SCC dumped sewage into the fuel channel, which connects to the pond rybohozyaystva.

"In the past — especially when, after the deaths of fish started checking at SCC — discharges occurred less frequently. And here almost every day, the water is then brown, then yellow.

Run, close the gate, just in case that did not die young of trout, then opens again. This time the delivery of trout from Khakassia and

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After the floods in Australia fell unusual hot snow

Flooding that occurred recently in the south-eastern part of Australia, forced thousands of residents to leave their homes and evacuate the period of threat. When the inhabitants of the province of South Wales have returned to their towns and villages, they did not recognize the scenery. Everything was white, as in the winter. On closer examination revealed that the lawns and parks covered with snow-white linen solid web. Biologists immediately give an explanation. The fact that the water is not only saved people. Hordes of spiders, instinctively, moved inland, to protect themselves from the water. This happens often, but the

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After the earthquake in Nevers went white water


19.10.11.Posle earthquake villagers Bolshoy Never Skovorodinsky area remained without proper drinking water.

After strong aftershocks from the local water intake went white — as it turned out, the groundwater were lime impurities. Local residents are not at risk to use a liquid for food, so drinking water to bring them out of the district center, said Amur Pravda.

Bolshoy Never was almost at the epicenter of the earthquake that occurred last Friday. "Tremors" force 5.9 nevertsev left many without utensils, and some — no stoves, and, as it turned out, the whole village — without proper drinking water.

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Every tenth in the world have nothing to drink

Drinking water is not enough to provide an ever-growing world population, according to UN experts

In the near future, humanity may face an acute shortage of drinking water. This announcement was made today in France, which launched the World Water Forum, under the auspices of the United Nations (UN). According to the report, the problem has become so urgent that it is necessary to radically change the approach to its solution.

The study authors called several reasons for this, among them — a radical climate change the world, as well as the growth of the world population, which, as

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Beijing settles because of the excessive use of groundwater

Beijing is one of the largest cities in the world of consumer groundwater resources. Two-thirds of tap water in the city comes from the ground. As a result of the excessive use of groundwater beneath the city, hazardous void area over two thousand square meters. As reported by the Chinese edition Powered by Discuz, the water table under Beijing from 12 meters in 1999, fell to an average of 24 meters in 2010, creating a void space area 2650 square meters. meters.

Large-scale use of groundwater in the Chinese capital began after a major drought in 1972.

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The Migration XXI Century

February 9, 2013 13:23

The power of man today is obvious. The click of a few buttons, he is able to destroy all life on Earth. However, this power and limited. While we can not prevent droughts or catastrophic flood or volcanic eruption, earthquake, tsunami … The consequences of them are always the same: in addition to the death of many people, large areas of land are unsuitable for further accommodation, and that involves the migration of peoples . And it is very possible that they will come to another country is not in hand, begging for

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Scientists have found the oxygen in space

In space, able to detect ice and water.

NASA scientists have discovered oxygen in the atmosphere of Saturn's moon Dione.

The finding, the researchers said, supports the theory that the atmosphere of most satellites of gas giants Jupiter and Saturn contain oxygen.

University of London Professor Andrew Coates said that Dion is not detected signs of water and, therefore, it is not suitable for living.

"However, — said the scientist — the other satellites could detect the presence of ice and water, and it means that there can be discovered life form. So,

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Floods left homeless 13,000 residents of New South Wales

Flood that covered nearly three-quarters of the Australian state of New South Wales, continues to advance, according to ITAR-TASS.

The number of state residents who were forced to flee their homes, more than 13,000 people. Two thousand were isolated on formed as a result of the water level islands land. In just the previous night telephone service received more than 1,700 rescue calls.

The most dramatic situation is in located 450 kilometers south-west of Sydney in Wagga Wagga, where more than 57,000 people.

River flows through the city Murrumbidgee so filled with rain water, which threatens to break the

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The famous glacier collapsed in front of tourists

In the Argentine national park went into the water of the glacier Perito Moreno.

Many visitors Argentine National Park Los Glasyares witnessed an impressive spectacle. Part of the famous Perito Moreno glacier collapsed into the water in front of hundreds of tourists.

The glacier area of 250 square kilometers moving at two meters a day. From time to time the Perito Moreno blocks a nearby lake and forms a natural dam, said NTV.

The water level rises sharply and starts to press with great force to the ice wall. As a result, the natural dam collapses. A huge

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