In southern China from drought dried hundreds of rivers

Drought does not end in the southern Chinese province of Yunnan. Currently, there are already hundreds of dried rivers and reservoirs, as well as much of the crop. Millions of peasants are experiencing water shortages.

According to the information, which was announced on February 29 held in Kunming meeting on measures to combat the effects of drought, all 112 weather stations of Yunnan record drought varying degrees.

Kuhn Chuychzhu, deputy governor of the province, said that as a result of a three-year drought in the province 273 dry river completely dry 413 small reservoirs.

In addition, the drought has

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Flooding in Australia came close to Sydney

Flooding in Australia, which arose due to heavy rains on Friday right up close to Sydney. On Friday late evening the water level is located approximately 65 kilometers to the west of the city reservoir Uarragamba exceeded permissible levels, resulting in dam gates opened automatically and the water of the rivers and the Hawkesbury Nepean rushed to the Pacific.

To date, almost 75% of the territory of New South Wales have either flooded or are at risk of flooding. By area, it is comparable with the territory of France, but the Australian state, of course, is much less

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94 people were victims of floods in China. Video


Last updated v

15.06.11.Neprekraschayuschiesya rains have caused severe flooding and landslides in the central and southern provinces of China. The level of local rivers rose by more than 5 meters.

More than fifty thousand people have fled their homes in search of refuge. Element killed more than a hundred chelovek.Po forecasters predicted heavy rains in some areas last until the end of the week.

Source: Channel PIC

12.06.11.Do 94 people has increased the death toll from heavy rains and floods in central China and the south of the country, 78 are missing. For the current week,

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Subsidence and karst holes in China

Subsidence has affected 50 cities

February 22. As reported on Monday, China Central Television for more than 50 cities in China are in a zone of extensive land subsidence.

Plot of land of about 79 thousand square kilometers fell by more than 200 millimeters, said Zhang Zuozen, Vice President of the China Geological Institute for environmental monitoring.

He also added that, mainly subsidence occurs in the Yangtze River Delta in the north and the plains, covering the north Chinese province of Shaanxi and northwestern Shaanxi province.

According to the report, damage to buildings, bridges, underground utilities and drainage

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Sunset Mayan cause mild drought

Relatively weak drought may have been enough to put an end to the classic Mayan civilization, which flourished about 950 AD in what is now southern Mexico and Guatemala. Scientists have long believed that the decline of the Maya could be caused by a strong drought conditions.

However, the study of British and Mexican researchers show that the decline in rainfall of 25-40% was enough to drain the seasonal sources of fresh water in the region.

Work carried out by the Yucatán Center for Scientific Research in cooperation with the University of Southampton, published in the journal Science.

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In Minusinsk began flooding


5.03.11.V this year Minusinka river began to bother residents living on the street in Chapaev "Metalist" especially early. Some people today have to lift their stocks from underground, where there is water. Specialists blocked the channel in the upper reaches of the river, so it is unclear why the flooding began.


"Minusinskuyu urban economy" covers every channel in the upper reaches of the river, preventing flooding of the city. "The other day was the big opening in the upper Minusinki — the director of the company Sergey Nechayev — The study found that the water is

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River in the Tuva burst its banks after the earthquake and threatens village

February 26, 2012.Mergen Naledevye River water overflowed from the earthquake in Tuva — they move to one of the villages in the Kaa-Khem district, RIA Novosti reported.

"Here come naledevye water in the river near the village of Mergen Saryg-Sep. Mergen village itself a result of operational actions on ice for now managed to protect, but the water goes to the village Saryg-Sep", — stated in the MOE.

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Philippines: Multiple failures of soil

Big failure on the farm in Dumanjug (Google Map), Cebu continues to attract onlookers from neighboring towns Barili and Ronda.

Sinkhole located in barangay Camboang (Barangay — The smallest unit in the administrative division in the Philippines, the analog block, district, county — approx. Translator), Has approximate dimensions of 10 meters wide and almost 4 meters in depth.

The authorities claim that the situation is under control, as it is likely to increase.

Leading geologists believe that the water produced at the bottom of the pit, can be water underground river.

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and

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Inexplicable phenomenon in the Irkutsk puddle

November 8, 2012 18:36

Name of news may seem ridiculous, but what you will see in the video, it's really something special. How do you explain not imagine. The impression is that the water affects the object that is not visible. At the end of the video object increases and issues on water gourmet twist.

Drought in London

London and the surrounding counties declared a drought. The reason for this was the decrease in water resources due to lack of rainfall. In the most dangerous areas in the south and south-east of the UK. In order to somehow save water, eliminating leaks in the water system. Soon, in the most affected areas may prohibit the use of hoses for car washing and for irrigation.

Forecasters make pessimistic predictions: at the drought may include other counties.

Source: Channel Peak


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