When will sink America

Sea levels around New York abnormally increased U.S. scientists reported a surprising phenomenon: the sea level at the north-eastern coast of the U.S. over the past few decades is growing 3-4 times faster than the world at large. These are the conclusions of experts Geological Surveying and Mapping USA. This coastal strip is located, in particular, New York, Boston, Baltimore and Philadelphia.

What is the cause of this strange phenomenon? According to scientists, most likely to blame for the Gulf Stream. Typically, the level of water in the center of 1-2 meters higher than the U.S. shores. The fact that

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Scientists have found traces of flood 6500 years ago, inundating Siberia

February 21. Siberian scientists have shown that about 6.5 thousand years ago in Western Siberia a catastrophic flood caused by the breakthrough of lakes in the Pamirs, and found evidence for a possible recurrence of such incidents in the future, according to RIA Novosti, Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics (IPGG) SB RAS Sergey Guskov.

According to him, the study of bottom sediments of lakes Chany system in the Novosibirsk region were found shell of one of the simplest types of marine organisms — foraminifera, which can not live in fresh water and it quickly dies. Radiocarbon dating,

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In the Yellow Sea, the North Korean ship sank


Photo from Lenta.ru

1.01.11.Dva people were killed and at least 15 were missing as a result of a shipwreck in the Yellow Sea, reports on Saturday agency "Xinhua". Registered in North Korea 69-meter cargo ship "Kang Bong" sank during a violent storm, 120 miles off the coast of the Chinese province of Jiangsu.

Shipwreck occurred on Friday morning local time, after the water has penetrated into the room of the ship. At the scene, rescue workers immediately went to the Chinese, who managed to lift out of the water alive three sailors and the bodies of two

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In Australia — flood or crocodiles


Storm "Tash" brought to Australia floods

Tasha 27.12.10.Tropichesky storm caused severe flooding in the north-east of mainland Australia, flooded several towns in Queensland.

Townsville, Mackay and Rockhampton in the last 24 hours have been heavy rains, the river, over the banks, flooded roads and bridges, isolating these cities.

According to a representative of the local authorities, town Ingham upstate water element will be cut from the outside world for several days.

Specialists monitor the water level, so that you time to evacuate. No injuries were reported.

Water from the Dawson River has flooded at least eight houses

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Dead zones oceans will expand

Federal Institute of Technology Zurich completed, the purpose of which was to analyze the content of oxygen in the waters of the oceans. Scientists fear confirmed. Oxygen content of the water in some areas of the ocean dropped. These conclusions are partly explained by the appearance on the beaches of the north-eastern Pacific Ocean a huge number of dead fish, shrimp and shellfish. Scientists have applied to the marine fauna of the term "air hunger", suggesting that some of the marine animals die from suffocation because the sea water contains too little of a vital element — oxygen. This is

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Red estuary

"Everything is under control" — tell us not to chiefs of different levels due to dusting of red mud. But villagers Lima, callers to the office, with this statement does not agree. "Officials are just euthanized your alertness distraction. And you come to us, see for yourself what is happening to the estuary. " And off we went.

Have left the Ship area — no dust, roadside clean. Then he turned off the road before arriving in Lima and went down to the water. What we expect to see? Ice on the estuary, wavy and transparent. Or dull, but the

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Death of fish in the river Samara


11.10.11.My already reported mass death of fish in the village of Samara Pavlograd district and that the Commission, with the participation of representatives of regional environmental services to find out who is guilty of what happened, and calculated the loss caused to the state.

Now what happened to emergency law enforcement prosecuted. One would think that after this tragedy on the river Samara should not be repeated. But it took only two weeks, and on 1 October rybinspektoru Igor Vrabie one fisherman said, again in the village of Samara whole river from 9 am become as white as milk.

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Water tornado in New Zealand

February 16. Rare natural phenomenon observed the inhabitants of New Zealand. Oakland swept the suburbs powerful water spout.

According podrobnosti, despite a terrible view, water tornado caused no damage.

Storm Water — a kind of tornado. It is formed when the vortex passes over the water surface. And disappears when the lower part of a tornado touching the ground.

Source: Meteoprog

08.08.12.Indiya: Thousands of dead fish in the lake Nigen



08.08.12.Tysyachi fish died Nigen lake near the town of Srinagar, which apparently was due to a sudden change of weather conditions over the past 48 hours, official sources said yesterday.

Dead fish covered the surface of the lake, where there are luxury houseboats for tourists. Residents who live around the lake, they say that they have never seen this phenomenon before.

Press Secretary of the Department of Fisheries said the fish kill occurred, in all probability, due to the reduction of oxygen in the water and the sharp fluctuations in temperature in the lake. He assured that

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Element in the southern Urals. Video


29.07.11.Moschny storm front with strong winds last night left without electricity for more than a thousand residents and Argayashsky Kunashak areas.

11 emergency repair teams Chelyabenergo the morning repairing works.

Affected by the disaster Hospital of Kyshtym — flooded surgical unit. Canceled planned operations. Under the threat of stopping work hemodialysis. If this happens, the patient will be sent to the Chelyabinsk regional hospital.

Because of the element may be affected and scanner. The building where it is located, being roofing. The roof was opened, the protective elements can not stand the pressure of the water, and the

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