Synevir Lake: The most mysterious attraction Carpathians shrouded in legend

August 9, 2012 11:16

Wooden statues on the far bank — figures Sini Vir and legends about the origin of the lake. Lovers believe they bring good luck in marriage. Photo by the author.

This is the largest and most beautiful mountain lake in Carpathians. During its original form it had received another name — "Sea Eye". A bird's-eye lake looks like a bottomless blue eyes: clear water around — green thicket forests, and in the middle of the water surface — a small island.

989 meters above sea level

Local historians say that Synevir about 10,000 years.

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In the People's Republic of China is one of the most amazing nature reserves on the planet — Huanglong (born Huanglong), which translates from Chinese as "yellow dragon". The reserve is located in Sichuan Province, one of the local high mountains.

Huanglong, therefore, rises above the sea level by about three and a half kilometers. The reserve covers an area of 21,000 square meters. It is home to many exotic species of animals, many of which are registered in the Red Book. These include sychuanskiezolotye monkeys. However, the main advantage

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South Greece swept flood

While the north of Greece collapsed abnormal snowfall in the south began to flood. In the administrative area of the Peloponnese, in particular — in the town of Pyrgos and around archaeological sites of Olympia, a state of emergency. In some mountainous areas, there landslides.

[Resident of the town of Pyrgos]"There was a lot of water, people are trying to figure out how to escape, but the water was coming, could only pray for salvation."

According to police, a small village near Piraeus killed 82-year-old woman. She could not get out of the house, in which the water

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In the search for life

Probably not in the history of the search for extraterrestrial life more serious topic than the issue of life on the Red Planet $ $

"Is there life on Mars, if there is life on Mars — Science unknown" this aphorism from the popular comedy "Carnival Night", it accurately reflects our level of knowledge of the presence of living organisms on the planet, a neighbor. But in the near future the situation may change. Spacecraft "Kyuriositi" morning August 6 landed on Mars.

Mythical civilization?

History of close study of the Red Planet began in 1877. That's when

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Village near Moscow drank formaldehyde


27.06.11.V Orekhovo-Zuyevo suburbs environmental accident occurred: from the overturned truck turned almost a ton of technical formaldehyde. Poisonous substance has got into the groundwater and poisoned wells.

Alarm announced only a week later, the locals do not drink the poisoned water, but they continue to wash it and watering gardens, while the authorities decide what to do.

Several men stand on the outskirts of the village Davydovo Orekhovo-Zuyevo district and try not to breathe through the mouth. But a sharp sour-sweet smell still scores nose, causing severe burning. "I brewed green tea, and it was purple. I poured the

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The world is facing a shortage of fresh water


LONDON, June 14. / Itar-TASS Makarchev /. Nearly one billion people by 2050 will experience a significant and chronic shortage of drinking water and fresh water. With such a forecast made by American scientists from the organization Natural Conservancy.

They concluded that the most severe water situation will be created in cities. Among the countries and regions where the growing problem of water shortages will reach the highest level, experts from the U.S. called the Central China, East India, the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa and West Africa, East Africa, the central areas of Mexico, and the central part of

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We present new evidence for the existence of an ancient ocean on Mars

Com is growing evidence to suggest that Mars once (about 3 billion years ago) was full of water — ground water, lakes, rivers, hot springs — and, according to some models, even boasted its own ocean in the northern hemisphere.

Last hotly disputes. Even scientists who believe in the existence of the ocean, can not decide whether it was warm or cold.

Topographic map of Mars, made apparatus Mars Global Surveyor. The blue color indicates the lowest of which is likely to have been covered ocean. New data MARSIS radar spacecraft Mars Express Orbiter, according to Jeremy Mougins

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New Atlantis immersed




If ocean levels will continue to rise, some of the islands and the coast at risk of being under water. From India to the islands in the Pacific Ocean, from the United States to Europe: no continent is immune in the next decade from the hazards associated with

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Temple Kbal Spean. Cambodia. Valley of a Thousand Ling

In a remote place of Cambodia is one of its most important tourist attractions — Temple Kbal Spean, located under the water, which is sometimes called the Valley of thousands ling. From April to October, this place has nothing very special — here runs pretty deep river filled with moisture of the rainy season.

But in November, when the river level drops significantly, from water on a stretch of 300 meters along the course beginning to emerge stone carvings of Hindu gods — a total of 1,000 (the number of

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What is the temperature of ice in the Arctic?

Thermometers length of about 800 m "set" the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica, and now they will provide information about the world and the sea ice temperature, so you can keep track of climate change and its impact on the surrounding continent. Used new technology allows to do what was previously impossible to record continuous temperature data in and under the ice shelf.

Ice shelves are used as "stoppers" that hold large glaciers in West Antarctica from sliding into the ocean, and thus, do not give rise to sea level. Therefore podtaivanie ice shelf from below under the

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