Homes can not be saved: flood showed all his might at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur

September 3, 2013. In the area of Komsomolsk-on-Amur, a breach in the dam water flooded one of the suburbs, in danger of flooding was another locality. Rescuers urgently evacuated from the danger zone of hundreds of people.

Around the Komsomolsk-on-Amur continue to build the dam. They are becoming higher as the water level in the river. The village is named after Mendeleev, is one of the areas of the city, directly on the beach. Some of the houses here are not saved, the people were evacuated. The mound — the only thing that protects against flooding of those

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World Ocean acidification threatens

World Ocean acidification threatens Facts

The high level of pollution of the oceans can cause accelerated oxidation of sea water with unknown consequences of science. At the moment, the process is faster than in any other period in the last 300 billion years. The consequences could be far more disastrous than what happened after the fall of the asteroid and mass eruptions in prehistoric times.

After reviewing hundreds of paleokeanograficheskih samples, scientists from the U.S., UK, Spain, Netherlands and Germany came to the conclusion that the history of the planet only once during Pozdnepaleotsenovogo thermal maximum (56 million years ago),

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Flooding in the desert

Flooding in the desert Natural Disasters

In one of the driest places on the planet, in the Atacama desert, fell a record share of rainfall, provoking a flood. Flows of dirty boiling water up to 2 meters high flooded the northern Chilean city of San Pedro de Atacama and Tonokao. Generally, any water flow, come down from the peaks of the Andes, by the evaporation turns into a trickle or completely disappears without reaching the limits of these cities. Almost all the water is absorbed by the salt marsh Salar de Atacama, located at an altitude of 244 meters below

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Flooding in the Maldives

May 15, 2013. A powerful storm suddenly flown to the Maldives, has caused flooding in one of the groups of islands and small atoll Fuvahmulah neighboring atolls. The water in some parts of the coast has risen by 6 meters and above. Other Maldives also suffered from Surges waves caused by storm wind with a speed of 70 km / h There were flooded agricultural crops.

Typically, these severe storms and flooding caused by the wave of small islands extensive property damage, food shortages and other inconveniences. The Maldives atoll Thinadhoo and Gaafu Dhaalu-exactly what happened. Valuable for the local

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Ladder rungs of 3500 in India



Incredibly beautiful artificial ladder in India, consisting of 3,500 steps, which allow people to go down to get water all year round. Despite the open architecture of the temperature at the bottom of the well is less than 5.5 S.

It is made of dark volcanic stone porous, allowing water to seep through the walls and the floor, as well as replenishing with rain water from above. The object of the classical Hindu architecture with 1,200 years of

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Hydrogen sulfide instead of water Kashirinykh Perm

November 24. Villagers KASHIRINA Kungurskoye area for 400 years live without water. Drinking carry out of the city, and the process water from the well is only good for household needs. In connection with the commissioning of a new well, the water ran out of it black with the smell of hydrogen sulfide. Now, it does not wash, no cattle not drink it. The authorities do not try to change things, and people are now Cows and bring the city water!

The village KASHIRINA water never was. According to the water supply, which is fed to the well, running

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Climate Refugees Alaska: entire villages disappearing under water

May 14, 2013. The number of refugees who were forced to leave their homes due to climate change, growing inexorably. In Alaska, entire villages were threatened with extinction — localities are covered with water, and their inhabitants flee from their villages, becoming the first American "climate refugees."

Formally, the refugees are considered people who have left their homelands due to extraordinary circumstances such as war, persecution or harassment. But because of climatic changes.

In the meantime, more and more people become "climate refugees": Alaska entire villages to flee their homes to escape climate change.

Newtok residents, the village in

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The flight to other worlds — eyewitness


Sometimes there are accidents that baffled even seasoned investigators of anomalous phenomena. One such incident was the flight to an unknown planet Volga stalker, many years exploring the anomalous zone "Medveditskaya ridge."

Fifty-year-Valery Moskaliev led expeditionary force "Volga-Kosmopoisk" and every year for a few weeks lost in the Zone, becoming the kind of people here stalker, like the hero of the Strugatsky. As a true stalker, he sees a lot out there, with many confusing meeting face to face. He carries on the extraordinary scene

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River floods in the northern U.S.

May 18, 2013. Heavy rains returned to the northern plains and become a threat for flooding of the Red River of the North and its tributaries. Spreading the storm in the northern plains this weekend will also be accompanied by heavy rains in the area from the Dakotas to Minnesota.

Meteorologists predict some places up to 10 inches of rain through Monday in Fargo, Symposium and other cities in North Dakota.

The heaviest rains will pass along the Red River and its tributaries, so that floods the local people can not be avoided.

Data about the time when

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The success of the Russian mission in Antarctica

The success of the Russian mission in Antarctica Facts

Participating in friendly competition with British and American scientists, February 8, 2012 the first Russian explorers have succeeded in its 20-year mission to drill Antarctic ice to reach the prehistoric Lake Vostok, hidden under the ice for more than 14 million years. Scientists were able to extract 40 liters of water to be studied.

In Antarctica is about 90% ice and 70% of the fresh water on Earth. The third largest continent can be compared to the U.S., increased by half. More than 200 subglacial lakes found in the depths of

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