Underground sources can double the area floods

Underground sources can double the area floods Scientists prove

Scientists from the University of Hawaii at Manoa have found that in addition to the usual threat of flooding low-lying places, coming from the oceans and rivers, with the increase in global sea level increases the likelihood that flooding will be challenged by underground springs. On the example of Honolulu, you can see that the flooding of the city from the ground is twice stronger than by sea water.

If the sea level continues to rise and will increase to 1 meter, 10% of the densely populated coastal areas

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Venice and southern Italy flooded after rains

Venice and southern Italy after rains flooded Natural Disasters

Flooding in Venice turns into a real natural disaster. The water level in the streets of 1.49 m above the normal level channels. Tourists and local residents had difficulty walking in Venice, sometimes they even have to wear shoes on their feet from the homemade plastic bags and bottles.

A new wave of flooding was the result of a cyclone over the weekend came from the Adriatic Sea. According to experts, the "Aqua Alta" current fall was the sixth in danger since 1872, as 70% of Venice is under

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On the effect of earthquakes on global warming

July 31, 2013. Studies conducted by a team of scientists from Germany and Switzerland, have shown that taking place under a layer of ocean water earthquakes contribute to the increase of global temperatures on the planet.

This effect arises from undersea earthquakes because earthquakes disturb the vast reserves of methane, resting in the depths of the ocean. Collects more than one millennium to the ocean floor methane, a major greenhouse gases of the atmosphere, is released from the deep storage and wanders out of the water into the air. Such a process has been launched in Pakistan 70 years ago,

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The good news is that Greenland is melting, but slowly

The good news is that Greenland is melting, but slowly Scientists prove

Greenland ice melting is accelerating, and 2012 could be a record in terms of thawing ice cap on record. Since this process plays a significant role in raising global sea level and climate change, the planet, followed closely watching dozens of groups of scientists. Indeed, Greenland continues to melt. But as scientists have found the University of Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana, in the winter on the island of thawing is always accompanied by the freezing of the water, which did not manage to escape into the ocean and

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Flooding in Haiti

Flooding in Haiti, Natural disasters

In the city of Cap-Haitien on the north coast of Haiti Islands was a flood, which killed about 16 people, three of them were children. Flooding occurred suddenly, and many dead were not able to withstand the gushing water on the streets unsettled poor suburb of the capital of the Northern Department of Haiti. Due to flooding at the same time killed four people, who were members of the same family. The corpses of some islanders floated in the streets. Rescuers estimated water damage is extremely difficult, because there were all flooded residential neighborhoods of

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From Lake Titicaca to the Mekong Delta

The legendary Lake Titicaca, located at an altitude of 3,800 meters between Peru and Bolivia dries, while Vietnam is becoming a victim of melting of Himalayan snow and thousands of kilometers of the Mekong Delta will soon be under water.

The transition from fish to potatoes

Over the last ten years, the water surface of Lake Titicaca is rapidly declining. Land are approximately 5,000 acres, and only the beginning of November the water level dropped by 80 cm Residents of this region live in extreme poverty, and they are now in danger of extinction fisheries. Replace fishing livestock or

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Drought in China has left without water for more than 3 million people

August 15, 2013. In June, the 11 provinces of China established a severe drought. Since then, the natural disaster affected more than 27 million people. Direct economic losses to date is estimated at 12 billion yuan (about U.S. $ 2 billion).

The drought has caused shortages of drinking water. As of August 13, the difficulties experienced with the water for more than 3 million people in Hunan province in central China. Over the past two weeks, it increased by two million people.

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In addition, the province set

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Worse to come: the Far East is a cyclone and flood wave

August 16, 2013. Flooding in the Far East, the damage of which can still be counted in the coming days could turn into an even more serious flooding. In the border regions of China and the Maritime expected arrival of the cyclone, which will bring rains, so that experts expect a rise in water level and predict flooding a number of major cities in the region.

At this point in the Far East flooded 4,644 houses, and only in the Amur region — 4383, in the Jewish Autonomous Region — 244 residential buildings, in the Khabarovsk Territory — 11. Total

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Niamh cyclone reached India

Niamh cyclone reached India Natural Disasters

Floods in Andhra Pradesh have caused significant damage in low-lying areas and become deadly for residents in several areas. The number of victims of the incidents related to heavy precipitation, rising to 17 people. According to official sources, the water has destroyed more than 1,240 homes and caused damage to crops, significantly impair a 2.5 million hectares of land. The most vulnerable crop was paddy.

Flood has damaged 495 km of roads, 406 km of drainage facilities, 107 km of water pipes, 36 municipal buildings and 10,882 street lights. About fifty felled

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Flooding in Slovenia

Flooding in Slovenia Natural Disasters

Heavy rains have caused flooding hundreds of homes and commercial buildings in the north-east of Slovenia. Suffered the most on Duplek, located 130 km north-east of the capital Ljubljana. It is reported that the water were more than 250 town homes, and domestic animals belonging to five local farms, had to urgently evacuate.

After the Drava river flooding and waterlogging of Mr. Meza was Dravograd, located in the north-east of Ljubljana, 113 kilometers away. Almost a day the city was cut off from the world, because no way around it was not functioning.

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