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Revolution on the surface (large lowland river).

It has long been customary artificial lures imitate fish prey items, but over the years people have not only improved the bait, but also to adapt them to different ways of hunting interest of his species. Picking methods and techniques catching fish feeding during the day, in the water column as well as on the surface. He invented catchability bait to tempt predators, as well as those species that only occasionally hunted for small living organisms. In many places of the world the number of those wishing to catch a trophy predator has become so large that the natural water

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Australian landscape designer Phillip Johnson takes the prestigious

Chelsea Flower Show by storm

The 2013 Trailfinders Australian Garden, presented by Fleming’s and designed by Phillip Johnson of Phillip Johnson Landscapes, was awarded the Best in Show medal at the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society’s 2013 Chelsea Flower Show. The design was inspired by Phillip’s family holidays in the Grampians in western Victoria and features a strong environmental theme encompassing water conservation and sustainability. The remarkable design took home not only the highly coveted Best in Show medal, but also a gold medal for the inventive and sustainable design.

«Being involved in

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Bees and horses

At school bee apiary Vorobyevsky July 2, 1950 there was a case of mass stinging bees horses.

At two o’clock in the afternoon I came on duty the cadets to the apiary. We stopped at the usual place, two hundred meters from the apiary — on the hill. Flight of bees was in the valley on both sides of the hill. Within half an hour the horses peacefully grazing, as usual, but as soon as the sun has found a cloud of bees rushed steppe beams not only, but also through the hillock, where the horses were grazing, and attacked

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Making the water in the air

One stroke put an end to the drought in one place and dampness -In FRIEND. Thirty years ago, scientists in the USSR and other departments are considering the seeming fantastic offer author of this article, and found it deserves attention and further development. BECAUSE THEN CASE stalled, WANT AGAIN bring it to the attention of readers.

Sorry to start with elementary truths: the lack of water in the Central Asian republics greatly limits the further development of agricultural production where large areas of fertile land; decline in the Caspian Sea, because of the use of the Volga runoff

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Gerry and Susan Goldwyre’s home — a converted Victorian water tower on the outskirts of Edinburgh — must surely be one of the most unusual residences in Britain. Yet they found it quite by accident.

‘Susan spotted it in the newspaper one day, and as she read out the details, I could already see the completed conversion in my mind’s eye,’ recalls Gerry, who is an architect by profession. ‘It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a spectacular home. ‘I think lots of people liked the idea of living in the tower but were put off by the sheer scale

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UNDER WATER, not to blow

In order to avoid disaster to clean and repair the oil reservoir should be under water — not without reason to believe the inventor of Tomsk RL Buhtarenko

Leaky gas tank of the car. It would eka prodigy — poured gasoline, cleaning cloth yes podvaril place. Hardly syschetsya so quick to hand repairman. Rinse tank need to dry, blow, not the rest of it as gasoline vapors rush that you can stay without hands. But in the tank is only a few tens of liters of fuel was to drain. Well talk about an oil reservoir with a capacity

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Ivankovskoe reservoir has long been one of the popular places for fishing competitions at various levels. The reason is simple: First, it is located relatively close to Moscow — the intersection of the main routes of the modern land and air transport, and secondly, even when a relative proximity to the capital of the local nature is not experiencing such a powerful anthropogenic impact as other reservoirs near Moscow. In this case the role played and the consent of the hotel complex «Konakovo River Club» to take their possessions in a large group of anglers, who were to find

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Getting into hot water

Domestic solar energy comes in two forms: electricity from collected light and heat from collected light. One excites electrons until they warm up, die other pops them down a wire. You use those electrons arriving at the other end of your wire to excite others until they warm up. Bodi methods will heat a hot water cylinder.

Whichever way you collect solar energy, you need to store it until it’s wanted. In a passive-solar house the store is the thermal-mass which holds the excited electrons in an insulated floor or interior walls. With solar-electric panels — which I’ll hereafter refer

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TO toxic waste production does not turn into a time bomb must be reliably buried. Relatively simple and economical way




Water collected on the ground, maybe a hundred years ago, slowly seeping through the Great Filter — soil and porous rocks and accumulate in large underground aquifers, free from any chemical and bacteriological contaminants. This drink water safely. But if we safely bury toxic waste petrochemical industries, we can lose an invaluable source of drinking water. Somewhere toxic substances that dumped many years ago, it was considered the safest way are

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CAUTION: Ladoga!

…In the old brick gate Priozersk pulp mill visible blue-green emblem of the city, as it embodies the cool blue of Lake Ladoga and green centuries-old pine trees. Indeed, Priozersk one of the most beautiful cities in the Karelian Isthmus. Thick healthy air, mushrooms and berries in the surrounding forests, golden sandy beaches of Lake Ladoga attract thousands of tourists. The very same Ladoga hardly needs epithets. Even the experts do not cease to surprise a rare purity of the lake. Every year, scientists have conducted research here, studying the properties of Europe’s largest freshwater reservoir. In the silence

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