Reverse osmosis system for laboratories Nemo



"Ekosoft" is a reverse osmosis systemEcosoft 1500 NemoLaboratory — a compact model in a closed cabinet with a high-performance membrane.

Ecosoft 1500 Nemo is connected to a conventional water supply and produces demineralized water of consistent quality for obshchelaboratornykh needs.

System Performance — 6 times higher than in laboratory distillation.

Purified water quality can be used for the preparation of buffers and reagent solutions, rinsing dishes, filling water baths, autoclaves, food, steam generators, pressure washers, reactors. Perhaps getting deeply demineralized water when the optional filter.

Ecosoft 1500

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At Uglich power plant installed water meter

During the overhaul of the GA number 1 on hydropower installed water discharge measurements — the latest equipment, which allows to monitor the flow of water through the turbine in real time, and to determine the flow rate for any length of time.

Previously, this was done by calculation, that took some time and did not give a completely accurate data. This project was undertaken as part of the research work "Development of instrumental and technical control of water accounting for HPP" held of "NIIES." Uglich hydroelectric power station — the

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Innovative Plumbing

Sanitary device InnoSan — winner of Innovation

At the conference "Energy Security and Climate — a new priority of state policy" organized by the magazine «Facility manager» 16-17 May 2013, in a competition for the best energy-saving equipment was recognized as the winner of the project InnoSan.

Few would dispute that at present familiar to us from childhood sanitary device for a toilet (in common parlance, "toilet") is the most archaic of all household appliances (since 1775 significant changes in the design of this device is not shown). At the same

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In the Amur River in the released sazanchikov

The other day in the Zeya River near the village of Krasnoyarova released 210,000 young carp. 

— Issue is made as compensation for damage to water biological resources of the Amur region gold mining organizations — explain the Amur ohotupravlenii. — While in previous years it was not clear what compensation funds are spent, it is now established procedure for calculating damages in physical quantities and the organization itself has to worry where to take fish-stocking material and to ensure, in accordance with the calculation.

Carp fry of gold miners gained

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New heroes Empire

"Avoid those who are trying to undermine your self-confidence. This trait is characterized by small people. A great man, by contrast, inspires you the feeling that you can become great. "

(C) Mark Twain

It’s time to stop cultivating the spirit of hopelessness and despair! …

As you know, a great many so-called "Russian media" is now heavily dependent on grants from foreign countries hostile to us. Therefore, they inspire people view his disability, we are stuffed "porn" criminal "seamy side", paintings of decline. In short — kill spiritually. Judging from the news

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New water held in the satellite city of Perm

Construction of inter-municipal water supply Perm-Krasnokamsk cost 348 million rubles completed in the Perm region, a satellite town of the regional center will provide a reliable source of water, according to the regional administration.

Krasnokamsk city on the right bank of the Kama River below Perm stream periodically left without water — the only source of a river. According to authorities, the issue was about a quarter century. After one of the biggest failures in February 2010, when more than 50,000 residents were left without water for three days, the authorities took up the issue seriously change

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On Karmanovskaya GES (Bashkiria) released into the reservoir ton


Karmanovskaia plant (branch of LLC "Bashkir Generation Company") held its annual process of stocking the reservoir, which serves to cool the circulating water plant.

In the presence of a special committee, which includes representatives of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Belarus, Bashkir generating company and Karman‘s fish farm, the pond was issued more than 1 ton of fry and fingerlings of grass carp and silver carp — only about 20,000 fishes.

Energy carried stocking Karman reservoir more than 15 years. On the one hand, it

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In p. Tulagino (Yakutia) completed the construction of a farm for 800 heads

At the moment, the first stage of construction. The building complex was built. Finish the work on the construction zhizhesbornika, boiler, water intake, feed department. It remains to reconcile documents summarizing communications (electricity, water, gas) and make a number of improvements, including the installation of technological equipment.

It will contain the Altai breed cows. They are selected and are awaiting transportation back home. The first batch of heifers, 200 goals, is expected in early October.

Jobs on the farm get 20 people.

OJSC Turboatom shipped guiding device for Zelenchukskaya hydro-pumped storage (Russia)

In August, "Turboatom" has shipped a guiding device for a reversible hydraulic machine type ORI 230-B-221 Zelenchukskaya hydro-pumped storage (station number 3).


Guide unit adjusts the water flow through the pump-turbine and terminates the access of water to the impeller and the water supply to the upper reservoir. Structurally it is designed cylindrical type with blades 20 to five. The structure of the guide apparatus includes: a cover pump-turbine governing and bottom rings, blades rotating machinery, etc. The blades are controlled by two servo motors through the mechanisms of the blades and the control ring.

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On the Russian oilfield earned a unique set of

The company "RMNTK-thermal system" successfully completed the installation and commissioning work on the Russian field (Yamal). Put into operation a unique mobile complex pumping the heated and highly mineralized water bottom to displace the heavy oil.

The staff of "thermal systems" have already started pumping the heated agent — Cenomanian water — in the injection well in the pilot projects. The set of equipment consists of a modular plant discharge displacement agent under high pressure capacity of 1.9 megawatts of heat source to heat the reservoir water, oil treatment for burning. Equipment unique for its combination of

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