In Nyagan (Yugra) built a station potable water

In Nyagan began testing a new water treatment plant that the city waited for 13 years. The commissioning of the filtration room will solve the problem with the quality of drinking water.  The absence of a complex wastewater treatment plant — one of the most urgent problems for the residents of the city and to Nyagan resursosnabzhayuschego enterprise of "Nyaganskaya energy resources." That N’yaganskaya water almost the worst in the region have repeatedly confirmed Epidemiology studies. For example, in one liter of fluid, which is supplied with the organization calls "economic-drinking", contains 2 to 3 milligrams of iron,

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For service train crews arrived SOUTH modern

diving equipment AVM-12

Adopted a separate train crews of the Southern Military District (SOUTH), stationed on the territory of the Volgograd region, received about 20 sets of advanced diving equipment AVM-12.

Since the beginning of the summer training period divers railroad started development of new equipment during the various rescue and evacuation, engineering, special reconnaissance, engineering and diving to a depth of 60 m Before diving in open water divers work out regulations in specially designed pools where learn to control the amount of oxygen in the water to navigate in low visibility conditions, to determine the cardinal

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In Churapcha (Yakutia) is open plant for the production of bottled water

The village Churapcha June 1, the grand opening of the plant for the production of bottled pure water. Clean water will pour 1.5 liter, 5 liter and 20-liter bottle.


New dredger designed Rostov designers

Rostov Design Bureau "Stapel" handed over to the customer dredge DGF 2000 performance at 3000 m water3/ Hr

Type dredger — a floating, self-propelled, diesel, collapsible dredge frame with replaceable tip for cutting and hydraulic excavation method. Purpose of the dredger — maintaining the size of the channel, approach channel and the depth at the berths. The vessel was designed by Russian River Register class "M-SP3, 5 (ice 20)" in accordance with the Rules of the PPP, the 2008 edition of the Technical and safety regulations for inland water transport facilities and the rules of PPP. Stability, damage

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In Novocherkassk (Rostov region). Renovated pool opened SRSTU

Water complex was built 40 years ago and since then has never capitally not repaired. Under the federal program "500 pools" for 10 months builders have replaced the pool basin, the ventilation system, water treatment and water supply, roofing and windows.

This is the first in the Russian pool, which was renovated under the program "500 pools" rather than built from scratch. It can train athletes in almost all water sports — polo, aqua aerobics, synchronized swimming. 

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From Moscow to Sakhalin: amazing beauty of Russian landscapes. Russia — a huge unexplored country. Sometimes the attraction of exotic resorts, or the famous monuments of European architecture is much better known to us. But our country is rich equally impressive views. In the vastness of our great country has its own Africa, and Japan has its own, and its Canada. Proved the best photographers of Russia. presents snapshots of the most amazing and beautiful parts of Russia, which will not leave you indifferent. They encourage and inspire the perfect look around and learn to look

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Krasnogorsk hydro: work on schedule

Krasnogorsk waterworks — Build hydropower dam on the river Irtysh. Located near the village of Krasnaya Gorka, Omsk region Omsk region. Waterworks is designed to regulate the water level in the Irtysh River in the city of Omsk.

The first period of the spring flood on the Irtysh River has not affected the pace of construction of hydroelectric Krasnogorsk — work is being done according to schedule. At present, the water level on the Irtysh River in the Omsk up to 2 meters.


Timely delivery of antipavodkovyh activities

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Vologda village Flasks — where nature is fun

Thunderstorms will never ask a man what she should. River Sukhona in Opoki did as she was more comfortable, namely to make a sharp turn on its 452 km and expose the bank 250 million years ago. Meet the Vologda village Flasks — a vivid example of the vagaries of nature.


So, the very first and the amazing thing that catches your eye — it’s chopped rocky shore, the broken in half.

This is where things get weird: the river merges with its own Sukhona same reflow, repeatedly changing direction and generally behaves

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Water from air. New development of RSC Energia

Russian engineers from the Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia" have created a device receiving water from the air, which is ten times faster water cycle.

"We have to stand presented a number of projects. The central exhibit — air-water machine.

 This exhibit may be supplemented by solar panels and high-power supercapacitors, which allow this machine to run at night without the use of mains electricity. The machine is used to provide people with drinking water. This instance provides a production of 150 liters of water a day "- told" Interfax "on Tuesday, the head of

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Alternative energy in the Stavropol region

The newspaper "Stavropol business" provides examples of the use of energy from renewable energy sources [mainly solar] — both on budget and on objects of sanatorium-resort complex in homes and cottages.

The region has emerged Energy Efficiency Demonstration Zones. Solar energy is used for hot water supply and independent power.

In Mineral Waters in the building of the city clinics established a year-round system of solar heating and geothermal heat / cold supply. At this facility installed 14 photovoltaic modules for stand-alone power supply. In order to increase the hot water system is installed 42

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