Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station (photos)

Author of the report — Vadim Mahora (LJ dedmaxopka)

Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station — the largest installed capacity in power plant Russia, 7th — of the existing hydroelectric power plants in the world. More details about this unique building can read under the cut.

1. Evening lights at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP

  I drove there in the winter, at the invitation of "RusHydro". The main purpose of the trip was a virtual tour of the station as I did have to Novosibirsk HPP. Tour was at times steeper first station is much more interesting and

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Alternative energy in the Stavropol region

The newspaper "Stavropol business" provides examples of the use of energy from renewable energy sources [mainly solar] — both on budget and on objects of sanatorium-resort complex in homes and cottages.

The region has emerged Energy Efficiency Demonstration Zones. Solar energy is used for hot water supply and independent power.

In Mineral Waters in the building of the city clinics established a year-round system of solar heating and geothermal heat / cold supply. At this facility installed 14 photovoltaic modules for stand-alone power supply. In order to increase the hot water system is installed 42

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Engineering-geological surveys — a prerequisite for

competent construction

JSC "SPC" Gidrogeoteh ", offering a full range of geotechnical, hydrogeological and environmental investigations, recalls the need to carry out these studies in order to correct and safe construction sites. Research and Production Center confirms its competence in this matter with the necessary documentation and membership of SRO.  JSC "SPC" Gidrogeoteh "is a modern, dynamic and mobile company providing services in engineering-geological and other types of research. The center is in the Central Federal District, Siberia and the Far East. The spectrum of research needs in mining, underground water, to study the anthropogenic impact on the environment,

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Work on the establishment of PTS-4 coming to an end

Russian Defense Ministry launched a consultation of technical documentation and determine the parameters of state orders for heavy floating transporter PTS-4. Work on the PTS-4 began in 2009. PTS-4 is built on the chassis elements of the Russian T-80 tank: caterpillar tracks, torsion bars, but clutches and transmission PTS-4 inherited from the T-72. The power plant, which is equipped with a floating conveyor is a tank engine producing 840 hp

PTS-4 created Design Bureau of Transport Engineering (part of the corporation "Uralvagonzavod"). The main characteristics of PTS-4:

total weight — 33.1 tons; management office (cabin)

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In Kabardino-Balkaria are building a new power plant

In autumn 2011, in Kabardino-Balkaria, the construction of new hydropower plants — Zaragizhskoy. The design capacity of HPP — 28.8 MW (3h9, 6 MW), the average annual output — 107 million kWh Vertical hydraulic units, with radial-axial turbines, design head 44 m

Currently readiness station exceeds 30%. Most work has focused on the structures of a diversion path, which is currently nearing completion.

Design feature Zaragizhskoy HPP is the complete absence of the dam — water is taken directly from the discharge canal Aushigerskaya power plant, and the pressure created exclusively diversion. Derivation Zaragizhskoy power plant

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The plant Star floated two vessels for oil spill

Two vessels for oil spill on Friday lowered the water at the "Star" in the town of Bolshoi Kamen in the Primorye Territory.

Court "Askold" and Posiet "which belong to the class bonopostanovschikov-oil skimmer, built on the order of" Rosneft "and will work at the oil terminal port of Nakhodka. Vessel versatile and are designed to stage booms, welcome to maritime transport bilge / oily / water and its treatment, transportation of cargo weighing up to 10 tons. 

Tonnage of vessels with a length of 14 meters — 70 tons, has a crew of four.

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Aerodzhip «FORTIS» from the company AEROKON

The company "AEROKON" has created a modern amphibious vehicle to transport people and goods — aerodzhip (snowmobile) «FORTIS», which is designed for year-round use in day and night, is able to walk on water, snow, ice and bitomu ice, shallow waters and wetlands .


«FORTIS» carries up to 6 people (including the driver) or 500 kg of cargo and has a power reserve of 6 hours.

More recently, the first sea trials aerodzhipa on the water surface. Preliminary results showed high hydrodynamic quality products, the ability to make sustained and controlled

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«Green Premium» performed a comprehensive landscaping water park IFC


The company «Green Premium» informs about the large-scale works on gardening IFC "Moreon": the installation of large palm trees and flower beds to create two zones — a water park and fitness — a total area of 8,000 sq.m.

Multi-purpose sports complex "MOREON" — a unique platform for the entire family. IFC is located in the territory of a water park, spa, wellness center, sauna center, restaurants and cafes, shops and bars, business center and more. 

Planting of greeneryin such a versatile and challenging project, commissioned the company «Green Premium», which specializes in professional

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The new water intake on the river Frenzy commissioned

The newly built water intake on the river Frenzy put into operation, the press service of the "Olympic" Department of the Krasnodar Territory. Sochi City Administration issued the customer — the Civil Code "the Office Building of the Krasnodar Territory" permission for the facility to operate.

Hydraulic engineering complex, built in the valley of a mountain river, is the highest of all previously handed over such facilities. It is designed for production of 11,000 cubic meters of water per day. Power is provided by twelve wells 40 meters deep, covered pavilions facilities.

As part of

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Development of NP Siberian engineering

NP "Siberian Engineering" submitted its development Omsk Industry Ministry. Among the innovations — self-propelled platform amphibious hovercraft "Arctic 60d" and a vehicle that can operate at temperatures in the -60 degrees. "Arctic" — a cross-country vehicle designed to operate both on water and on land. Unlike boats and hovercraft that can travel only over the water and briefly go on a gently sloping beach, "Arctic" can be operated continuously as over water and over the virgin snow, hummocky ice, marsh, tundra throughout the year .

Modern cargo platform, will be able to extreme weather conditions to ensure

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