Karas is represented by two species — silver (oblong) and gold (ordinary round) carp. Goldfish — Carassius d1eIo. Golden carp — Carassius Carassius.

They differ in shape, color and some external morphological features. Golden common carp is one of the hardiest species. Goldfish different silver colored abdomen and sides. It can occur in large rivers where the preferred location without rapid flow. Silver carp grows faster and reaches the common carp weighing more than 1 kg. Carp less susceptible to dangerous diseases, making them more profitable farming.

Meat golden carp has valuable gastronomic qualities. It is easily separated from the bones. If the meat has a specific smell carp algae or slime, then carp grew in swampy pond.

Contents and habitats Carp


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Committed to ecology.

Biome Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a Bangalore-based firm which focuses on sustainable living practices. The organization has come about in 2008 with the merger of Chitra K Vishwanath Architects and the Rainwater Club. The work spans and integrates various sustainable practices in architectural design, water management, rain water harvesting, waste water recycling and sanitation practices. The broad objectives include improving long-term water security, lowering water demand and the use of locally- sourced materials, reducing the ecological footprint of the new buildings while providing an energy-efficient built environment that does not compromise on comfort or aesthetics

In the Biome website,

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FOR Albula on South Caicos.

Description of fishing: the trade winds usually blow from the south-east; Most shallows under the cover of the wind from the west side of the island than and different in terms of benefits. In the autumn and winter months, South Caicos is exposed to cold fronts coming from the Bahamas, but they are so strong that they do not stay long and largely dissipated by the time of occurrence. After the cold front throughout the day can blow westerly wind, which soon, as a rule, changes to the southeast. It is interesting to note, and this is particularly important

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Smoke, light and spray

An impressive series of setbacks and failures Microsoft recently years (Windows Vista, change the mobile paradigm Windows CE Windows Phone, inadequate support Windows RT, rigid rejection gaming community original content policy of the new Xbox, decline in sales of traditional PCs sauce disappointment poly touch interface, «eight» and so on. n.) is advantageous set off undeniable achievements of the company. Such as visual controller Kinect, for which enthusiasts around the world are finding new applications — creating, for example, a quasi three-dimensional tactile interfaces like Japanese AquaTop Display.

The idea of ​​this interface, developed in one of the laboratories

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PICKLED wild mushrooms.


Fresh or frozen mushrooms — 1 kg

Vinegar 70% — 4 hours. L.

Boiled water — 200 ml

Sunflower oil — 150 ml

Sol — 2 h. L.

Sugar — 1 hour. L.

Garlic — 6-8 cloves

Ground black pepper — 1/3 ch. L.

Coriander powder — 1/3 ch. L.

Allspice — 8-10 peas

Bay leaf — 1 pc.

Dill and parsley — 1 bunch

1 kg, 15 minutes


1 Garlic pass through the press.

2 Mushrooms add to saucepan, add all ingredients, stir and close the lid. Bring to a boil and simmer

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We need

40-50 vine leaves, 2 liters of boiling water (scalding)

4 to 5 sprigs of parsley (for decoration), a plate.

For the stuffing:

500g of meat (any), 2 onions, 1 cup of rice, 2 tablespoons. tablespoons softened butter, 0.5 cups of water, the beam dill and coriander, 1 tsp. dried mint (or a handful of fresh), salt and pepper to taste.

For the filling:

200 g sour cream, 2 tbsp. Spoon tomato paste, 1 cup broth or water, 2 tbsp. tablespoons vegetable oil, salt and pepper to taste.

For the sauce:

200 ml of buttermilk (or sour cream),

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For busy in a hurry

What can I say — 10-20 years ago were preserved for the winter a lot, but now engaged in the work is not all: prefer to buy. But their vegetables far more useful. What to do if there is no time preserving? We offer you a few simple and quick to prepare recipes.


At the 3-liter jar: about 1 kg of peaches • 1 cup sugar «1h. teaspoon citric acid.

These peaches are not difficult to prepare. The result is not only fragrant fruit, and a delicious compote.

Peaches wash, cut in half. Pour over boiling water

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It has long been revered as a wild rose bush of love, and its berries are required to be members of each «love drink». Nowadays, wild rose is valued for its incomparable healing properties. For example vitamin C in the fruits of this shrub is 50 times more than the lemon. as fruits, leaves and petals of rose hips contain a lot of vitamins B, K, P and carotene.

In addition to vitamins rose hips are rich in organic acids, essential oils, trace elements and minerals. Rosehip seeds contain oil and vitamin E. The petals give humanity the precious

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CHOOSE mineral water,

Test the chocolate ice cream

1. About water

As you know, every inhabitant of the middle band on the day advised to drink at least 2 liters of pure water. But the water in most of our cities do not pour her a glass from the tap, so we go for it in supermarkets. And then we try to choose the best.

Water in a developed society — fetish. She immediately visible quality of living standards in the country. There are national characteristics: for example, the Americans are very pragmatic water — as long as it

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Where to get water for the great dragon

In search of new sources of fresh water in the southwest of China cavers descend deep into the earth. Here, in the realm of the world’s greatest caves, stalactites and stalagmites, they risked their lives to be mapped underground rivers.

Groundwater flows in southern China may quench the thirst of millions of people during the drought. But to trace their way through karst formations — not an easy task. After heavy rains the water is rapidly arrives. A dry tunnel cave explorers have to overcome crawl, centimeter by centimeter.

Water from the skyscrapers Professor Yuan Guilin Daosyan trying to resolve

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