Kranbuksy in mixers TM KIT

Kranbuksy metal-ceramic construction FLUEHS (Germany) have resource use at least 600,000 cycles. Each kranbuksa double passes quality control at a factory manufacturing the first, the second in the final mixer at the assembly.

Ceramic locking elements have such a high degree of polishing, do not require lubrication, unlike other kranbuks where the resource use depends on the presence of grease (which is washed away during use.)

Design kranbuksy includes a dedicated noise reduction element in the form of plates dissecting not deteriorating performance of passage of water.

Kranbuksy for special operating conditions are anti-vandal function. Feature is the absence

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Odnoruchkovye mixers KIT set of cartridges HYDROPLAST

The company HYDROPLAST (Italy), is one of the pioneers of this kind of products, manufactures cartridges since 1986.

Brass rod prevents damage with excessive mechanical stress on the arm of the mixer.

The cartridge has a special shim to manually adjust the mixing ratio of hot and cold water. This option eliminates the possibility of burns, at an elevated temperature in the water.

Idling ceramic plates in the closed position the cartridge increases the life of the mixer. At least 700 000 full cycles’!

The design feature is the camera for mixing hot and cold water already in the

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Russian neutron detector DAN will find water on Mars.

With the Russian DAN instrument, which flies to Mars aboard an American interplanetary station, produced the first scientific data. DAN made at the Institute for Space Studies, stands for "dynamic neutron albedo." Its main task — with the help of the reflected beam of particles to find out how much water is in the soil of the Red Planet. You could say — neutron lozohod.

In St. Petersburg, opened the first stationary point snegoplavilnye

The first point of the new generation snegoplavilnye posted on October embankment near Finland bridge. The site allows you to simultaneously take 2 cars with the collected snow. In day one camera melts 3.5 thousand cubic meters.

The process of technological processing of the snow is based on the contact of the snow mass with warm water wastes. To melt 1 cubic meter of snow, you need about 5 cubic meters of waste water. Then thawed and waste water through the collector reaches the Northern Wastewater Treatment Plant in the village. Holguin. There will be a full cleaning

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In Saratov build plant polyacrylamide

Today in the House of receiving official delegations signed an agreement on cooperation between the regional government and LLC "SNF" Baltreagent. " Acting Governor Valery Radaev welcomed the participants and stressed the importance of cooperation. Minister of Investment Policy Iryna Blokhin, contrary to rumors of resignation, also took part in the event and said a few kind words to the investors. Hope for mutually beneficial cooperation and expressed the Chairman of the Regional Chamber of Commerce Maxim Fateev. Valery Radaev and management of "SNF" Baltreagent "have signed the agreements, shared folders, and shook hands. Help "OM": Ltd. "SNF"

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Tatneft has developed a new technology of production

Experts Tatneft not only developed, but already tested the new technology on dumping and the use of produced water wells on the bush.

March 5, reported that launched a thousand strong for installation of dual oil (WEM). Their use increases the profitability of individual wells by connecting them to other development or productivity of different layers of the same object of development. Due to the optimization of the objects increased productivity of the well. Using one wellbore and the organization of simultaneous (concurrent) production of crude oil from different development targets single grid reduces the amount of drilling. Thus,

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Produced stocking Reftinsky reservoir (Sverdlovsk region).

In the water running 250 thousand carp fingerlings and 20 million fry of grass carp to 20 grams each. This event is aimed at improving the water quality parameters and restoration of aquatic biological resources of the reservoir. Stocking will increase the volume of catch in the reservoir is 100 tons.

The event is part of an agreement between the Government of the Sverdlovsk region and JSC "OGK-5". Stocking the pond itself is a joint effort of several ministries and departments of the Sverdlovsk Region — Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Ministry of Natural Resources, Nizhneobskogo Territorial Directorate of

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In Vologda launched new water treatment system

The work of purification in Vologda to a new level. Prodolozhaetsya assembly of structures-the-art treatment facilities, and on March 16 the work launched two compressor units, which will help maximize the used water to clean.

Compressed air systems serving air required for the activity of microorganisms that recycle waste water. They passed through the water is much cleaner and after discharge will not cause harm to the natural environment.

— Administration of Vologda and municipal enterprise "Vologdagorvodokanal" signed an agreement with the environmental fund "Northern Dimension". The Foundation donated funds allocated in the amount of 200

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In Tyumen, opened only in Russia Center for the Study of Water Quality

In the Tyumen State University (TSU) Opened Russia’s only world-class research center for the study of water quality. Establishment of the center and providing its employees with all necessary equipment was made possible by the fact that the TSU together with the professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Tatiana Moyseenko won the competition for the Government grants. It is reported A REGNUM.

"We have no equivalent of the laboratory, which would have been directed to the study of water quality, taking into account the biological and chemical research" — quoted Tatyana Moyseenko the press

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System water Vladivostok — unique in Russia (photo)

Multi-level system of water supply in Vladivostok has no analogues in the Russian Federation. It is promoted as the remoteness of the main sources of water supply, and the relief of the city.

As the chief engineer of "Primvodokanala" Yuri Gurtyakov, "the main source of water supply — Artyomovskoye Reservoir, located 70 kilometers from Vladivostok. Water enters the city in two directions, along the coasts of the Amur and Ussuri bays, the total length of the pipes — 300 kilometers.

In this way, water is pumped through the pumping station of the first, second, third, fourth,

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