British village was covered with sea foam

British village was covered with sea foam Natural Disasters

Once on the northern coast of British swept a storm, accompanied by strong winds, one of the Scottish fishing villages almost completely covered with sea foam. Many buildings and cars were under an impressive layer of foam wind water and coastal sand carried up high enough to wave.

After the invasion of the foam area was ruled by the heavy rains. The New Yorkshire fell 108 mm of precipitation, while the rate does not exceed 47 mm. The level of water gathered on the streets of a small fit

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In Sudan, flooded refugee camp

In Sudan, flooded refugee camp Natural Disasters

The conflict has forced 80,000 refugees from the camps in the Blue Nile State to move to some other camps in southern Sudan. But there they found no salvation, and another attack in the form of floods, nastigshego staff Maba.

All in the camp housed about 109 thousand people, but heavy rains have made the camp virtually uninhabitable. Local rivers spill worsened quality of the roads so that the trains carrying humanitarian aid and food can not get to mabanskih camps sheltered war refugees. In the most critical situation is the

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Floods in Pakistan and India

Floods in Pakistan and India Natural Disasters

Punjab, Balochistan and Sindh in southern Pakistan on the verge of flooding on the scale reminiscent of the summer floods of 2010. Only one had to be evacuated Balochistan nearly 100,000 inhabitants, as irrigation canals and dams along the Indus River, and the water-holding system completely broke down under the impact of heavy monsoon rains.

As seen from the pictures taken satellite systems, a large number of plots of land near the Pakistani Indus already flooded. The depth of water in some places impressive size (in the figure indicates a more

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Incredible drought in Mexico

Incredible drought in Mexico Natural Disasters

According to the National Weather Service (SMN), for Mexico in September was the driest month in the last 70 years. Since 1941, this is the most arid period in the history of the country. 50,000 head of cattle, about one million hectares of crops were lost, according to the Ministry of Agriculture. The most affected northern states of Chihuahua Chihuahua, Durango, Durango and the peninsula of Baja California Baja California peninsula, as well as the neighboring U.S. states.

Figure 2. Nuevo Leon drought in a village in the state of New Leon, Mexico.


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Oceans has the dual attack CO2

Oceans has the dual attack CO2 Facts

Carbon dioxide into the water of the oceans as a pollutant triggers unwanted changes in the level of acidity of water. An additional factor here is the influence of increasing the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. According to the latest data, the process is already beginning to affect the populations of commercial fish and shellfish.

Since the industrial revolution, carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere has increased by 40%, mainly due to the use of combustible materials and inefficient methods of farming. As usual, customary in nature, the oceans are

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From Moscow to Sakhalin: amazing beauty of Russian landscapes. Russia — a huge unexplored country. Sometimes the attraction of exotic resorts, or the famous monuments of European architecture is much better known to us. But our country is rich equally impressive views. In the vastness of our great country has its own Africa, and Japan has its own, and its Canada. Proved the best photographers of Russia. presents snapshots of the most amazing and beautiful parts of Russia, which will not leave you indifferent. They encourage and inspire the perfect look around and learn to look

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Fifth Lake Omskvinproma




Scientists Omsk, Novosibirsk, Moscow found that in the Omsk region, near the village of Okunevaya Muromtsevsky district, there is an anomalous zone. Where are lakes created by a meteorite, centuries accumulated spiritual energy of our ancestors * _

So it is no coincidence Muromtsevsky anomaly has attracted

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The water temperature in the North East of the continental shelf has reached a record high

The water temperature in the North East of the continental shelf has reached a record high of Scientists prove

In the first six months of 2012 the sea surface temperature in the large marine ecosystems of the North-eastern shelf, situated between the Gulf of Maine and Cape Hatteras, rose to a record high. In all parts of the ecosystem from the bottom of the ocean to the surface of the observed values above the norm, the shelf area on the border with the Gulf Stream temperature increase was even more pronounced.

Flowering Time / reproduction of plankton in

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The rover has found signs of a long-standing presence of water




Mars rover Spirit ("Spirit", "The Spirit") has not even left his landing platform and the leaders of his mission are already saying that some of its main scientific objectives are close to a successful conclusion. For example, Spirit failed to detect signs of the presence of minerals

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The Aral Sea is progressing

The Aral Sea is progressing Facts

The Aral Sea, which is an inland sea, has always suffered from the fact that people ruthlessly used its water for irrigation. But in the last few years, the drying process has been particularly noticeable. By 2009, large areas of the right-hand side of the sea, previously covered by water, are now the property of the land. Many sea dries so quickly because the rivers that feed it, are also in constant service to the agricultural needs of the region, not much supply of natural water sources.

Video just shows how gradually

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