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Balance sheet. Nature versus man.

Over the last fortnight, much has been written, said and shown in public media, both print and otherwise about the flash floods and landslides that have devastated Uttarakhand, parts of Himachal Pradesh and Western Nepal. The weather pundits tell us that this is due to abnormally heavy rainfall for four days — as much as 375% more than the normal monsoon, along with melting snow from the Himalayas. Road networks, riverside settlements, and small towns in particular have borne the brunt of a furious nature. The thriving tourist season during these months has worsened the situation with huge loss of

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Eighty million years on land or problems herbivores.

On the problem of power first tetrapods noticed Philip Anderson, an evolutionary paleobiologist from the University of Massachusetts (Amherst, USA). Together with his colleagues, Matthew Friedman of the University of Oxford and Marcello Ruta of the University of Lincoln (UK), he analyzed the jaw representatives of 89 genera of fossil vertebrates that lived on the Devonian (416 million years ago) to the Early Permian (295 million years ago). It was in this period were formed joints and limbs of tetrapods belt and separated from amphibians amniotes (reptiles, mammals and birds). Among the fossils studied the so-called four-legged fish Acanthostega,

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Delicious Council

SALAD «smoked»

Prepare this salad is quick and easy. Besides, he is very rich. Ingredients:

2 beet;

3 potatoes;

1 onion;

200 g of any raw sausage; mayonnaise; greenery; salt pepper.

Boil potatoes and beets. Cut into strips. Add the chopped onion, herbs and crumbled sausage. Fill with mayonnaise. If necessary, salt and pepper.

Soup of asparagus

Treat your loved ones an easy and tasty soup of asparagus.

In a saucepan melt the butter and gently fry the onion in it 1. 500 g asparagus, wash, cut thick slices, cut into pieces and put in the onions. Season with

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ask Harvey Norman

Is there any routine maintenance needed for my washer?

Most washers require a routine maintenance. One of the many ways of doing it is to leave the washing machine lid open when it is not in use. This allows moisture to escape, preventing the growth of mould and mildew. Follow recommendations given by your washing machine’s manufacturer when loading your unit. An overloaded machine will not work efficiently and can be damaged by the extra weight. Furthermore, keeping it level helps reduce noise and additional wear and tear. Every once in a while, give your machine a good wash by

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What’s special about the abacus dish?

The Abacus Beads is a classic Hakka dish consisting of tiny chewy dough balls made from yam (or taro) that resemble the abacus seeds of the traditional Chinese calculating device. It is surprisingly underrated; not many people have heard of this dish until it made a comeback a few years ago, and it has since become a must-order dish at Hakka restaurants.

Hakka cuisine is generally known for its earthiness and

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A tale of two sites.

In October 2010, the first exploratory visit to Kamand, the site, 16 km from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh selected for the campus of a new IIT led to one of those seminal experiences which tend to define ones professional existence. It was clearly an opportunity that comes along but once in a lifetime. I stood in the valley, looking up at the regal snow caps in the distance foregrounded by enormous hill sides carpeted in pine, a variety of bird sounds, their source invisible to the untrained eye, cutting through the crisp air, butterflies oblivious to my presence and a little

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A happy accident: breeding Corydoras gracilis

Sometimes it is pure coincidence that leads to success. Ten years ago, Robert Budrovcan was one of the first aquarists to make a breakthrough with one of the most timid and sensitive Corys, Corydoras gracilis, known as the Shy Cory. As this report attests, his success continues today.

During a tour of the facility of a renowned German importer in 2003, I found a species that caught my attention — a dwarf armored catfish named Corydoras gracilis. This small fish, which has a maximum total length of 1.6 inches (4 cm), lives in the Brazilian state of Para. It was

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Aquatic snails may be the least appreciated animals available to tropical fish enthusiasts, and many people simply classify most snails as scavengers—or just pests. In fact, there are many highly desirable snails out there, some quite beautiful and fascinating to watch, and new species are regularly imported. This guide is meant to help distinguish the snails you may want from those that are best avoided.

Ampullariidae—Apple Snails

The apple snail is a successful model of nature: it has existed in its present form for more than 150 million years. Apple snails have been around since the days of the dinosaurs

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Erika Padilla

If you decided to grab a bucket of water and spill it over the head of some stunningly gorgeous gal, you’d either get a slap on the face, a knee to your testicular region, or a tub of tears borne from embarrassment. But PBA courtside reporter Erika Padilla, who this month joins the FHM family in,ph’s roster of columnists, couldn’t care less about soaking wet.

With every championship win, as champagne bottles are popped open and ecstatic hollering fills the dugout, her curvaceous body is treated to copious amounts of the cold liquid in celebration of victory.

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Zhytkavichy: brown coal mining threatens ecology

Proclamation signed by more than one hundred and fifty local residents.Knows one of the signatories, the inhabitant Turow Misha Goat:"I personally believe that it is unsafe for me and for all the inhabitants Zhitkovichi district. In all places — in the same Donbass, in Russia, where the similarities are under development of minerals, from time to time there are reports that the residents living in a particular proximity to such companies suffer. As I understand, to get this career will lignite method. Water we are very close to the surface, must be reduce ground water. "According to the views of

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