Rabid pit




Because of his "tricks" family ustyuzhan Markov two weeks living as a volcano.

  "Hey, Val, something with our pit strange is going on, — said Oleg puzzled by putting

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Russian polar explorers resumed drilling on Lake Vostok

Employees glaciological-drilling team in the new year to resume drilling wells above the relict Lake Vostok in Antarctica, said the head of the Russian Antarctic Expedition (RAE) of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute of Hydromet (AARI), Valery Lukin.

In early February 2012 drilling team specialists of the 57th Russian Antarctic Expedition after decades of drilling for the first time entered into hidden under the Antarctic ice thickness chetyrehkilometrovoy East Lake — the largest subglacial lake in Antarctica. Analysis of water samples East first showed that they practically do not contain microorganisms.


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In Crimea, the birds are dying from the heat


15.06.12.V stuffy offices shuttles and we pine away in the heat. Fans, air conditioning, cold water — people are saved from the scorching sun as they can. But the feathered inhabitants of the peninsula are killed by heat, because other than the person to help them to no one.

In dry hot weather, when not that puddles do not find sparrows and chickadees, and even rivers dry up, the birds are killed on the fly. Dead they fall to the ground. First because of the high temperatures and lack of oxygen in the air, the sick and the dying

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Attacking UFOs!




Exploration of the Navy against the "underwater humanoids"

_ * The media have repeatedly reported on meetings of military aircraft pilots mainly with UFOs — unidentified flying objects. Not just the pilots received orders to attack the command of an unknown object. And used to such attacks

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Montreal flooded in two steps

Montreal flooded in two steps Natural Disasters

To the south of the Canadian province of Quebec swept torrential thunderstorms. To Montreal twice a rain descended, making May day at dusk. In an instant all were flooded streets and turned for a few minutes in real rivers. The water level reached 1.2 meters in some places. Of sewage water with all the garbage rose directly to the surface, adding "spice" everything going on. Closed due to water coming one subway line.

Storm caused power outages. Reported damage to property of citizens and the evacuation of thousands of houses and

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Environmental disaster in Ramenskoye



31.05.12.Pyat settlements Ramenskoye district were in the zone of ecological collapse.

Not far from the airport "Domodedovo" in the river Zhdanko got a lot of chemicals. The concentration of the poison in the water exceeded in 1000.

Dies not only fish, but also pets. This area is home to over 6000 people. Local people believe that it is the proximity of the airport led to the crash. They believe that in the river regularly merge toxic substances. How else to explain the fact that the village Selvachevo even well water has a taste of jet fuel?


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15.07.12.Gibel fish in the Voronezh region. Video


Updated. Video added 15.07.12.Krasnovatuyu water and hundreds of dead fish floating watching Voronezh not the first day in the river near Usmanka Borovoy and Dubovka, and on the river Bityug.


Foamy water in the lower layers of a reddish-brown hue. On the beach, on the water and on the bottom of a lot of dead fish — fry, perch, pike, roach and even cancers. And the corresponding smell "- wrote one reader," Mine! ", Who had been on the beach in the Hog.

Eyewitnesses report that the water turned red a week ago, and then began a massive

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03.08.12.V Brest kill fish. Photo


Updated August 4

03.08.12.K site "Ore" fish farm "Sokolovo" in the village Husak Malorita district these days it is better not to approach. In any case, without a mask.

The smell of rotting fish, expanded in an incredible amount of 30 degrees centigrade of the sun — a test that is not a bear. They say local people even cried when he saw such a sight …

But we can not be guided only by emotion when it comes to environmental disaster. Unless urgent measures, the situation may become irreversible, experts believe.

At one of the dead fish ponds

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13.04.12.Gibel fish in the Altai. Video


13.04.12.V Altai dying fish ponds. At first glance, there is nothing strange. But even on the way to the water, a few tens of meters, the nose begins to beat the sharp smell of rotting fish, as a signal that there is really something wrong. To understand what it is, we now take a water sample and take her to their analysis.

But to get close to the water is not easy. The shores of the Upper Pond in the village of Barnaul October literally strewn dead fish. The alarm sounded by local residents. Warmer, many gathered for

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In Novokuznetsk district choking the river fish. Photo


Photo: Department of Kemerovo control and protection of water resources

28.02.12.V end of February, for the first time in decades, documented fish kills in the ducts and kuryah Tom River in the territories of Novokuznetsk and Krapivinskoye areas — George duct Nicholas Kurian, Silver duct Lachinovskaya Kurian. Underwater inhabitants suffocate without oxygen.

-Zamora exposed to one degree or another, all medium-sized reservoirs without flow. Oxygen deficiency usually occurs in late February — early March. At this time, almost all the dissolved oxygen in the water is absorbed by animals and plants, and the supply of fresh oxygen is

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