In the Japanese prefecture of Chiba poisoned tap water


20.05.12.V Japanese city of Noda and surrounding communities Chiba Prefecture on Saturday was off tap water is more than 200 thousand households.

The reason — the detection of formaldehyde in water. It is a carcinogen and has acute effects on the human nervous system, respiratory system, eyes and skin.

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Which countries consume the most water?

Which countries consume the most water? It is interesting

For the production of food and other products for human use huge amounts of water. And the more the population, the higher the consumption of this precious resource. Inefficient agricultural methods, the excessive consumption of water for food production only multiply this figure. Only in the U.S. meat production accounts for 30% of the total water footprint of the country.

In addition to domestic consumption, a lot of water exporting countries, such as India, in the form of the same food and other products. Those who

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Launched the third missile project «Borey»

Severodvinsk enterprise «Sevmash» at Sunday, December 30, 2012, launched the second serial and third in the project 955 «Borey» nuclear submarine strategic focus «Vladimir Monomakh». According to «Interfax», mooring and running tests of the ship will begin in 2013 after the New Year Happy holiday. Launching a ship on the water held in the presence of Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov, president of USC and CEO Andrew Dyachkova «Sevmash» Misha Budnichenko. Missile cruiser «Vladimir Monomakh» was laid down in Severodvinsk March 19, 2006. Ship belonging to the fourth generation of strategic submarines, was designed by the St. Petersburg Central

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Chilean lake dried Kas 2 a day

Chilean Kas lake dried up for two night's interesting

Kas lake 2 (Cachet II), located in the southern part of Patagonia, disappeared in less than 24 hours, leaving a muddy puddle. The lake holds 200 million cubic liters of water flooded into the river Baker, increasing its capacity by 3 times and emptying the area of 5 square kilometers. Since 2008, Kas two dried out 11 times. People living in the region, are in constant danger of sudden flooding that could collapse from the mountains. Experts say that if global warming is not stopped, floods will occur more often.

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In the region near Tokyo discontinued water

In the region near Tokyo discontinued water Facts

May 20 to tens of thousands of families in the regions near Tokyo in 2012 was discontinued water supply after during internal audits in it were found substances that cause cancer.

City authorities Noda, located 30 kilometers from the center of Tokyo, reported that the water supply has been stopped much of the city. In the neighboring city of Kashiwa is similar. The total number of families have been left without water in Chiba Prefecture (where both cities are located) to reach 210,000. According to the national

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23.07.12.Gibel fish under Kamensk-Uralsk. Video



23.07.12.Mertvym perch, white bream and perch strewn all along the shore, and the reeds of the river from the stone gate to Volkovsky reservoir.

On the mass death of fish reported tourists that floated on the river. At the scene, went sanitary inspectors. Laboratory studies have found no harmful substances in the water that could kill fish. But the oxygen level was low.

As explained in the local department of Rospotrebnadzor irreversible consequences had a heat wave, a very weak current and algal ponds. In stagnant water fish just gasped.

Source: Lead Urals

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In East Kazakhstan again recorded fish kills


17.09.12.Ocherednoy fish kills recorded in ASD, this time in Ust-Kamenogorsk. Dead perch and minnows were found in the river near Mahovka Sogra correspondent

Along Mahovki are numerous suburban tracts. Therefore the first to sound the alarm, seeing floating in the water belly-up fish, vacationers.

— Specialists Prosecutor, Department of Environment EKO management Gossanepidnadzor Ust-Kamenogorsk, Zaisan-Irtysh basin Interregional Inspectorate of Fisheries sixth of September went to the place fish kills, — the specialized environmental prosecutor ASD junior counselor of justice Ersyn Shynybaev. — Produced water sampling, fish taken for analysis.

The results of the study told us in

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The level of flood water in Tomsk close to the critical


18.04.11.Uroven Ushayka water in the river, which flows through the center of Tomsk, is 295 centimeters at a critical value — 322.

— Over the weekend with a mark of 220 centimeters of water rose up to 295 inches, including 10 inches — for the last night, — the representative of the town hall.

According to Deputy Mayor Alexander Melnikov, on Monday morning were flooded waters Ushayki four houses adjoining areas in Stepanovka. Two oil-pumping units work on the street Khmelnytsky, one — to Korolenko, where the dam closed gate devices and is water release in Ushayku. In Ust-Kerepeti

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In Evenkia water flowed from the taps with oil


16.05.12. In Evenk district of Krasnoyarsk region in an accident in a water pipe hit neft.Kak the press service of the regional administration, the incident occurred in the village of Vanavara in April.

The villagers found that out of their taps flowing liquid with a pungent odor of oil. The cause was a rush pipe which enters the oil tank Katanga boiler. Due to the leakage of oil hit an aquifer, located next to the well from which water flows to supply the inhabitants of the village.

"Gust tube was removed within three days. The District and community services

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Forty miles of Lake Erie shore littered with dead fish


4.09.12.Ministerstvo ecology Ontario tries to understand the reasons for the deaths of tens of thousands of fish stranded on the shores of Lake Erie.

According to the ministry, about 40 km of coastline from Port Stanley to the town of Morpeth were littered with dead fish. According to preliminary data, the mass destruction of the inhabitants of the lake due to "natural" causes, which — because of the so-called "inversion", where the upper layer of the water quenched and fall down, as if changing the water at greater depths. In these conditions, the fish is not enough oxygen and

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