30.06.12.Gibel fish in Georgia


30.06.12.Na Lisi Lake, located near Tbilisi, today, there was a massive release of fish to the shore.

As said residents around the lake area, presumably, fish kills caused by leakage of sulfuric water. According to them, a few meters from Lake Lisi contains sulfuric bath. Probably the water leaked into the lake, causing a massive release of the fish.

In the administration of the lakes Lisi say that the water in the pond is clean and fully complies with the environmental standards. According to them, the lake water periodically examined laboratory, reports Trend. "InterpressNews".

Source: Echo of the Caucasus

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23.06.12.Lipetskoe sea turned into a graveyard of fish


Photo from: vorle.ru

24.06.12.Na Matyrskom reservoir fish kills occurred.

On Saturday, June 23, the fishermen saw a terrible sight — in some places the bottom and the shore were littered with dead fish. Thus it is disgusting sickening smell.

— Last year, this was not, and this year, in the spring of the third plague — killed not only large but also small fish, — said Vladimir Kuznetsov frequenter fisherman. — I think to blame for this TPP-2, Here are their pipes, and are always something coming out. As they say, it's water level balance of water,

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27.06.12.Gibel fish in the river Elbe. Video


27.06.12.V Labinsk in the old river bed Laba fish start to die, and the water was black. Residents of the city say, a few years ago there were catching carp, and now even the carp can not survive. Besides river exudes a smell that in the housing can not open the windows. There is no flow, and the water becomes stagnant.

"Karas — quite unpretentious, tenacious fish. In this water, it can not live and breathe, "- says a resident Labinsk Anton Fetkulov.

Those who live close to the river, struggling not only with the smell, but the mosquitoes

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22.06.12.Gibel fish Berdsk. Video



22.06.12.Berdskie fishermen are alarmed — massively dying fish.

Favorite activity for fishermen Berdsk turned unpleasant event.

Vladimir Fyodorov, a fisherman: "It was found in this support large perch, with no obvious signs of external damage, but the dead also okunishki small, too One dead and half dead. Very much. "

To photograph the dead fish we could not. However, on this coast, vacationers are assured — something suspicious in this water is.

Love Zemlyanukhina, a resident of Novosibirsk: "We went to swim, the smell was there, to be honest. A nasty smell. "

According to Vladimir —

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We find a new reason for the melting of Antarctic ice

We find a new reason for the melting of Antarctic ice Scientists prove

Each year a massive Antarctic ice sheet is reduced by 2.7 meters. Until recently, scientists had only guesses, what is the true cause of this rapid "weight loss", and what is the number of possible causes. The question arises of how the anthropogenic climate change and global warming affect the status of stocks of Antarctic ice.

After the necessary studies have shown that climate change in the direction of warming has only an indirect effect on the waves of all the environmental process of thawing.

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30.07.12.Gibel fish in the Orel region


30.07.12.Reka Lyubovsha flowing in Verkhovsky near Orel, occasionally painted in the red-brown color. Rather, a company dumps toxic chemicals into the water. At the bottom along the coast a lot of dead fish.

Already nearly a month villagers who are mostly elderly people from the village and the village Borki Russian Wade, call up numerous environmental services and departments, trying to draw attention to his distress. Until now, no single agency has not responded.

Emissions into the river accompanied by a sharp chemical smell. Local residents fear for their health, for the life of water birds and animals.

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27.07.12.Gibel fish in the pond of Volgograd



27.07.12.V Dzerzhinsk region Volgograd Agnarskom pond, located in the CHT "ear", there was a massive fish kills.

According V1.ru volgogradets Gennady Filippov, which is located near the pond cottage, a few days ago in the water killed a lot of fish, with an estimated summer resident, died about 1000 species of perch, pike, carp, bream.

At the scene, officers were checking environmental services and water samples. According to environmentalists, fish kills occurred due to the high temperature of the water or because of lack of oxygen. But gardeners believe that the cause of what happened was water

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03.08.12.V Kuleshovka river dump chemicals



03.08.12.Nedelyu back in the river Kuleshovka massively lost fish.

Journalists from "Spasskaya" together with civil servants of the Federal Maritime Territorial Administration Rosrybolovstva raided Kuleshovka Watch out to find the cause and extent of the environmental disaster caused damage to the ecosystem.

On the analysis of river water samples were taken and the remains of river animals.

The river is a tributary of the River Kuleshovka Spassovki, until 1972 officially she wore a Chinese name Gehe (oyster, Rakushechnoe River). During the industrialization of the river ecosystem has suffered great damage. According to anglers, the last time

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14.05.12.Zamor fish in the river


Updated on May 19.

Nine tons of dead fish — this is only the beginning?

17.05.12.V Belozersky and Hola Prystan areas of rivers, lakes and quarries dotted with dead fish. According to "Hersongosryboohrany," died on May 11, more than 9 tons of fish tolstoloba also found carp, at least — walleye and pike.

Total killed approximately 1,000 individuals aged 6-7 years, the average weight of 4 to 8 pounds. About massive fish kills villagers began reporting back in early May. It has been almost two weeks and the number continues to grow, with the decay and rot in

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Severe drought struck western India, millions suffer from hunger and thirst

March 8, 2013. Millions of people in western India suffered the most because of the severe drought in nearly 50 years, writes Space Daily. People accuse the authorities of incompetence and corruption that contribute to the natural water shortages.

The central regions of the state of Maharashtra, where Mumbai is the capital, facing the greatest shortage of water than during a severe drought in 1972, said AFP Chief State minister Pritviray Shawan.

"In our history, water tanks have never been so low in the center of Maharashtra", — he said. "Every day more and more reservoirs are drying up."

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