Severe drought in Brazil is not without victims

Severe drought in Brazil is not without victims Weather and Climate

Severe drought that gripped the north-eastern regions of Brazil, considered the worst in 50 years. More than 1100 cities around the region are experiencing serious difficulties. The number of victims is growing every day, and in small rural areas comes to fights. According to the published data of the newspaper O Globo, in an average day in the fight for water killed one person, and a huge number of animals weakened before dying.

The water crisis has devastated farms, threatening the life of peasants and livestock. Many

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11.05.12.Vodoemy the Middle Urals became a cemetery. Video


Updated May 11

Source: Television Agency Urals

Yekaterinburg, June 11 (New Region, Ignat Bakin) — In the Middle Urals was massive fish kills in ponds. Dozens of lakes and rivers have become a "cemetery" residents fauna.

Photo from "Uralfishing"

As the correspondent of "New Region", in relevant online forums for fishermen are sounding the alarm. Urals to the onset of heat and release water from the ice began to gradually open the summer season, but in many lakes and rivers they expected a shock. Coastlines dozen dead fish ponds are covered.

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NASA satellite instruments measure the salinity of the ocean

February 28, 2013. At the end of the first year of operation of the tool Aquarius NASA specialists mapped the changes in salinity of the World Ocean: from the mouth of the Amazon gushing fresh water, the invisible boundary separates the salty Arabian Sea from the Bay of Bengal freshwater in the winter in the eastern tropical Pacific suddenly there is a large area of fresh water …

Aquarius, launched June 10, 2011 on the Argentinian satellite SAC-D, — NASA's first instrument designed specifically to measure the salt content of the ocean. Changes in salinity — one of

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Fires in the Amazon will become less intense

Fires in the Amazon will become less intense Facts

Season of forest fires in the Amazon Basin usually begins in May, peaks in September and ends in January. According to a new prediction model developed by scientists in the Amazon, belonging to Bolivia, Peru and Brazil, this year, a serious fire exceeds average or even be able to stay at a level below the average.

Scientists determine the intensity of the fire, starting from the information about the temperature of the water in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, from satellites. Thus, the model can be built for 10

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The death of shrimp in Vietnam


27.11.12.Gibel shrimp in ponds marked area of 79 hectares in the provinces of juice Trang, Ca Mau, Tra Vinh, Kien Giang and Bac Lieu (Bac Lieu).

Shrimp ponds in the area about 30 thousand hectares died of acute necrosis of the liver and pancreas, in other bodies of water — from other diseases and contaminated water. There is a check for the presence of water, pesticide residues, in particular, the most toxic to shrimp cypermethrin and deltamethrin, and illegally used by farmers banned substances when growing aquatic organisms. Rosselkhoznadzor is monitoring the situation.

Apocalypse is scheduled for tomorrow




This time it is not, however, about Osama bin Laden and Saddam's weapons of mass destruction. Monstrous force is preparing a terrorist attack environment. Climate Revolution, which environmentalists say as much of the world, on the doorstep. Its consequences, as stated in the Pentagon document will be truly catastrophic. And this disaster is much

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Crimea is sinking




In the Crimea — a strong flood. Because of the sharp warming rivers burst their banks, and the water rushed into the streets of cities and towns. Hardest-hit eastern parts of the peninsula.

The water level in the center of Kerch rose above one meter. The first

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Flooding in Georgia

Flooding in Georgia Natural Disasters

Georgia's capital, Tbilisi several hours flooded rains. As a result of the Kura River (Georgian name "Mtkvari"), which is the main waterway of the Caucasus, burst its banks, causing the worst flooding. Several streets, dozens of cars, shops, cellars apartment buildings and private buildings were completely under water. Traffic is blocked indefinitely. Severely affected areas of the capital Ortahala. There was a collapse of the mountain, threatening standing next to homes, out of which all the inhabitants were evacuated. Mud and zabivshie drip collector, prevent the normal outflow of accumulated rainwater. In the flooded streets

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Environmental disaster in Korobcheevo


20.06.12.V Friday, June 15, the flow of the slurry from the farm Korobcheevskoy flooded the estates of some residents of the street Forest. Manure was so much that motorists could drive down the street and had to move to a detour through the federal road "Ural".

Beds with potatoes and vegetables have disappeared under a layer of feces and garbage. Pond with clean water and dilute it with fish at the site of one of the residents in minutes turned into a swamp, from which the fetid smell. In wells and artesian water wells became brownish in color

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Bulgaria. Outbreak of leukemia in Merichleri


28.04.12.Kak passes, an outbreak of leukemia in Merichleri said in Parliament leading political club "Ekoglasnost" Emil Georgiev. He argues that the panic in the region. People are afraid to drink the water, which, according to laboratory tests, is oversaturated with arsenic.

As explained by Emil Georgiev, contamination of drinking water is due to poisonous action, is a local firm "Kaolin". This was supposed to know the ministries of economy, environment and health, but criminally silent about the problem.

Emil Georgiev said that recently died of leukemia Chairman of the Action Committee Merichleri to counter pollution. The head of

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