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Dozens dead after an hour of rain in China

Dozens dead after an hour of rain in China Weather and Climate

In the mountainous north-west part of China due to heavy rains and Gradova "attack", which lasted only one hour from five to six in the evening May 12, 2012, killing 37 people on the list of missing numbers 19 people. Another 40 people were hospitalized. The worst affected district is Minsyan Gansu Province, with a total number of victims is 358 thousand people, many of the regional roads destination is not functioning, destroyed hundreds of homes, hospitals and schools, destroyed more than 7,000 hectares of crops.

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How much water on our planet?

How much water on our planet? It is interesting

If you collect water from the entire surface of the Earth, including fresh water, the water of the seas and oceans, from underground sources, from living organisms and even water vapor, which is located above the surface of the planet, you get a drop, surprising his small size. The diameter of a sphere of water does not exceed 1385 km in diameter, which can be compared with the distance between the American cities of Salt Lake City, Utah, and Topeka, Kansas, or between Gdansk, Poland, and Moscow, Russia. In cubic kilometers

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Parking spaces and playgrounds in Rotterdam will be resistant to weather changes

Parking spaces and playgrounds in Rotterdam will be resistant to weather changes Facts

Dutch city to develop new ways to protect the city from increasing rainfall and tides caused by climate change.

Photo: The protective sheath of storm surge at the entrance to Rotterdam — the largest port in Europe. Windmills, which are known to all as a symbol of the Netherlands, are reminiscent of the fact that residents of low-lying areas were able to hold back the tides. In addition to the barriers, the first of which were built about 1,000 years ago, in the Netherlands there

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19.04.12.Gibel fish pond Zarechny. Video


19.04.12.Gory debris and decomposing carcasses of carp and roach — so now it looks like a pond in a park in Lermontov Zarechny. Dead fish cover the entire water surface, lying on the shore. Zarechenskaya fishermen complain — this catch was gone!

They have a version of why this spring in a recreation area "Solar" killed so many fish. This pattern can be observed every year. Management of natural resources experts say that the fish dies, and from lack of oxygen. Olga Zhuravleva — Engineer Environmental MU "Natural Resources Management" Zarechny: — Spring with snow melt ice

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On the Big Cheremshan suffocating fish. Video. Photo


The situation with the mass death of fish in the river Great Cheremshan kept under constant control.

Uploaded DimTV73, date: 27.02.2012

19.02.12.Nehvatka oxygen caused the mass death of fish in the Big Cheremshan in Dimitrovgrad.

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12.04.12.Gibel fish Akhtuba. Video


12.04.12.Nehvatka lake and Eric, as well as extreme cold this winter have led to massive fish kills in the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain. Fishery biologists fear that the situation could lead to the disappearance of pike, carp or roach and offer multiple address urgent environmental problems.

For the decomposed remains of fish. Already stuffed ants, birds porasklevali. A pile of dead remains of crayfish. Only the shells.

This sad situation is observed around the entire perimeter of the lake in the Leninsky district Beschastnykh. Experts bitterly ascertain mass death of fish and explain the reason for the tragedy: a total

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Sinkhole in Bratsk. Video

Karst holes Arthur fell into a gully on the road right in the center of the city. Despite pleas for help, he was so no one helped.

The teenager fell into a gully under the asphalt, when he returned home in the evening. At one point, the land is literally gone from under his feet, and the student was up to his neck in hot water.

— I felt a crash and ended up in the water. At first I did not understand what was happening. Tried to escape — realized that I can not! Walked adult

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Europe in the area of natural disasters. Video


7.01.12.Na shift stormy wind came the heavy rains and floods. In Germany, the banks came just a few rivers. Suspended shipping, roads were under water and the yards of houses along the shore.

According to forecasts, the water did not subside for days. The situation is similar in the Netherlands. There has been declared due to flooding evacuation. Of the affected area removed 800. Under the water were hundreds of acres of land, traffic on many roads closed.

And in Switzerland, and Austria — unprecedented snowfalls. Heavy wet snow stopped trains, blocked the road, cut the wiring harness.

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Contamination of the manganese Bezenchuk


8.02.12.V Bezenchuk river near to. Vasiljevka Bezenchukskaya area exceeded the maximum permissible concentration of manganese in 151 times. This was reported on the website of the Volga UGMS.

Management specialists have figured out that in early February during a routine survey of small rivers in the region. On behalf of the Regional Forestry Ministry officials from the district administration to check up, whether harmful substances leaked into the river at one of the nearby businesses. To do this, they tested organization located at 1 km upstream and downstream. It turned out that it was not. Therefore, in the Volga

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29.12.11.V Krasnodar Karasun mass fish dies. Video


Lakes of Krasnodar, Krasnodar mass stranding fish

29.12.11.Ochevidtsy posted photos online. Several thousands stranded on the shore of the lake in the CHP. Local teens returned half dead fish back into the water in hopes of saving it. Noticed a massive loss on Dec. 29 at noon. The incident was reported to specialists. Those water samples — the norm of harmful substances in the lake was not exceeded.

In administration, Krasnodar district reported that technical pond, and the discharge of pollutants there is officially permitted. Remove dead fish experts will be the next day.

Source: Channel 9 Kuban

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