Queue underwater

So it was that type of firearm that was created for the implementation of the water, it was created a little. Moreover, not all of them were able to reach mass production. The main problem, which had to fight weapons designer, was the density of water. Do joke, almost 800 times denser than air and leads the interaction with the bullet accordingly. The resistance of the water just does not give bullets ammunition available to accelerate to more or less respectable speeds and fly (or float), or even slightly applicable distance. So frogmen had to enjoy what is —

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Drying and flooding Brazil photofact

Drying and flooding Brazil photofact Weather and Climate

At the time, the whole Brazilian Amazon is on the verge of recognizing the state of emergency caused by the floods, the north-east of the country is experiencing hard water shortages because of the very serious for the last 30 years of drought.

1. A local woman carries a container of water taken from nearly dry well near the commune Fumaka in Maracas, Bahia, northeastern Brazil. May 5, 2012.

2. Horse from a drying dam. Brazil, Bahia. May 5, 2012.

3. Livestock crosses the street in

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Livestock killed by drought on the coast of Ecuador


2.12.11.Tsentralnye cantons Manabi province — Chone, Olmedo, Rokafuerte — were most affected by the lack of rainfall: livestock dies, as the pastures dried up all the grass, the animals have no water to drink.

Parraga Ruben, president of the cattlemen Manabi (AGM) of Ecuador requested the authorities to declare a state of emergency in the sector. So far, the assurances of livestock, no help from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (Magap) they have not received.

Livestock farmers are trying to get out of the situation by buying grass in the neighboring provinces to prevent povalny animals die.

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Plastic in the ocean increases the water striders

Plastic in the ocean increases the water striders Facts

Number of plastic, get into large Pacific Garbage Patch, injury of 100 to the 1970th year, changing the distribution of marine species. Although debris stretched for thousands of kilometers to the west of California, is a threat to a large number of animals and insects, for one species it is a comfortable environment.  

Sea water strider insects (Halobates sericeus) live on the surface of the water and lay their eggs on floating objects. In the relatively clean waters of such objects are shells, feathers and pumice.

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The ground water level was rising in England

The ground water level was rising in England Facts

Bans on the use of water continue to operate in some areas of England, despite the fact that the ground water level began to rise. Experts believe it will take much more time to get rid of the drought.

According to the latest drought continues in the south-east of England. Heavy rain failed to quickly restore water balance, causing local flooding. River level has stabilized, and in some places are already higher than normal, dry soil moist, and the reservoir is filling with water. This is due to an

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Belaruskali dives

Karst holes

Photo: Dmitry Brushko / Kommersant

30.06.11.Na one of the mines "Belaruskali" purchase of 50% of which discusses the major shareholder of "BRIC" Suleiman Kerimov, the accident occurred. The workers stumbled upon the reservoir brine, from which now, according to unofficial information, the mine received 70 cubic meters of water per hour.

For comparison, during the flooding of the mine "BRIC" in 2006, the mine received up to 7 cubic meters of brine per hour. In "Belaruskali" assure that the situation is "normal". Analysts agree that as long as it does not look threatening, but market participants say

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Consequences of heavy rains in Indonesia

Consequences of heavy rains in Indonesia, Natural Disasters

The flood, which occurred near the eastern Indonesian city of Ternate, North Maluku province, killing five people, including nine children. Ten Indonesians missing. At the moment, organized on their search operations. About 20 residents of 11 villages for the injured, all sorts.

The region has experienced heavy rains, and having the water flowing down the slopes of Mount Gamalama, captured encounters fragments of lava and other volcanic products. A huge wave of volcanic debris, moved by rain water, completely swept away with 25 foundations of houses that met on her

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Avalanche caused flooding in Nepal

Avalanche caused flooding in Nepal Natural Disasters

In the western part of Nepal in helmets because of the collapse of an avalanche in the River Network flooding occurred. Dozens of people living along the banks of the river were washed away along with their houses, farm buildings and livestock. Three miraculously managed to pull right out of the water. Destroyed bridges, damaged agricultural crops. Many people are reported missing, and in the list, three Russian tourists come and see the mountain Nepal. At the moment their names disclosed.

Rescue workers and local residents in search of drowning in

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The threat of loss of fish eggs on the Dnieper


2.05.11.Sokraschenie passage of water through the dam Kakhovka HES caused the level of water in the river for 40 sm.Ukrainskie environmentalists concerned about this issue — reducing the level of water can cause drying of fish spawning grounds and the loss of eggs.

In the Kherson region is undergoing industrial spawning stock of fish, and the water level dropped by 40 cm can result in poor environmental conditions in the reservoirs in the lower reaches of the Dnieper.

Management of Environmental Protection in the Kherson region appealed to the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine to increase the

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In the Komi-Perm district mass death of fish


14.11.12.Tri weeks ago at the village Pronino lowered local pond. Former officials say that it was necessary. Fish at this time you can catch bags. Do not even fishing rods. Pike, carp, ruffs and carp lying on the bottom of the former the former pond. Wear waders and gathering. Easy prey fish, which can simply gather hands went not to the public. People no one say when the water goes. Therefore, a considerable part of the fish just died.

— Horror same — clasping his hands woman — a resident of the village Mazunino Yugov Rice — fish on

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