Drought in England could last until Christmas

Drought in England could last until Christmas Weather and Climate

After two dry winters with occasional rains a large area of England is in a severe drought conditions. Suffered the most south-east and central England — the vast regions in which there is a strong depletion of water resources. A ban on the widespread use of water for any purpose for homes and businesses. They are set by seven companies in the south and east of England, serving over 20 million people. Anglian Water said the 18-month dry period are considered the worst in 100 years. Only in 1892/93 and

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Fish kills in the Mytishchi pond. Video


29.07.11.V Mytishchi wanted those who poisoned the pond Central City Park. Near the pond — a strong chemical smell that with wind gusts up to the nearest houses. Added to it and the smell of rotting fish.

Three days ago the same killing a few ducks. Those that survived, look clearly unhealthy. Float on the water surface dead perch. According to residents of neighboring houses, cause ecological disaster — an unknown chemical that someone secretly poured into water.

The pond is now underway to strengthen the banks, but it was unlikely to cause pollution. In all of this there

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The loss of wild boars in Brittany. Video


26.07.11.Vosemnadtsat boar carcasses were found on Tuesday in one of the beaches of the French Brittany.

Employees of the local prefecture added to this number are 10 wild boar found dead earlier this month — and almost convinced that all the fault of the green algae, releasing toxic vapors.

This is a problem faced by many coastal regions. But Breton environmentalists are sounding the alarm: every year the situation is getting worse, the bill is already in the hundreds of tons of green biomass. Especially dangerous decaying algae in the water.

"In such water often, we often find

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Hudson ice melted too soon

Hudson ice melted too soon Facts

Typically, cold waters of Hudson Bay ice-covered from January to May. Completely ice cap melts only in the middle of August. But this year, in early April in the Gulf experienced strong ice flow. In many parts of the Hudson River, especially in the east of the Gulf of St. James and Hudson Strait, which leads to the Atlantic Ocean, one can see clearly the areas of water filled with ice shards. Also on the ice throughout the eastern half of the Hudson are cracks and splits.

Satellite image of the moving ice in

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Severe drought has left without water 6.6 million people in China

April 4, 2013. From lack of water affects more than 6.6 million people covered by the severe drought in parts of China, according to the State headquarters to drought and floods, published in the newspaper China Daily.

The most serious situation is now in the provinces of Yunnan, Gansu, Henan, Sichuan and Hubei. The high temperatures and lack of rainfall in these provinces has led to drought, which to date has damaged 7.3 million hectares of farmland. The worst of the disaster affected the south-western provinces of Yunnan and Sichuan. However, as experts say, drought did not affect the main

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Bare Colorado can threaten drought

Bare Colorado drought could threaten Weather and Climate

Despite the fact that the Front Range in Colorado got a decent amount of snow at the end of this winter, the amount of precipitation is still too small compared to the norm, and approximately 52%. Such indicators fully meet the situation in March 2012, which was exceptionally dry and snow-free. This did not happen in 2002, a year of severe drought in the western U.S..

As of April 1, 2012 fullness watershed staff was above average, which is 108% of normal for this time of year. Despite these high numbers, said

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Near Kerch on the coast washed 1500kg bull. Photo


22.07.11.Segodnya July 22 were released zamornogo bull on the Azov Sea coast near the village of Spa Leninsky district.

It is reported by the Crimean territorial department Azovgosryboohrany.

Zamornaya fish thrown on the waterfront sites, a total length of about 7 km. The total number of fish discarded more than 1500 kg. Fish and water samples sent for analysis to YugNIRO.

Informed environmental prosecutor's office and the local authorities. Steps are being taken for cleaning and recycling. Zamornaya situation caused by the high temperature of the water and related weather conditions.

Source: TRC Breeze



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Fish kills in the Bryansk region



BRYANSK, July 26. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Oleg Artiushin /. Mass death of fish recorded in reservoirs in the south of the Bryansk region. According to the administration Pogar district, a large number of dead fish found in the last week in the river Sudost. Among the dead fish out of water, — pike, catfish and tench.

To investigate the cause of death of fish an expert committee. The first analyzes showed that the level of oxygen in the water is four times lower than normal, and the concentration of phosphate in the five times the exposure

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Fish kills in lyubotinskom pond


Photo from: mediaport.ua

22.07.11.V Upper Starolyubotinskom (it near Lyubotin) pond fish died. According to the Kharkiv gosekoinspektsii, killing more than a ton of fish: 13 000 261 crucian carp 165 and one carp. Ichthyological home service governance environment has estimated losses: 3,000,000 808.65 thousand UAH.

Ekoinspektsiya conducted studies of water in the pond, the source of wastewater is not found in the water samples exceeded hazardous substances is not fixed, the oxygen content are also normal. Sort out who is to blame for sea fish will Kharkiv Interdistrict Prosecutor's Office — the website of Kharkiv ekoinspektsii.

Editor: Pauline

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The drying up of the Dead Sea has accelerated


4.12.12.Mertvoe Sea continues to shrink. The water level in this unique body of water fell in November by another 11 centimeters, said on Tuesday, December 4, the radio station "Kol Yisrael".

The drying of the Dead Sea is gradually increasing, and this year, lowering the water level by 40 cm higher than the average of ten years ago.

Recall, after construction of new dams in Jordan and Syria almost completely stopped for Yarmuh River, a major tributary of Jordan in the area between the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. As a result, last year the water level

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