The death of river dwellers in the Lipetsk region


18.07.11.V Lipetsk region for some reason there was a mass death of river dwellers. Since the end of last week on the water Matyra in mud and float downstream surfaced shells washed ashore pink calf shellfish. Most shells surfaced in the backwater near the former village of mud. On Friday, July 15 at River visited specialists of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the Lipetsk region and the territorial Department of Rosprirodnadzor.

As reported in GOROD48 Rosprirodnadzor, water from the river, as well as live and dead clams had already recovered for laboratory research. As assured

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SOS Save the River


14.09.12.Odna of the major rivers of Zhambyl oblast — Talas — rapidly grows shallow eyes.

Experts explain this weather and a sharp decrease in water discharge from the Kirov reservoir. Now water from the neighboring region of Kyrgyzstan comes in several times less than in the previous year. Than it threatens Kazakhs?

Shore abundance

This situation is no good for the villagers, who, at this dry season had problems with irrigation water. However, if this problem is known to local officials, here are the other remains clearly seen. Alarm sounding commuter villages.

— Unfortunately, the environmental side in

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Flooding in Kenya

April 2, 2013. The floods, which came to Kenya after long rains, had a negative impact on the lives of the administrative district Kadzhado in particular areas Nkoroi, Magali and Kiserian.

In withdrawn from the shores of the river Kandizi flowing in Nkoroi, drowned two person. As it turned out, the dead were traveling together from one village to another in the dark and could not cope with them pouring streams of the river water. Along the ill-fated road now wielded by search teams, as there are suggestions that some of the groups of travelers could stay alive. Mangled

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On the island of the wild devil




Exactly 12 years ago, the New Earth has officially become a central Russian nuclear test site       In the "Book of Secrets" — an informal Bible Russian followers of UFO and paranormal phenomena — the archipelago given its rightful place. "By the nature of the object in

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Remains of ancient civilization found at the bottom of the North Sea




While some scientists are searching for Atlantis, other researchers have found the remains of some ancient civilizations, which was located in what is now the North Sea. With the latest technology to archaeologists managed to reconstruct the pieces of the ancient world, now buried under a layer

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Carp fish kill on the lake


8.07.11.V beginning of the week to the newspaper "Metallurg" received some disturbing calls. Citizens reported that the carp in the lake is something wrong: on the beach, the sun shining silvery scales lie dead fish.

We immediately contacted the environmental prosecutor's office. It turned out there already know about the current situatsii.My asked to comment on the incident Deputy Orsk interdistrict environmental prosecutor Emile Shirinyan.

— The observed phenomenon today — in itself a negative, but it is pretty common for carp at this time of year. The death of small fish in the lake is observed almost every

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The ecological status of the river Don


Doctor of Biological Sciences Valery Privalenko Photo: Olga Gopal

11.07.11Po request of the correspondent "KP" Sc.D. Valery Privalenko speculate on the ecological status of the river Don — Don and we are all very bad — just stunned me, Doctor of Biological Sciences Valery Privalenko many years studying the environmental problems of the Don region.

— Quiet Flows the Don himself — a river length of more than a thousand miles starts in Moscow and Rostov to our Tsimlyansk flowing in from the reservoir. For us, he — my father, that is more than a river. Performs several

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By Evpatoria hurricane. Photo. Video


Photo from:

14.07.11.Evpatoriya comes after the disaster yesterday. At the resort town collapsed storm — with heavy wind, thunder, rain and hail.

Houses — de-energized, and some areas of the city experienced a real flood. Suffered the most International Children's Center "Golden Key" — his room flooded water that is not pumped out so far. Says — Maxim Koshelev.

That's — the sound of the pump, and with buckets in their hands — spent the entire staff present children's theater "Golden Key". Its facilities are located on the ground floor — and vcherashy downpour flooded the room

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Urals village residents drink water from rain puddles


1.10.12.Ne drink from puddles, a kid will become. For the villagers Shufruk — is Turin area — a tale as a guide to action. People collect rainwater or gain from drains.

Residents of the village Shufruk saved, they can. Zoe Lezhnina lived here all my life, but this did not remember. Pensioner every day to about 15 buckets of water — houses cows, sheep and chickens. Tells us that the water takes from this ditch, she pours a vegetable garden, water them, livestock, and she did not hesitate — the other is not there. Zoe Lezhnina: "Nothing I'm

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In Marupov killed all the fish. Video


5.07.11.Iz-severe consequences for chemical pollution in Marupe killed almost all of the fish, said the executive director of the portal DELFI Riga Juris Radzevich.

"The flow of chemicals left severe consequences Marupov, lost almost all of the fish," — said Radzevich.

But, he said, the Daugava, given the volume of water in the river, the chemicals will not cause much harm.

"At the same time, to swim downstream estuary Marupov, for example, cable-stayed bridge is not recommended. In turn, the official Riga beaches and Vecaki Bullyusale as confirmed Health Inspectorate, no danger for swimmers not, "- said the

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