Transvaal was the beginning of Moscows man-made disasters




Head of the Centre of instrumental observations of the environment and geophysical forecasts Igor Janicki engaged in the research, "underground life" for 40 years. He believes that if previously listened to the views of geophysicists, now began construction spree. Multi-storey colossus grow like mushrooms after rain, bringing

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In the river Ustia mass death of fish. Video


Rivne. June 15. UNIAN. On the banks of the river Ustia, which flows through the central part of the city of Rivne, and its water is fixed mass death of fish.

Bad smell of dead fish carcasses and residents of Rivne fix for several days, especially in the area of Street Pier.

According to UNIAN, pedestrians and fishermen put forward several possible versions of the causes of the incident. One of the most common — getting into the water of chemicals or impurities from the sewage network. At the same time, experts tend to say that the massive

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Arhiva.V of Berezniki building collapsed in failure. Photo. Video

Karst holes

October 19, 2006 at the mine potash mine № 1 OJSC "Uralkali" (Berezniki, Perm region) after the crash began to notice a sharp increase in water inflow to the face.

The influx from the aquifer was strong, which was extremely dangerous — if the water saturation of solid salt layer will turn it into a kind of "ryapy", in the presence of a large system of cavities formed in the extraction of salt water will dissolve rocks with possible consequences on the surface .

To do in this situation, people have nothing they could, and October 28,

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In Novorossiysk killing bulls and orchids


9.06.11.Intensivnoe anthropogenic impacts threaten the well-being of the monument prirody.V Environmental Watch on North Caucasus called the head of the circle city station naturalists Novorossiysk Olga Balanyuk. She reported that on 1 June 2011. class Circle "Young environmentalists" were held on Sudzhukskoy Spit.

According to her, behind ducts children notice nailed to the Dead calves, from 10 to 20 centimeters. Next on the spit of dead fish were more and more, it hits literally every two feet. All of the dead animals were observed signs of the same: bloodless body with broken bellies, bulging white eyes. Total students mug

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Moon of Saturn is a huge spaceship


It is this version of the first climb to the head researcher, ufologist, when it considers that an unusual image of Enceladus the sixth largest moon of Saturn.

Version of NASA (2007) explains the effect of exposure to this lower water vapor "At the south pole of Enceladus are icy geysers that release of a crust of ice jets of water vapor (steam emitting a height of hundreds of kilometers). In all probability, the matter leaving the companion of the couple turns to ice and replenishes Saturn's E ring "

It is believed that

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Bering Strait as a temperature stabilizer

Bering Strait as a temperature stabilizer Scientists prove

Group of climate scientists after analyzing computer simulations revealed that the strait that separates North America and Russia can become a stabilizer in global temperatures. This is possible because when the temperature in the Arctic strait dry, and the water from the melting ice of the Arctic can not get to the Pacific Ocean, and is returned to the Arctic Ocean. From there, the cold water masses fall into the Atlantic with no obstacles in the way of nature, and influence miridionalnuyu circulation of the Atlantic Ocean (AMOC) and the temperature of

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Drought in Florida has led to fires

Drought in Florida caused fires Weather and Climate

Drought in the southeastern United States has reached record levels, which would have many consequences in the future. Of the most obvious are called wildfires, most likely in Florida. The staff at this time, and so takes a period of drought, but the current weather can be fatal after a dry 2011 and high temperatures in 2012.

Driest region declared Jacksonville and Fort Myers, there fell to only 31% of normal rainfall, the deficit is about 20 mm. In other parts of Florida from the beginning of the year also fell to

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Dead Sea "dies"

Dead Sea "dies" It's interesting

Scientists are very concerned about the level of water in the low-mounted sea world, widely known for its medicinal properties. What the Dead, shallow sea, has become obvious and inexorable trend. Researchers from Tel Aviv University and the Hebrew University found that over the past 200,000 years at sea always had periods of rise and fall of water, but current figures are of particular concern for the earth's attraction.

Salt deposits off the coast of the Dead Sea

Geologists took samples of salt at a depth of 460 m below the seabed. Age of the

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In Mironovskoe Reservoir — Zamora carp


26.05.11.V newspaper "Donbass" turned fisherman Paul Ignatenko, udivshy fish Mironovskoe Reservoir, near Debalcevo. He complained about the sea of silver carp in the pond and sent photos, which it was evident that the whole shore strewn with dead fish. According to him, the body of water for several days there was a fetid smell, so normally fish and relax here was simply impossible.

Journalist "Donbass" immediately went to the scene to determine the cause. The local fishermen are mostly guilty of the power station, which is serviced by the reservoir and suspected chemical release into the cooling pond.


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On the 'virtual water'

On the "virtual water" This is interesting

In the process of food production uses a lot of water. During the export and import of such products makes water 'virtual' journey from one continent to another. Tracking track "virtual water" will help in the future, more economical use of this valuable natural resource, according to scientists, hydrologists.

The evolution of trade in "virtual water" from 1986 to 2007.

According to their research, in 2007, the exchange of "virtual water" in the world amounted to 567 billion liters, which is more than the volume of water in Lake Geneva six times. In

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