The day when the fish surfaced



12.05.11.Posledstviya fish kills in Lake Pioneer literally stirred the local residents and the many fishing enthusiasts. Nor could it be otherwise, when after the disappearance of ice and warm water dismal picture is not harvested for the May supplement hundreds of banks have started to decompose dead carp, silver carp and other fish. Finished a dismal picture fetid smell.

Information about the incident spread so fast, especially on the Internet, which, as is often the case, began to become self-sufficient, and an event called an unexpected disaster. However, this did not happen. As quickly as possible

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Why in the lakes Bashkiria killed the fish?


14.05.11.Nyneshney spring lakes Bashkiria has already registered five cases of sudden and massive fish kills. The first warning sign came in early April, with the lake in the Annunciation Achikul region of Bashkortostan. Local fishermen said they found a large number of dead carp. State supervisory organizations first tried to explain what happened naturally Zamora.

However, local residents and representatives of environmental organizations claim that the lake for a long time, there twang unknown chemical. And one of the fishermen, who helped pick out of the water samples of dead fish for analysis, said that after this clearly felt

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In EAO rescued from death 4000 young carp


Moment of salvation otshnurovannogo fry from the Amur basin. Photo by:

Birobidzhan, May 9, EAOmedia. Birobidzhan fishing control inspectors and border outposts "Golovin" save from death around 4000 sazanchikov, in distress, reports Trend. RIA EAOMedia referring to the newspaper "The Birobidzhan Star".

According to the head of Alexander Kukshinova fisheries in late April — early May dropped sharply in the Amur water level. The result was "otshnurovannymi" depressions in which water has come at a great mass of young carp, crucian carp, zmeegolovov, other ordinary fish fish. All of it is doomed: water levels in the Amur

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Flooding in Kinel-Cherkassy!


17.04.11.V village has a large river Kinel. She divides the village in Kinel and Cherkassy. Red or pink, I showed what is now water. Such a spill was no water for 12 years.

Here, the water should not be …

Here water came very, very close …

Earlier posts along a pavement … Types of houses in the distance … Ostrovsky street called …

To get to my street, we have to swim to the boat.

Here you can see how flooded greenhouse, and it has already planted tomatoes …


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Why kill the lake?


14.04.11.Ozero "Rossinka" in the streets of the 2nd Novoselovka may be on the brink of ecological disaster. It became extinct fish, frogs, crayfish …

On Monday our editors approached by residents of the street, who live near the lake. Local fishermen told them that all the fish had died this year, and suggested that the water could drain sewage. — Lake was our paradise — tell his wife. — This is a popular place for bathing residents and Novoselovka Musketeers.

In the heat of summer, local grannies long standing in the cool water. But a year ago on the

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In drinking wells Bashkiria this year the water will not be


15.04.11.V Bashkiria this year in drinking water wells will be even lower than last year. This was April 14 REGNUM correspondent chairman of the Union of Belarus Alexander Veselov environmentalists:

— On the consequences of the flood early to say. But the water in the White River is very small. Therefore, in the current year is expected to be below average flood unless the rains come. Soil is dry. Meltwater immediately go into the ground. In the gardens of water will not. Even less than last year, so we need to deepen wells.


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Heat waves in the regions of Kazakhstan. Video


16.06.12.Anomalnaya heat in parts of the country! Storm warning announced in the south and west. In Atyrau thermometer today climbed above 50 degrees! In Kyzylorda communal warn of upcoming shortages of water. The region is expected to 45!

From the scorching heat of the people are saved as they can: for ice cream and soft drinks is a huge queue. Languishing in the heat townspeople rushed to the water: the beaches are overcrowded, rescuers working in emergency mode. Oil companies, whose workers are toiling in the open, had to even change the schedule. In Atyrau employees allowed

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China: the release of waste water into the rivers led to the death of fish


20.04.11.Vybros waste water has caused the death of large numbers of fish near the city of Nanjing in eastern China. Raw sewage got into nearby rivers due to the closure of the plant in water purification, which caused the deaths of thousands of fish in the waters of Jiangsu Province, said local authorities. Water treatment plant that cleans more than 100 000 tons of water a day, suspended its work on Thursday last week, due to a breakdown of the main pump. That is what led to the ingress of contaminated water into the river. Settled hot weather aggravated

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Algal blooms in the Danish coast causes the death of fish


11.04.2011.Soyuz anglers Denmark announces the start of the flowering period of sea water, which is accompanied by mass mortality of fish. Brown water, saturated many unicellular algae has always characterized the spring to the east of Jutland.

In the early spring season sea trout fishing almost always historically been characterized by poor catches. The reason probably lies in an unusually extensive algal blooms in February and March, caused by the multiplication of toxic phytoplankton Chatonella, that at high concentrations it can cause even death of the fish. In this regard, the Danish Union of Fishermen encourages its

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Fish kill in Deep River


30.03.11.Pervymi alarm sounded fishermen: they noticed that out of the wells drilled in the ice wafting stench, sometimes floated dead fish.

Residents of the village Upper Pihovkin (Rostov on Don) tell: they increasingly began to find the dead fish on the bottom of the river and on the shore. Commission rybinspektsii Rosselkhoznadzor and presented a complete set — from snulogo trehkilogrammovogo carp to large white bream and roach.

The fact that the river is deeply poison starch and syrup plant "AMYLCO" located upstream — in Millerovo, local residents said a long time. And fish kills have been — in

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