Failures in Kherson follow one another

Karst holes

23.e03.11.Na last week in Kherson recorded two major accidents in the South gravity collector sewer. March 18 at the corner of Schmidt and Sacco and Vanzetti was sinking roadway.

Sometimes on the road driving a tractor, which landed in the resulting fracture. Fortunately, neither the driver nor tehsredstvo not injured. Tractor driver came to the aid of rescue officers to tow.

Three days later, on March 21, another gap formed at the corner of Peace and Berislav highway — one of the busiest highways in Kherson. According to experts, there is a collector at a depth of 7

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In the area of Kiev Goloseevskiy lakeside found hundreds of dead fish


Emergency Management find out the details of what happened Photos Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine

24.03.11.V one of the ponds Orehovatskogo cascade in Holosiivskyi district of Kiev, the mass lost fish. According to local residents, the fish poisoned with chemicals that are dumped into the water, Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine.

According to the publication, last week, local residents on a walk in the park named after Rila found on the surface of one of the lakes in the foam of unknown origin. According to residents, the foam was also on the surrounding body of water trees. A few

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In the river, the fish died Uvinke


7.04.11.Izhevsk. Udmurtia. In the river Uvinke in Vavozhskogo district killed all the fish. Local fishermen catch it. On the river abruptly stopped biting, and the entire bottom was covered with the corpses of fish.

Signal at the place of death of fish left experts monitoring of water and fish resources, Udmurt veterinary diagnostic center and State Veterinary Udmurt Republic.

In several places the lanes were cut, seen that information was confirmed. By commissioning samples were collected dead fish bionts, water. Experts immediately put forward two versions of the cause of death of fish — Dumping of toxic

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At the Belgian plant recorded incident of the second level


Dule 20.03.11.V Belgian nuclear incident is assigned a second level on the international scale. Problems arose with the water pump on the fourth power station.

According to the website Greenpeace, energy company reported Electracabel quick repair. Energy assured that the incident did not cause harm to the environment or the health of workers and the population of plant module.

Interior Minister Annemie Belgium Turtelbom not rule out the risk of a large-scale nuclear accident in the country, but called it "negligibly small."

The European Commission has recommended to the authorities to conduct tests on the reliability of nuclear power

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The strongest in 14 years rains occurred in Ecuador

The strongest in 14 years rains occurred in Ecuador Weather and Climate

Thousands of poor Ecuadorian farmers watch as neighboring areas submerged under water due to heavy rain, resulting in an incredible number of destroyed property and killed at least 24 people.

"What makes a river, it then takes the '- sadly notes Barzola Francisco, who lost everything he had in the rainy season, which began earlier this year. "People are not only losing, but experience extreme discomfort at a time when the water level rose by nearly 1.2 meters." The danger also of mosquitoes, which appeared in large numbers

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In the Seychelles declared a state of emergency

February 1, 2013. Due to the fact that near the Seychelles enhanced tropical cyclone Felling, on the largest island of the archipelago Mae announced a state of emergency because of heavy precipitation and flooding occurred. Hardest hit three districts of the island, where the element has destroyed about 150 homes.

Flood captures all the new space on Seychelles, information appeared first landslides and rock falls. Last day in Pointe-au-Ciel in the south-east of the island of Mahe 184 mm of rain fell, accounting for nearly half of the January monthly norm. In other localities rainfall close to 100 mm.

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Ryazan region killed fish


3.03.11.Moroznaya snowy winter turned the death of carp, pike and perch in many small ponds and lakes of the region. Alekanovo residents raised the alarm among the first, according to Ren-Ryazan. The fishermen, who are always happy to come sit on their lake with a fishing rod, noticed that all the bottom of the reservoir of choking white water fish. She is dying from lack of oxygen. As they say, the lake "burns", and they say — "Zamor". So that one might not catch fish, but to save. Several people with fishing poles did not give up the hope

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Mass mortality of squid in Australia


February 25. Experts do not know what caused the death of thousands of squid in the River Derwent this week.

Starting Tuesday, a lot of dead and dying squid dart were found on the beach and in the water in Austin Ferry Berrideyl. Locals say they had never seen the like.

Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) confirmed on Thursday the discovery of many more dead squid downstream. This is the third case of the death of aquatic animals in the Derwent in the last two weeks.


At the beginning of this week in Windermere Bay near Claremont

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In the waters of the Northern Kazakhstan mass death of fish


5.02.11.Pervy bell has rung out: massive fish kills in the river Tobol found hundreds of miles from Kostanay downstream. Earlier this week, another group of environmental concerns, experts took samples of river water.

Previous tests have shown that the maximum allowable concentration of some chemical components exceeded tens and even hundreds of times, and the water in the main artery of the area is more like a poisonous brine. On the one hand, the consequences of last year's drought. On the other — the natural result of the barbaric man's relationship to the environment, the IA "Kazakh-Grain"

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In New Zealand, the bank jumped 82 dolphin. Photo


4.02.11.V New Zealand coast pilot whale stranded 82 — Large Animals of the family Delphinidae. According to Agence France-Presse, the incident took place on Friday morning, February 4, on the South Island, about 150 kilometers west of the resort town of Nelson. To date, ten of the stranded pilot whales died. Status of survivors grind causes fear, as long as they are not returned to the water and because of this can be lost. According to a Department of Natural Heritage, the pilot whale lies in the sand in the sun and can greatly overheated.

On the

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