We found the use of lunar water

We found the use of lunar water Facts

Since 2009, we know that the moon has large reserves of water ice hidden in the satellite craters on its south pole. Now scientists are trying to find ways to use these water resources for science and humanity.

Ice water found on the moon in a cloud of matter during the docking of a spacecraft NASA could provide material for rocket fuel, familiar to earthlings air you can breathe, or even drinking water.

Reserves of this resource on our satellite fairly impressive. According to the Institute of the moon and planets, on

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The tragedy of the Aral Sea


21.01.11.Gazeta "Our World" Global climate change and anthropogenic (human, economic, or rather — bezhozyaystvennaya) activity together have created a series of environmental disasters on a planetary scale. Among them — the death of the Aral Sea, dehydration, and desertification in the basin. The tragedy of the Aral Sea, the negative effects of drying it and find ways to stabilize the environmental situation in the region became the focus of an international conference, "Transboundary environmental problems in Central Asia, the use of international legal mechanisms to deal with them," which was held on 16-17 November 2010 in Tashkent. The conference

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In Kostanay frost killed fish


20.01.11.Iz due to severe frosts in Kostanai region in the Tobol River fish die, "Interfax-Kazakhstan".

According to the chief of the Tobol-Torgai Interregional inspection basin Fisheries Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan Nurkana Sarsenova because of the freezing of the reservoir in the area occurred Mendykarinskom partial fish kills, which die from lack of water. In turn, the reason was the freeze drying up of the river. Sarsenov explained that the critical shallow water, the water level is low, and the frost was intense — ice thickness is 70-80 inches.

Head of ichthyological monitoring and management of fisheries inspection Viktor

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USA: Hundreds of thousands of dead fish near the island Meysonboro

January 12, 2013. State environmental authorities this week found hundreds of thousands of dead fish on the island Meysonboro (Masonboro Island), According to the speaker of the North Carolina Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR).

Representatives of environmental explain that fish — Atlantic menhaden — travels very large shoals and swam in a dead-end rotation of the island Luzins Creek (Loosins Creek).

Within hours oxygen in the water dropped to near zero values, which was the cause of their death. As a result, dead fish was found along the beaches of the island and in the water.

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Flooding in Germany. Video


Photo: EPA

10.01.11.Desyatki settlements in Germany affected by the floods, one dead

More than 30 villages located along the river Mosel between Koblenz and Trier, suffered severe flooding as a result of the spill of the Moselle, was killed at least one person, according to German media.

At the mercy of the elements were areas between the cities of Koblenz and Trier, the biggest blow came in the water flow of Celle. Reports of the first victims came from the German state of Baden-Württemberg. According to the publication, the staff of emergency

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Drought spreads to UK

Drought spreads UK Weather and Climate

Due to drought in some parts of England there is a serious shortage of water resources. At the beginning of 2012 was a drought in eastern and south-eastern England, where there were restrictions on the use of water. Projections of continued drought concerns that the ban could spread to the car wash, cleaning roads and public swimming pools. The average person uses 150 liters of water a day, and during the period of 2010-2011, the company responsible for water resources, averaged about 3.4 billion liters of daily water use in England and Wales.


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In the Black Sea water blooms and fish kills


10.08.11.Odesskoe Black Sea coast has become opaque and bloomed.

Told of the Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas Sergey Dyatlov, such violations have occurred due to pollution avkatorii. Harmful substances enter through livnevki and sewer. However, these effects are not the only ones: Scientists capture fish kills and the growth of harmful bacteria.

— Ultimately, all this led to the fall of recreational opportunities of the Black Sea — said the scientist.

He added that scientists are wondering how best to cope with this problem. And it even found a mechanism — the creation of artificial reefs. They

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In areas of China there is a serious drought


17.05.11.Otsutstvie Cumulative rainfall in April and May caused severe drought that afflicted the territory of some areas of China. State headquarters for flood and drought, and the Ministry of Water Resources are taking active measures to ensure that the spring planting season and the water supply in areas where drought is a problem most acutely. According to gosshtaba, in April-May in the basins of the Yellow River and Huaihe precipitation fell by 20-50 per cent less than normal in areas south of the River. Huai River, the middle and lower reaches of the river. Yangtze rainfall was more than

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In Voronezh Reservoir fish died. Video. Photo


Photo by Alexander Zinchenko

08.05.11. — We noticed that something was wrong three days ago, when the water in the backwater for no reason, no reason is highlighted in pink — told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Maslovka neighborhood residents.

— Soon after, on the surface of the water was a dead fish float.

To parse the causes of environmental disasters on Friday, August 5, the place went specialists from several departments: RPN, Rospotrebnadzor, fishing control.

— We have selected a sample of water for analysis, the results will be ready in five days — told us Sergei Turchaninov, Head

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In the district of Bashkortostan Kuyurgazinskom mass death of fish


8.08.11.V Kuyurgazinskom Bashkortostan region near the village of Old Joy River Yushatyr detected mass death of fish. According to estimates of the Ministry of the visual nature and ecology of the Republic, killed approximately 30 kilograms of juveniles.

Meleuz area committee MoE region together with the Department of the Middle TU RB Rosrybolovstva surveyed banks Yushatyrya. Source of water pollution during the inspection was not found. Therefore, to determine the causes plague fish was taken water samples. One of the possible causes of death of fish — poaching using elektroudochki, the press service of the ministry.

Work to identify

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