The Japanese are buying in Ukraine a unique device to purify water from radioactive contamination.


Institute "Ekoenergia" Ukrainian Academy of Sciences signed a contract for the supply of electric steam-plasma water purification systems from radioactive contamination from the Japanese company Vasaki Sktec for the nuclear power plant Fukushima-1 at one million euros. This is UKRINFORM the president of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences Alexei Onipko.

According to him, at present there are no analogues in the world of such a system, which would work on the water. "There is a development of plasma systems operating with air, but with water — no, it is a novelty," — said the president of UAS.

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Gomel: water meters put force

It looks like this: special brigade "Gomelvodokanal" comes out and starts to crawl povalnyy homes.Ms. Nina knows Rokossovskogo Street:"Beat against the windows and did, abused them. Not warned when myself will go. Who home, who at work — who is where. You tell people upfront. Generally people now are not good. And not only" Water " .A young woman from adjacent said personal home as a water meter put in their family:"They came, rang the doorbell, uttered:" We — with "Water". Order came all put counters. If you do not agree, will block the water. "I said," If necessary, place,

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WIG — Soaring above the waves

In pursuit of speed

Equally important quality as rapidity, has always been the object of attention of shipbuilders. But the increase in the speed of ships confined to a rapidly growing body hydrodynamic resistance and the lack of capacity of sailing and rowing propulsion. The second limitation was removed with the introduction of mechanical engines on ships in the mid — late nineteenth century., But the situation has not changed — sailing to the early twentieth century. If the speed is not exceeded, then, in any case, did not concede steamers. Spurt in the rate associated with the idea

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Evenk hydroelectric power station. Dream Russian hydropower.

Around the project Evenki (Turukhan) HPS broken a lot of copies. What is surprising — a large-scale project, the largest power plant in Russia, there are none and will no longer be a unique target. So, what is this project?

The bottom near the Tunguska alignment Evenkiyskaya HPP. Photos from here

Evenkiyskaya target plant is located on the Lower Tunguska River — a major tributary of the Yenisei. This river flows in the north of the Krasnoyarsk region, in the Evenki. With the strong average water (more than 3000 m3 / s), the

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Plant Sale. No buyers

Expose the plant for sale forced him difficult financial situation created after the introduction of new standards for bottled water properties and competitiveness for markets.As told the fund "Magilevablmaemasts" wanting to buy drinks plant in three months was not found."There was not involved because competition was not held. Founders While considering the forthcoming implementation or another method verbovaniya investment in the development of this company," — said the employee fund.Total authorized capital of the company is estimated at four billion rubles. Above 66 percent owned joint-stock company "Mogilevkhimvolokno", and about 34 percent — agro-trading enterprise "Wayne."What forced the owners to

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Fire in Rakov

All objects are located in the same building at Liberty Square, which belongs to the district consumer society. Fire saw a saleswoman, who came to work at 8 am and. Fought the fire for over an hour. "Very amazed municipal approach: not allowed make products from the store. People uttered:" Let us make all that is — cool, harvesters, grinder … "Nothing was given to endure. Later besides explosions started — from paints or vodka … Byazdarneysha! itself was not since the war, when most of the city burnt, "- said one of the local inhabitants. According to the local

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Chuvashia: teaching the FSB in Amoksarskih Islands

During the four stages of teaching special forces rehearsed for the landing of air and water landings, combat use of helicopters, including at night, different ways to overcome water obstacles and minefields, destroy bases of training saboteurs, enhancing the protection and defense of the Republic of significant infrastructure . The culmination of the exercise was suspended storm hijacked by terrorists passenger ship "Chuvashia". As a result, all the terrorists were neutralized and the hostages released.

Chirkeysk HPP. Dagestan (PHOTOS)

Author of the report — Dmitry Chistoprudov

Chirkeysk hydroelectric power plant — the pride of Russian hydrobuilders. Station on the Sulak River is the largest hydroelectric power station in the North Caucasus and the highest arch dam in Russia.Yet at any industrial facility I have not seen such a warm welcome and a rich poznovatelno-city tour, as Chirkeisk HPP. We literally crawled the entire length and breadth of the station and could not stop shooting until two in the morning …

1. Sulak River basin is located in the northern and central parts of Dagestan. Water

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Types of fasting

Fasting by Paul Bragg

Perhaps the most popular system of starvation. Starve be weekly during the day. After getting used once every three months is held 7 to 10 daily starvation. Need to drink distilled or boiled water — as soon want to eat, and not less than 2.3 liters perday. In addition to water allowed only a third of a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of lemon juice for better dissolution of mucus and toxic substances.

"Dry" starvation

Carried out completely without water. If normal fasting takes a lot of knowledge and skills that they need to

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Species of the genera

Childbirth — a process which is the natural end of pregnancy. And despite the fact that the human race has existed for thousands of years, the question "How give birth to?" still remains relevant. In Soviet times, it was much easier. All gave birth the same way: in public hospitals, in the supine position, under the supervision of midwives. The frightened woman watches were a huge, often cold, delivery room, and between them busily scurrying forever dissatisfied doctors and nurses.

Today the situation has improved markedly. In most maternity hospitals practice so-called soft labor. This is a natural

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