Chile washed ashore thousands of dead shrimp

March 20, 2013. March 19 at the coast of Chile, 540 km south-west of the city of Santiago, were discovered thousands of dead shrimp. According to local residents, the animals were killed from-for contamination of local water plants.

Source: News Gismeteo


Thousands of dead lobsters washed up on the shore of Chile

March 21, 2013. The banks of the Chilean province of Concepcion on Wednesday turned red. Washed up on shore dead, thousands of Norwegian lobster. The prosecutor's office has launched an investigation. It is suspected that this was from-for the illegal discharge

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In the waters of the Northern Kazakhstan mass death of fish


5.02.11.Pervy bell has rung out: massive fish kills in the river Tobol found hundreds of miles from Kostanay downstream. Earlier this week, another group of environmental concerns, experts took samples of river water.

Previous tests have shown that the maximum allowable concentration of some chemical components exceeded tens and even hundreds of times, and the water in the main artery of the area is more like a poisonous brine. On the one hand, the consequences of last year's drought. On the other — the natural result of the barbaric man's relationship to the environment, the IA "Kazakh-Grain"

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In Kostanay frost killed fish


20.01.11.Iz due to severe frosts in Kostanai region in the Tobol River fish die, "Interfax-Kazakhstan".

According to the chief of the Tobol-Torgai Interregional inspection basin Fisheries Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan Nurkana Sarsenova because of the freezing of the reservoir in the area occurred Mendykarinskom partial fish kills, which die from lack of water. In turn, the reason was the freeze drying up of the river. Sarsenov explained that the critical shallow water, the water level is low, and the frost was intense — ice thickness is 70-80 inches.

Head of ichthyological monitoring and management of fisheries inspection Viktor

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Flooding in eastern Canada

Flooding in eastern Canada Natural Disasters

Because of the sharp warming in the rivers of western and northern New Brunswick a heavy ice drift. The water level rose sharply, which caused flooding. As a result, 12 roads washed away, a block of ice damaged one of the bridges, closed local hospital. Residents of New Brunswick called the incident the worst flooding in 15 years.

View of the River St. John.

State of emergency declared in Perth-Andover, where evacuated 500 people living on the banks of the St. John, in which the water rose to the level of 77.46 meters during

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The rains have flooded over 100 villages in northern India


NEW DELHI, July 4 — RIA Novosti, Eugene Bezeq. Over the banks of the river flooded over 100 villages in the state of Bihar in northern India, said on Monday India Radio. Monsoon in India brought torrential rains that caused the rise in water level in the river Bagmati. The river washed away the protective dam in Muzaffarpur district and spread over the lowlands. Around 200,000 people in the affected areas are rescued from floods in the uplands.

According to RIA Novosti deputy chief of civil registration and tax collection district administration Hamruzaman, water keeps coming.

"The water is

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In New Zealand, the bank jumped 82 dolphin. Photo


4.02.11.V New Zealand coast pilot whale stranded 82 — Large Animals of the family Delphinidae. According to Agence France-Presse, the incident took place on Friday morning, February 4, on the South Island, about 150 kilometers west of the resort town of Nelson. To date, ten of the stranded pilot whales died. Status of survivors grind causes fear, as long as they are not returned to the water and because of this can be lost. According to a Department of Natural Heritage, the pilot whale lies in the sand in the sun and can greatly overheated.

On the

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20.08.12.Gibel fish in Chisinau


Chisinau, 20 Aug — Novosti-Moldova, Victor Voskobojnik. The cause of mass death of fish in the pond on the capital's streets Albisoara was, first of all, for a long time to keep a high air temperature, said on Monday the news agency Novosti-Moldova Head of expertise and permitting the State Ecological Inspectorate Valery Holban.

Interviewee said that he has no reservoir fishery, he — man-made, and was built in the 80s to lower the water table. The fish here later launched local fishing. The lake has no outlet, so the water is stagnant and is replenished only by groundwater

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Drought in southwest China: photo

Drought in southwest China: photo Weather and Climate

For three agonizing dry years in southwest China's Yunnan province of 3.2 million people and 1.65 million livestock had hard water shortages. In general, the province of incredible drought affected 7.9 million people and 676,650 hectares of agricultural land in 125 constituencies. Relief in many places changed beyond recognition, causing enormous damage to flora and fauna of the region.

1. A local resident walks along the dry bottom of the reservoir Ksinba in Shilin County of Yunnan Province in southwest China. 22/03/2012.

2. Dead clam shell at the bottom of the former

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Water Maiden

"Yaik", 21.03.2002, Orenburg, n12

On the water Virgins — mermaids — anciently walks a lot of rumors and speculation. Do you believe in the reality of their existence? Do not rush to say "no" …

So who are those — Water virgins? According to ancient legends, the mermaid — a beautiful long-haired girl who lives in the seas, lakes, rivers, and even wells. In Russia they settle predominantly in the pool, and they are drowned, unbaptized children, cursed people and betrothed girls, do not have lived up to their wedding. Fish (dolphin or snake) tail is not a

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World Water Day

World Water Day to save the planet

March 22 each year around the world celebrated the International Day of the water. This is done to draw attention to the importance of fresh water and the selection of environmentally sustainable management of freshwater. First celebration of water was proposed in 1992 at the UN Conference on Environment and Development. The UN General Assembly responded to the offer, choosing 22 March 1993 the first International Day of water. In 2012, in connection with this day raised the theme of "Water and Food Security."

Food security exists when people at all times have

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