Drought in southwest China. Video


22.08.11.Yugo-western provinces of China are still in the grip of severe drought.

Because of the heat wave and the total absence of rainfall there arose a shortage of drinking water. The consequences of the summer heat — in the course of production.

In the center and east of the province of Sichuan in these days is unprecedented heat. The maximum air temperature exceeds 43 degrees in some places Celsius, residents prefer to move strictly from the air conditioner to the air conditioner, or not to go out.

Local meteorological sounding the alarm — if the heat does not back

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Ob River near Barnaul dramatically shallow. Photo


Photo: Altapress.ru

27.09.11. -27 September the water level in the river Ob was 8 inches above the zero graph gauges. September 26 — 10 centimeters, September 23 — 22 centimeters.

During the last five days of the Ob shoaled by 14 centimeters. As they say boatman, Ob before autumn melela. But not so.

Incidentally, during the spring flood critical mark While the water near Barnaul is 540 cm above ground of a gauge chart.

Vladimir Samusev, Head of JI in the waters of the Altai Territory:

The water level in the Ob to date is only in winter.

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Rapidly dries Kuyal’nitskogo estuary. Video


8.10.11.Za recent years the level of water in the estuary Kuyal'nitskogo fell below its long-term critical level of approximately 5 meters. Save the estuary! National property of Ukraine — Odessa resort "Kuyalnik" — suffers ecological disaster. Over recent years the level of water in the estuary Kuyal'nitskogo fell below its long critical level almost 5 meters. Together with the estuary killed its flora and fauna.

Yutyaschiesya near residual water gulls but once dug posts for the salt. So today looks Kuyal'nitskogo estuary. In early summer, the wheels were under water. Now medicinal mud dries in the sun.


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2010: destroy the fish are not people?


Photo by Alexander Gerasimov

25.08.2010.Do last Saturday even fishermen regulars did not anticipate that the fish in the lake in the Victory Park — thousands.

Secret is revealed, only becoming dead: in the morning almost half of the surface water body was covered with a layer of fish carcasses. After 4 days fish kills continue.

— Saturday morning I went to work, as always, past the lake, — the "EC" Rahim Aliyev, who works as a cook nearby. — I feel the smell unpleasant. Our cotton is grown in Azerbaijan when it is treated with poison, all close

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In China, the leakage of toxic substances. Video


Posted on 01/29/2012 by user euronewsru

28.01.12.V China struggling to leakage of toxic substances — it fell into the river. Threatened by pollution nearly 4 million residents of Liuzhou.

Chemical release occurred at a local mining company. River of harmful substances were in urban water supply. Authorities urged to stop using water.

Cadmium levels was twice as high as normal. This message caused panic — the locals began to massively buy bottled water, and authorities fear toxic substances into rivers neighboring provinces.

Source: National TV Belarus

In China, powered mechanism to respond to emergencies in the pollution

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01.08.12.Gibel fish in the reservoir Sutiskom


01.08.12.V Sutiskom Reservoir, located on the Southern Bug River within Tyvrovskogo district, which uses software "Gnivanchanka", a mass death of fish.

This was reported in the local media. This information is verified by the prosecution Vinnitsa region.

Found that the results of water analysis conducted by the State Ecological Inspectorate Laboratory in Vinnitsa, maximum permissible concentration is not established, performance compliance.

According to the examination of the Vinnytsia Regional Laboratory of Veterinary Medicine in dead specimens of aquatic living resources of infectious and parasitic diseases, organochlorine and organophosphorus compounds not detected, diagnosed — asphyxia of unknown etiology.

This conclusion

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Cannon century. The best ships

Rating magazine "The popular mechanics"

The largest aircraft carriers of the "Nimitz"

Country: United StatesLaunched: 1972Displacement: 100,000 tons Length: 332.8 m Power full speed: 260000 HP Full speed: 31.5 unitThe crew of 3184 people.

At the current time the largest surface ship in the world — the heavy nuclear-powered aircraft carrier of the "Nimitz". The parent USS Nimitz was launched on 13 May 1972 and entered into service of the U.S. Navy with 3 years later. Total built 10 ships, named in honor of American recognizable political figures. Chester Nimitz, who gave his name throughout the series, was commander

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In Kiev, the machine fell to the ground. Video

Karst holes

24.01.12.Utrom, January 24, in Svyatoshinsky metropolitan area fell under the asphalt car.

According to witnesses, the incident occurred because of burst water pipes and the water washed away the asphalt under the place where the machine. Already been in place and communal officials, but declined to comment.

Who is the victim, the owner of the car, trying to own a report and collect signatures of witnesses. He complained that his conviction did — say, the car was parked at an undisclosed location. "On Compensation are not talking. Refers to the fact that it can accurately get out

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In Gorlovka can only breathe in a gas mask


Separate opinion

4.02.12.Plohaya ecology in Donetsk region — this is not a disaster, not a tragedy or disaster.

This is a bonanza for resourceful uhvatistyh officials and business leaders. That is to say, an inexhaustible mine, who for twenty years for the shadow core earnings in the industry. And the worse is breathing ecosystem Donbass, the greater are the pockets of public servants and moneybags.

Conspiracy theory — nothing else! What we, mere mortals, only remains angry that rend the air, was worth the power to curse and uncomplainingly live out their days in the waste mononitrohlorbenzola, ammonia,

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Earthquake in Japan


Fatalities are more and more

12.03.2011 15:04

The devastating earthquake that struck Japan on March 11, claimed the lives of 1,700 people.

This number includes both dead and missing, the agency "Kyodo".


Panic gripped Japan after the earthquake: lack of water and food, long queues in hospitals

12.03.11. Residents of several Japanese cities hit by the earthquake and tsunami, panic and despair.

People do not have enough water, food and medicine. At the hospital entrance lined up in long lines of wounded. As the correspondent of Reuters, near the city of Fukushima, on the outskirts of which

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