Sinkhole in Samara. Video

Karst holes

20.08.12.V Monday, August 20, in the morning at the intersection Molodogvardeiskaya and Pervomayskaya front of the main body of Samara State Technical University, there was a gust of water main. The water washed away the soil, and at the scene formed a hole.

As reported by the MP "Samaravodokanal", now we are working on an emergency. The specialists do not have to disconnect the water, only lowered blood pressure. According to the municipal enterprise, the water can temporarily only on the upper floors of the houses.



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The water in the river red Kuzbass



19.06.12.Vtoroy day as the water in the river Barzas that takes place in the same village in Berezovsky district of the Kemerovo region, is painted in the red-brick color.

This was our correspondents said a resident of the village, disturbed situation.

"The river is bright red, brick, as far the eye can see, — Anna tells Korostelev. — And it seems that fish somehow alarmed, he's trying to jump on the shore. "

People believe, the water in the river turned red because of a dam break on the gold mining company, which is located on

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In Luhansk river became red


The water became red because it flow into the groundwater from a closed mine. Photo:

25.10.11.V village of Krasny Kut (Antratsit district, Luhansk region) Miusik red river — a tributary of the River Mius, which flows into the reservoir Janowski. The press secretary of the Company "Luganskvoda" Vladimir Chernyshev.

According to him, Janowski Reservoir is one of the largest reserves of fresh water, providing clean drinking water after the town of Red Ray and nearby towns.

"Local residents appealed to the Department of Krasny" Luganskvoda "to see that the river has turned blue. Our

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19.07.12.Zamor fish Adamovka. Video



In Adamovka already killed 30 tons of fish

19.07.12.CHP village Adamovka Dnipropetrovsk region. In keeping with the local river — the massive fish die. A few days have caught at least thirty tons, and it is not the limit.

The entrepreneur, who breeds fish in the dam, according to all — because of the heat. But local residents are convinced river sea — a direct result of greedy businessman. About how the pursuit of profit can upset the delicate balance — Natalia Gryshchenko.

Lyudmila Rudenko lives very close to the pond. Clearly visible from the garden the

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In the village near Kaliningrad in well water gone


Residents of the village under the Guards months living without water

23.01.12.Zhiteli village Kujbyshevskoe under Guards for six months living without water. During the three days of the June suddenly dried up all the 14 wells, then intermittently began to flow water from the tap.

"For us, every time a surprise when going to work — there will be water or not. And if there is, then collected a cup per minute and all "- said," Klops.Ru "local resident Vladimir.

To wash or prepare food, local people, and 230 of them are here, go to the

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In Chernihiv lightning burned church cross


Photo from:

29.07.11.Vchera July 28 at p. Hillfort Mensky area about 5 am, and a bolt of lightning hit the cross on the dome of the local St. Michael's Church. It was built of wood in 1887 After a few minutes the scene firefighters arrived. Extinguishing the fire was complicated by the lack of nearby water sources are located. In the water tower water quickly over, but its content did not occur because the village the night before the last day due to weather conditions remained without electricity. So rescuers had to refuel 2 kilometers at the

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17.05.12.Gibel fish in the Lipetsk region. Photo


Photo from:

17.05.12.Ves Voronezh River in the village Syrskoe littered with dead fish. Many inhabitants of the reservoir are fighting for their lives last legs, gasping for air at the water surface. According to local residents, and the frogs were gone. Earlier in the evening they croaked in chorus, but two days is completely silent.

On this fact Rosprirodnadzor started checking. The water samples were sent to a laboratory for examination.

Recall that in the village in October Syrskoe bridge five days ago, burst sewer pipe. Content Collector for several days running down to the river Voronezh.

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In southern China was panic in the water-pollution


26.01.12.Zhiteli Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in southern China because of contamination of river water actively buying drinking water in the stores, said on Thursday the Chinese media.

Scientists have found that the level of pollution in the river Longjiang significantly exceeds the permitted limit as a result of falling into the water of toxic substances — cadmium.

However, according to local authorities, "the water is safe," since last week's fire off some amount of chemicals to neutralize the cadmium.

Contamination found on 15 January, killing some fish. But on Wednesday, the check was recorded elevated levels of cadmium in

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02.07.12.Gibel fish Zlatoust Hay River. Video


Updated, added video 3.07.12.Prirodnoe disaster occurred near Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant. Cause massive river fowl plague is contamination vody.Pervymi Zlatoust railway workers noticed something was wrong. On Friday evening, they performed bypass routes. It was then in their eyes and started an unusual color of water in the river Ai.

Eugene Lemesev, fitter way:

— On Friday we worked here. The river was red! On Saturday we did not work already, lineman walked. We have a crawler. He said yesterday the people fish here so much going!

Fish began to die en masse on Sunday. Then went to an endless

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On the surface of Mars once existed pond




RBC. 24.03.2004, Pasadena 3:04:33. On the surface of Mars once existed a standing body of water with salt water. To such conclusion experts of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration USA (NASA) on the basis of data obtained by the rover Opportunity. Earlier, American scientists have found that on the red planet

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