16.07.12.Gibel fish in the river Sylva


16.07.12.Na fishermen recently spotted in Sylva dead rockfish. — Summer in the rivers and lakes are developing a blue-green algae, which give the water a thick green. They are the main consumer of oxygen. — Said Inspector Fisheries Kungur Dmitry Avlahov.

— By night, the algae actively absorb oxygen. Fish experience oxygen starvation. Therefore, mass Zamora occur more often in the early morning hours. Most of all, suffer from lack of oxygen of the family Percidae: perch, pike-perch, ruff. This family of low threshold, so they die. Ruff are the most sensitive. However, a serious impact on its population,

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25.07.12.Ryba in the river Olkhovka cook. Video


25.07.12.Na place disaster left administration officials. Soar water Olkhovka beginning on Friday. Temperature in the river, local residents, reached sixty degrees. Boiling river surveyed experts — no ecological disaster.

But very hot water can only because of the human factor. Near the river probably burst and hot water heating main in unlimited quantities has come into the pond. Now the most important thing — to find the leak and fix crash.

Source: 41 channel Yekaterinburg

The Nile River

The great artery of our planet — the Nile — starts south of the equator, and its waters to the north through half of Africa to the Mediterranean. Many thousands of years excites the imagination of people, the river, affecting their beauty and power and frustrate its mystery. For a long time, the Nile is the longest river in the world. Its length is about 6700 km. Only the recent expedition to the sources of the Amazon, and found that it exceeds the length of 7,000 km, the African giant pushed into second place. But the abundance

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02.07.12.Gibel fish in Udmurtia. Video


Obnovleno.Dobavil video 11.07.12.Massovaya fish kill occurred the other day in one of the ponds in the area Uvinsky. Uduguchin pond in the village in the morning covered with dead fry. What was the reason — the most Vlad Kalashnikov.

Source: Channel 21 +

06.07.12. July 2 Molokovsky pond. Uduguchin Uvinsky region of Udmurtia was fixed mass death of fish, the Press Service of the Veterinary SD.

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New pictures of the new Russian nuclear submarine

In the web came amateur photos of the new Russian nuclear submarine "Severodvinsk", launched in the presence of President Dmitry Medvedev in June of this year. Then, but was placed only official picture.

The picture shows just the time of the descent of the water submarines. Screws are closed for privacy — their design and geometric properties are lurking State

Submarine "Severodvinsk" is based on naikrupneyshey in Russia shipyard "Sevmash" For more than 17 years

These posters are all Russian nuclear submarines

The hull, according to the project must be able to dive to a depth of 600

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Flooding turns into a flood in Central Russia

April 6, 2013. Spring is coming and still quite fast. Notice it mostly residents of communities located along rivers. In Tula, Orel and Saratov regions hit by flooding dozens of homes.

In the Saratov region aggravated the flood situation. 12 bridges are flooded and inter-village road. Due to the rise of water in local reservoirs were flooded 129 houses. The city is now working only boat crossing. Prepared three temporary accommodation of people. Although residents of flooded houses to evacuate refuse.

An active melting of snow and in the Tula region, where the flood may suffer capital of

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Flooding in the Kama becomes a real threat


18.04.11.Bolshoy snow in the Perm region replaces the big water. If at the beginning of the last week of flooding in relation to the flood mentioned in the alleged tone, then in the end — now as a fait accompli. The first "floated" Kudymkar residents. This is despite the fact that the water here, it seems, and nowhere to take. Errors in the construction of urban infrastructure have led to the fact that the melt water accumulates in certain areas, of which she was nowhere to go.

But in Perm on Friday stood 36th school. Here the situation is

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Ozersk residents may lose clean water


In early March, to catch small fish could Nanoge hands. Photo: Andrew Smagin

6.04.11.Neladnoe ozerchane suspected in early March. Then, under the pressure of the coming of spring at Lake Big Nanoga melted shore and shoals of fish rushed to the whole polynya — a breath of air.

Rudd, pike, white bream push each other in shallow water. Muzzy, but still alive fishes tails beat the already dead brethren. A happy citizens almost two weeks fishing with a net …

By the situation is similar to an anecdote. However, the authorities Ozersk was no laughing matter: all

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28.07.12.V suburb Kamensk-Ural again dying fish


30.07.12.V suburb Kamensk-Ural again registered the mass death of fish. At this time in the river near the village of Kamenka Mosin.

July 28, about 15.30, received a signal that in the village of Kamenka River in Mosin, the segment length of 3 km, the trim on the water turquoise blue and found dead fish. At the scene, went Klevakinskoy head of the village administration, the Police Chief, number 22, the leaders of civil defense and emergency Kamensky district.

Were notified deputy prosecutor and the prosecutor Kamensky urban district. On examination confirmed the information. Presumably, the press service of

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10.08.12.Gibel fish in Mordovia


10.08.12.V capital of Mordovia today was recorded fact of mass death of fish. Accumulation of dead fish Saransk residents watched in a suspension bridge over the river. Insar.

As soon as this message was received by the EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic of Moldova, in the center for environmental monitoring, utilities, cities, and the prosecutor.

At the epicenter of the environmental emergency specialists, epidemiologists and water samples of biological material. They will check the level of contamination at the site and determine what caused the incident.

Environmentalists said they did not exclude the natural cause of death

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