Work on the establishment of PTS-4 coming to an end

Russian Defense Ministry launched a consultation of technical documentation and determine the parameters of state orders for heavy floating transporter PTS-4. Work on the PTS-4 began in 2009. PTS-4 is built on the chassis elements of the Russian T-80 tank: caterpillar tracks, torsion bars, but clutches and transmission PTS-4 inherited from the T-72. The power plant, which is equipped with a floating conveyor is a tank engine producing 840 hp


PTS-4 created Design Bureau of Transport Engineering (part of the corporation "Uralvagonzavod"). The main characteristics of PTS-4:

total weight — 33.1 tons;

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18.07.12.V Tomsk region poisoned fish


19.07.12.V Mavlyukeevskoe lake dumped sewage stoki.Ob us know the chairman of the regional society Conservation Sergei Zhabin.

"Yesterday, with three to six hours of the day in the lake flooded a huge stream of water. That the drains are poisonous, found after locals noticed that the carp in the lake surfaced bellies up. Call a specialist Department of the Environment took samples and in response to residents' complaints initiated verification, — said Sergey Zhabin.

— It is expected that the blame unauthorized tapping into the storm drain. Where are these frames, and to whom they belong, now find out

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06.07.12.Gibel fish in the Sverdlovsk region. Video


06.07.12.Na days, local residents discovered a large number of goldfish floating belly up, and on the surface of the water — a giant red spot. Now, people are afraid to fish and swim.

On the lake today Baltym no tourists, only dead fish floating in the water — the part of the already washed ashore. Passers around this place. "40 degrees is worth. I especially do not go fishing, because the fish pull out — it dead. "

Here suggest that the fish began to die from bad water, three days ago, local residents found a great spot on

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11.07.12.Na Volyn massive fish die


11.06.12.V Kovel area, the river Turia seen massive fish kills.

This was on July 11 to the press service of the regional council of Kovel.

In order to identify the causes of death the authorities and regulatory bodies, headed by the first deputy chairman of the State Administration Boris Andriyukom went to places where fish are dying.

First Deputy Chairman of the RGA reported that "killer" fish may be large oil stains of unknown origin that are visible on the surface of the river in the area between the villages Gishin and Bach.

In addition, the official

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In Kohtla-Jarve returned smell of hydrogen sulfide


Foto: Jevgeni Kapov

11.02.11. "Kohtla-Järve air monitoring station often captures exceeding the permissible norms of hydrogen sulfide.

According to the Department of Health, the excess being of people are threatened, although unpleasant odor of rotten eggs. " That's what starts your stuff in a Wednesday newspaper "North Shore."

This is like saying that is made at a meeting Senior supplying the city with water: "As stated by the specialists of the Ministry of Environment, the water we have is bad, but is not dangerous to health." That is, drink, citizens and non-citizens of rusty water with bleach and

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Works Russian neutron detector DAN aboard Curiosity rover

DAN Russian neutron detector mounted on board NASA's Mars rover Curiosity, on Thursday, was first included and has been successfully tested

block detectors and electronics DAN

"He turned, checked — and it works. Neutrons he sees. Inclusion was short, just a few minutes, but it will not be permanently turned on, the unit will be included in the work plan," — said the researcher at the Space Research Institute (IKI) Maxim Litvak, who is in the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California.

neutron generator

DAN detector ("Dynamic neutron albedo") was developed in IKI (Space Research Institute), led by head of

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Flooding in the Rostov region

March 25, 2013. From several villages Rostov area residents evacuated. There due to the storm rose sharply level water in the river Don. Flooded more one and a half million homes. In the streets you can only travel by boat.

Already left their homes more three hundred people. They are housed in hotels. Now psychologists work with them. Level water has increased significantly and the Sea of Azov. Flooded part of the road Azov — Eysk. At this hour, the wind died, and the water began to decline.

Source: Channel Five

Methods for the treatment of psoriasis: therapeutic bath

At home, you have a wonderful effect on the healing baths on medicinal plants to be taken under medical supervision. The most widespread conifer, sage and bath tubs from flax seeds. For the preparation of such baths require extracts or dried rubbed that are sold in pharmacies.

Pine bath

Pine bath is prepared as follows. In 200 g of water was dissolved 100 ml of liquid natural conifer extract or a preform (50 g) and stirring thoroughly. Using appropriate briquetted pine extract first dissolve it in a small amount of hot water, and then bring the water to the

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The capital of Azerbaijan is slowly lowered into the sea


Ecologist Telman Zeynalov. Photo:

24.08.11.Stolitsa Azerbaijan sinks slowly into the sea. The process of reducing the territory accelerated by constantly rising sea level — say the experts.

"Baku goes under the water," — said in an interview with "Echo", the famous ecologist Telman Zeynalov passes

"Until about four years ago, I spoke and gave a forecast that Baku is flooded by the Caspian Sea, and is the movement of water in the city will continue until about 2020. At the time, President Heydar Aliyev issued a decree just about 130-meter area on the coast where you

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Ukraine has found a lake with liquid glass


In search of an answer. Divers have so far failed to find a flooded mine entrance. Photos from the personal archives A. Vorobyov

21.09.11.Nastoyatel Dnepropetrovsk Church of Our Lady of "Iberia" Nicholas Nesprava, known for numerous cultural and informative expeditions, recently returned from a trip to the neighboring Donetsk region, where a group of divers explored the anomalous zone.

"Not far from the city Soledar previously worked salt mine. Local residents say that in the period of the Great Patriotic War, the Germans kept there's something so important that during the retreat they blew this shaft

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