Utility crash with 1 to 10 February


1.02.12.Ulitsa Amur in Tomsk left without cold water Orsk 1.02.12.Shest streets without water because of two accidents 1.02.12.Tri thousands of residents of Nizhny Novgorod were left without heating 1.0212.Bez water because of an accident in the north-west of Chelyabinsk left one building 1.02.12.V Odintsovo near Moscow 5000 people were left without water 2.02.12.Bez heat and hot water were thousands of residents of Kaliningrad 2.02.12.V Angara people were left without heat because of the accident 2.02.12.V Tula region were without heat for more than 4 thousand people 2.02.12.Tsentr Transdniestrian capital remained without heating because of the accident in the boiler

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19.03.12.Ekologi found fish kills near Novosibirsk


NOVOSIBIRSK, March 19 — RIA Novosti. Specialists involved in a conservation of fish stocks, evaluate the situation with the death of fish in the river Balta in the Novosibirsk region, which came after the oil leak from the pipeline in 2008, told RIA Novosti on Monday, deputy chief of the Upper Ob basin fisheries management Upadyshev Eugene.

Death of fish in the river have found social activists, environmentalists who are trying different ways to prove the impact has not yet been eliminated. They came on March 15 in a place where there was an oil spill, and a chainsaw

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The river of the Chinese city of Nanjing was red from pollution


Red water in the river Tszinchuan. Nanjing City. August 2011. Photo: "Yangtze Vanbao"

31.08.11.Voda Tszinchuan in the river in the city of Nanjing on August 29 due to large emissions of industrial waste has become a "river of blood."

As reported by China National Radio, about 10 o'clock in the morning on August 29 local Nanjing seen from a factory pipe with a diameter of about one meter near the bridge Aymin about four hours into the river Tszinchuan high flow merged waste red.

Currently bright red spot width of about 10 meters is spread over several kilometers

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Top 10 biggest warships

The ocean is home to a mind-blowing structures built by man, some of them stretched in length almost half a kilometer. Unchanged readers already familiar list of the largest ships in the world, it’s time to present to you a list of the largest warships ever built. Most of the ships in the top belong to the U.S. Navy. 1. USS Enterprise Length: 342 meters Country: United States Launch year: 1961 Type: USS First aircraft carrier syadernoy power plant was commissioned in 1961. First and only ship of his own project, despite the 5 more planned to be built

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The British Isles have experienced tornadoes and flooding

January 30, 2013. Over the past two weeks the British North Somerset do not see any other weather, but endless showers of hail and storms. Now everything else in Bristol Bay eyewitnesses were able to observe real tornado. Water funnel for five minutes, the water rises in the air very close to the shore and gradually expanding, into a cloud over the vast gulf.

Mini-tornado could appear in uncharacteristic for such phenomena latitudes due to squally winds heavy rains that are held within the Bay. Meteorologists have virtually no wonder the emergence of the next water tornado in

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Heavy rains have increased the water level in the lower reaches of the Kura


26.05.11.V due to heavy rains in Azerbaijan from 21 to 25 May, there is an increase in water level in the lower reaches of the Kura River. APA reports quoting the National Hydrometeorology Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources. According to the report, on May 24-25, Zardab site Kura water levels reached 36, Sura — 54, Shirvan — 30, Salyan — 18, Bank — 11, on the site Novruzlu Araz — 53 cm

Currently observed water levels in the lower reaches of the Kura River in comparison to the amount on May 25, 2010 is much

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By tramway in Samara formed failure

Karst holes

22.03.11.V near Samara area under tramway failed grunt.Vchera, March 21, under the tram tracks on the street. Galaktionovskaya a hole with a depth of about 0.5 m Ground failed because at the water line leak under the rails, and the water began to wash away the soil. While communal pit filled with gravel. In order to fix the water line may have to shut off the water in nearby homes.

Samara 24

Shaking in Japan


Japan recorded new strong tremors 14.03.11.Okolo 15.30 MSK in Japanese news agencies has information about the new strong tremors in Japan, a magnitude of 8.4. Announced the tsunami threat. Other details have not yet been received. Meanwhile, in the area of emergency second unit nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1", located two hundred kilometers north of Tokyo, began operations to produce steam, which will reduce the pressure in the unit. It clarifies the Tokyo-based power company, the water level in the reactor dropped to the bottom edge, raising the danger of overheating.

Despite the constant flow of sea water, the water

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Earth has changed beyond recognition



22.02.11.Naselenie Earth in 2050 could exceed nine billion, which will lead to the most unpleasant consequences. The world has changed beyond recognition, and people will have to fight for food. This forecast at yesterday's meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (Association for the Advancement of Science, AAAS).

Overpopulation is almost four times and the final poverty, according to experts, threatens poor countries in Africa and South Asia. Rich countries, on the contrary, increase their incomes. But this is also not good. Salary increase will inevitably lead to an increase in appetite. Especially

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Sea apocalypse


29.12.10.Dmitry Smirnov. Ukrainian and Russian biologists from the results of this year's scientific expeditions to the Black Sea, have made a very sad conclusion — life in this unique body of water is on the verge of extinction. The Black Sea is no longer usual mackerel and turbot, and after 10 years the sea will die completely.

The final three Specialists Sevastopol Institute of Biology of Southern Seas spent this year five special research expeditions to see the general state of the ecological system of the Black Sea. The last time these studies were

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