11.08.12.Gibel shell-catfish in the suburbs


11.08.12.V Shatura for some reason there was a mass death of lake dwellers — shellfish. Since the end of last week in the lake swim Murom dozens of shells.

Mass mortality of clams in Shatura is becoming a bad tradition. In the summer of 2011 at Lake Murom surfaced hundreds of dead shells. This year, history repeated itself. For several days, the White Beach Canal connects Murom and White Lake strewn with dead shellfish — perlovitsami and mussel. The smell of decaying shells felt for hundreds of feet from the water. Old residents of these places say they have

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27.07.12.V reservoirs Tomsk region killed fish


27.07.12.Po information of the regional department of natural resources and environmental factors, loss of a few, but the main reason — heat waves.

So in Tom live burbot and pike, and this cold-fish, they heat shock begins at 15 degrees, environmentalists say.

In summer, the fish lie on the bottom, in the pit, where the cold hit the keys. But this year, and these cavities are heated strongly enough. Another negative factor — smog and low water levels, thus reducing the level of oxygen in the water.

Source: Lead Tomsk

Flooding in southern Mozambique has affected 55,000 people

January 22, 2013. In Mozambique, rescuers evacuated more 50 thousand people due to heavy floods in the south of the country.

Authorities ask people to move to more safe places. According to their calculations, the disaster has affected 55 million man.

Recall that in February last year, the victims of the floods in Mozambique began 40 man. At least 120 million people in this southern African country suffered.

Floods in practically all regions of the state caused by a strong storm. The natural disaster has destroyed hundreds of buildings. More 56 thousand man homeless.

Mozambique regularly is at the mercy

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Flooding does not let the north-west Australia

The section of the Sunshine Coast in Australia has been shrouded ocean foam, beached remains of a tropical cyclone that struck Australia last week.

January 29, 2013. In the coastal town of Bundaberg Australian water level continues to rise. The water in the local river reached a height of 8.9 meters. 75,000 residents are still unable to return to his home. In evacuation centers housed 1,5 thousand Australians were terrified to see what happens to their home city. It is known that during the floods killed 4 people.

Stormy sea breeze drove to the Gold and

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Lost under the waters of the city

Legend of Kitezh — city, and now actual scientists after several attempts to find something gave it up, and only people who have appeared or was looking for an interest vanished city. Now in more detail.

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The first and only book describing the history of Kitezh was a book "Kitezhsky chronicler," which was

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In Primorye fish suffocating under the ice. Video


29.01.12.V Primorye due to severe frosts may begin mass death of fish. The water level in this year there was very low, the river is almost frozen to the bottom. In such circumstances, underwater inhabitants die from lack of oxygen.

At the gauging station near Ussuriisk organized daily duty, and the thickness of the ice on the river Razdolnaya measured every ten days. This year, the state of the water watching with great interest, since for many years the ice on the river was not so thick. Engineer and hydrologist Lepekha Marina says: "On January 10, the ice

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18.01.12.Gibel fish in Cheboksary Bay. Video


18.01.12.V pond Cheboksary Bay fish dying en masse. In small polynyas near the boat station is literally littered with all its bottom. Dozens of fishes lie in icy slush on the surface, until they become prey to crows.

The first alarm sounded bloggers. Photos from the fish kill appeared on LiveJournal. , Described his impressions Internet user, "Given that at this point the depth of about five feet, and the water in the winter becomes more transparent, you can imagine how many fish gathered there, just do not see a light sand." One of the bloggers called environmentalists

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On Energodar TPP occurred technological disaster


21.12.11.Nochyu Energodar on Energodar TPP occurred technological disaster resulted in a dip in the industrial area of 60h20h20 meters.

According to preliminary data, there are no victims. But the situation is extremely alarming, because the consequences of failure monstrous can be disastrous. In place of the state of emergency had already left for the night Zaporozhye region governor Alexander Peklushenko and his deputy Peter Goncharuk.

Interfax reports citing the press service of the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine: Breakthrough water lines, but large

At the Zaporozhye TPP breakthrough two circulating water pipelines. It is reported that yesterday, December

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Shallowing Tsimlyansk reservoir


The water level in the artificial reservoir depends on the amount of snow in the winter. A winter every year without snow. Photo: Victor Pogontsev

21.12.11.Na natural and artificial reservoirs of southern Russia observed a significant decline in the water level in the coming years could lead to serious technological and environmental problems in the region.

Shallowing of the artificial sea will create problems for navigation between the Don and Volga.

Experts have expressed concern that Tsimlyansk reservoir due to years of low water may repeat the fate of the Aral Sea.

Record shallowing

In late November

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From the taps in Kaluga is water with an unpleasant odor


Kaluga. December 19. Interfax Center — Tap water in almost all districts of Kaluga from Sunday evening has acquired an unpleasant odor chloride for some strange reason, so far.

According to "Interfax", the press service of the Company "Kaluga Regional Water Treatment" (included in the CC "Rosvodokanal"), a possible cause could be a salvo thrown into the river Oka chemicals or fertilizer runoff from fields. At the moment, the exact cause of the incident is established.

"Experts of our lab for every hour that selection and analysis of water for 85 indicators, including chemical, radiological and microbiological investigations. Currently,

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