Drinking water in Togliatti became dull


15.11.11. -11 November Friday in Togliatti dispatch services inundated with calls from residents Avtozavodsky district.

City residents complained about the quality of tap water, noting that it smells like chlorine and Drug Administration and is turbid consistency.

The audits found that no accidents or in the city or in the upper reach of the Volga or in neighboring areas were not. But the Motor City residents still asked to tap water until the food is not consumed.

Employees Togliatti Rospotrebnadzor water samples, and 14 November, the Office informed of the results of the examination.

— Studies of microbiological and

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Flooding in Argentina. Photos from the

April 4, 2013. At least 48 people have died due to floods in the Argentine city of La Plata, and at least 2.2 million people evacuated, said Thursday the Argentine radio.

The remaining citizens were forced to flee from the water filled the streets on rooftops and trees. Now rescuers continue to evacuate residents.

Severe storm accompanied by heavy rains and gusty winds, hit Argentina on Tuesday, affecting first the capital of Buenos Aires. According to meteorologists, on Tuesday the level of rainfall in the capital reached a record figure for April is 15.5 centimeters. As a result, victims

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Ice finger of death. Video. Photo


25.11.11.Potryasayuschy and slightly frightening phenomenon was captured on video and is called "ice finger of death." Cameramen Hugh Miller and Doug Anderson (Hugh Miller et Doug Anderson) has pioneered a previously unknown phenomenon during his time in Antarctica.

Ocean surface cameramen found ice stalactites which penetrate the depth of the ocean in the form of a jet of extremely cold (almost frozen) and very salty water. Scientists call this phenomenon "brinikly" and statements that he watched dubbed this the "icy fingers of death."

The water of the jet has a much higher density than the rest

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Flooding in Argentina: Rescuers found alive missing people

April 5, 2013. In Argentina rescuers have found 106 people alive who were considered missing after severe flooding in the city of La Plata. This was announced by Ricardo Casal, Minister of Security and Justice, the largest province of Buenos Aires, where the tragedy occurred.

He confirmed that the number of victims is 51 elements revelry man. "We surveyed 5940 homes, and found no other victims," — said the official.

Life is slowly returning to normal. In areas affected by floods, reduced the supply of electricity and water supply. Authorities continue to distribute clean drinking water, milk, food,

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Chinese rivers burst their banks, is dead


Photo from: itar-tass.com

BEIJING, Sept. 20. / Correspondent. Itar-Tass Kirillov /. About 71 thousand people have been evacuated in Shaanxi Province in northwest China because of the strong over the past half-century flood, according to Chinese media today.

Its banks went Weihe River and its tributaries. Disasters caused by heavy rains — the rise of water levels and landslides — have resulted in the deaths of Shaanxi 35 people, 17 of which were buried under a landslide at a factory on the outskirts of the provincial capital — the city of Xi'an. Another 15 people reported missing.


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In Yekaterinburg, the coming season foul-smelling water


20.12.11.Ekaterinburzhtsy as winter began to complain about a bad smell coming from the hot water — communal explained that the reason lies in the outdated water supply scheme. But no desire to change it is not on, it will require additional costs. Traditionally, in the winter of Yekaterinburg, in particular, the residents of the Upper Iset, South-Western Railway, and areas of the city are beginning to complain about the sharp odor of hot water from the tap — most citizens identify it as the smell of hydrogen sulfide.

The problem is actively discussed on the website of the Ural

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Hundreds of dolphins came to the ice captured in Chukotka


Anadyr, December 14. More than a hundred beluga whales were cut from pure water ice and ice hit the prisoner in Sinyavinskaya Strait Bering Sea, 15 kilometers south of the Chukchi villages Yanrakynnot.

As reported in the administration of Chukotka, beluga concentrated in two relatively small polynyas, where they can breathe. However, the animals are completely unable to go to clean water in view of the considerable length of the ice fields in Sinyavinskaya Strait. Given the likelihood of a shortage of food in the area and quickly regelation ice arisen situation threatens the rapid depletion and complete destruction

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The loss of wild boars in Brittany. Video


26.07.11.Vosemnadtsat boar carcasses were found on Tuesday in one of the beaches of the French Brittany.

Employees of the local prefecture added to this number are 10 wild boar found dead earlier this month — and almost convinced that all the fault of the green algae, releasing toxic vapors.

This is a problem faced by many coastal regions. But Breton environmentalists are sounding the alarm: every year the situation is getting worse, the bill is already in the hundreds of tons of green biomass. Especially dangerous decaying algae in the water.

"In such water often, we often find

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Fish kills in the Bryansk region



BRYANSK, July 26. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Oleg Artiushin /. Mass death of fish recorded in reservoirs in the south of the Bryansk region. According to the administration Pogar district, a large number of dead fish found in the last week in the river Sudost. Among the dead fish out of water, — pike, catfish and tench.

To investigate the cause of death of fish an expert committee. The first analyzes showed that the level of oxygen in the water is four times lower than normal, and the concentration of phosphate in the five times the exposure

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Fish kills in the Mytishchi pond. Video


29.07.11.V Mytishchi wanted those who poisoned the pond Central City Park. Near the pond — a strong chemical smell that with wind gusts up to the nearest houses. Added to it and the smell of rotting fish.

Three days ago the same killing a few ducks. Those that survived, look clearly unhealthy. Float on the water surface dead perch. According to residents of neighboring houses, cause ecological disaster — an unknown chemical that someone secretly poured into water.

The pond is now underway to strengthen the banks, but it was unlikely to cause pollution. In all of this there

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